What’s your take on Kaleerein’s current track?

Zee’s Kaleerein is getting high octane drama with Paromita’s entry. Paromita is seen in Meera’s flashback visions. Paromita’s past gets revealed. She is Vivaan’s obsessed lover. Vivaan never loved her and had been a target of her psychotic love. Vivaan doesn’t reveal anything to Meera, since the matter is very complicated to explain. Meera is able to get her vision back because Paromita’s eyes donation. She starts getting visions about Paromita and her dangerous lover. Meera gets disturbed. She learns that Vivaan was Paromita’s boyfriend. This revelation breaks down Meera.

Meera’s faith in Vivaan shatters. She doesn’t know how to love such a person who doesn’t respect love and killed people. She really assumes that Vivaan is Paromita’s culprit. She doesn’t give any chance to Vivaan to clarify the matter. Vivaan wants Meera to hear him out once and explain about Paromita’s madness. Meera and Vivaan’s relation suffers once again because of his hidden past coming fore. Vivaan wants to stop his relation from breaking. He keeps his faith in his marriage to overcome all odds. What’s your take on Kaleerein’s current track? Let us know your opinion.

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  1. This whole track is totally unnecessary and makes little sense to me whatsoever. At the beginning of the show we see Vivaan living in London and coming to India from London. He didn’t know anyone in India except for possibly his mother who he was searching for. So where did this girlfriend come from and where has she been all this time he is in India and married to Meera? Just dumb and stupid that what this current track is!!!

  2. DannyComments

    I think I lost interest a long time ago. I know this story line is because they just want to keep the show afloat..but very soon Zee tv will pull the plug on it..so my take is that..either they come up with a better storyline or just end it. There are so many characters on that show! How about they focus on them for a while? Can’t always be about meera and Vivian!

  3. A hot mess

  4. boring story . I stop watching long back

  5. It’s the same storyline over and over again ….where Meera and Vivaan’s relationship is threatened and on the verge of collapse. Need a new storyline asap…..

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