Zaroori tha | I’ll snatch you from sky too|shot 9

Hey everyone this is the 9th shot of Zaroori tha i hope you guys gonna like it.

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Next Day

@ Rathore ind….

Yes, Mr Mukesh don’t worry order will be shipped to you. Our team is just re checking the pieces and just they finished so, soon it will be dispatched.

Kabir was busy with his video conference when someone knocked at the door.

Just wait for a moment Mr M….. he put call on hold and permit the person to walk in.

“Mr Beast i need to talk” Anika said walking in.

Kabir ends the call without informing Mr M ” i’m always free to hear you Anni” He spoke

But i’m not. ” Anika fire”

Kabir was about to speak when Anika stopped him.

Let me finish first ” Anika spoke”

Go on ” Kabir said”

I don’t want to twist the tale, nor i want you to do argument with me so simply……. these are contract papers read them and sign them with your signature mine and your partnership ends here.

Kabir gazes her with wide eyes ” what you mean Anni?”

I don’t like to repeat. You know what i said ” Anika spoke”

Just because i said ” i keep heart for you” You want this? ” Kabir asked”

Raat gayi baat gayi” Anika replied”

Kabir pushes the chair aside and stood infront Anika… Now let me complete.

” Na woh raat gayi hai aur na he us raat ki baat”

Baat to us raat ki aaj bhi adhuri hai. Jis tarah tumhari zindagi apni saanso aur dhardkon ke bina adhuri hai….. ( Anika cuts)

Revenge over and with that Beast turned Angel so earlier.” Anika taunt”

Beast was also human remember the kiddo story ” Beauty and Beast”

Shivaay face flashes in Anika’s mind… she immediately brushes her thought away and shouts on him

“Stop it Kabir…….. and sign these paper”

You did alot for me and in return i’ve trasfer my shares on your name.

Anni German clients are coming and this deal is real important for us. I’m keeping these papers save with me. The day your life will get it’s soul back , the day mine and your partnership will end but not friendship.

Kabir pov

Anni not me but you did alot for me and in return i’ll give my life for your happiness .

@Rajput Mansion

Ganesh puja preparations were going on all were busy in preparing it.

“Gayu were helping Jhanvi and Pinky”

“Om pulled Shivaay aside”

“What Om?” Shivaay asked

Are you sure Anika bhabhi will perform Ganesh puja ” Om questioned Shivaay”

“She has to come Om and definitely she will” Shivaay replied with confident

How can you be so much sure? Bhabhi didn’t return last night and nor you ran after bhabhi…. then how come? “Om asked”

I know Om, Anika had turned more stubborn and i know it sound over confident to you but i’ve given her dare and to complete that dare Anika can go to any extend. ” Shivaay answer back”

And if this time she didn’t came…. i know how to make her part of this puja.

“I hope so Shivaay” Om spoke

@ Aarohi place

Ma’am these are orphanage kids list and here infront of each kid name their favourite toy, food and wish is mention ” Maid spoke passing list to Aarohi”

Aarohi holds list from maid. Good now go and call manager and whole staff i need to talk ” Aarohi orders”

“Maid nods and passes out from room”

Aarohi was checking the list, smile got carpeted on her lips reading kids wishes. She keep on checking the list when a tin layer of tear dropped on Aarohi cheek before it could touch the ground someone drank it.

Aarohi gazes the owner who drank and smiled ” Sahil”

Sahil parted his lips from Aarohi cheek and question Aarohi angrily ” Again you were crying huh?”

Aarohi placed list aside ” No, i’m not crying who told you that i’m crying?”

“Then what’s this?” Sahil wipes tear from Aarohi eye and shows her.

Now don’t say the universe famous bollywood dialogue
” ankh mein kuch chala gaya tha”
( something got in my eye)

I know you were crying and you can’t fool Sahil. Ok ” Sahil points his index finger towards Aarohi”

Aarohi lock her finger with him and pull Sahil close ” chotu se ap ho aur hum par order kar rahy ho huh?” Aarohi asked raising her eyebrow

Sahil copies Aarohi eyebrow language and replies

” pata hai pata hai ap order lete nahe balke dete ho. Par sab ko Sahil ko nahe” Sahil pull his collar up in attitude

Really!! “Aarohi narrow her eyes and asked ”
May i know the name of person to whom you suppose to give orders?

“Ji Really !!”

Sahil stood on toes to look heightened and broaden his chest… i use to give orders to Anika di like this

Chalo Anika di aaj Sahil ke liya rajma chawal, Anika di mein bahir jaa raha ho mere aane tak mera homework ho jaana chaiye……

( Go and cook rice and beans for Sahil. Anika di i’m going out , before i get back my homework should be completed)

Anika di kal school on hai par mera chuti ka aur masti ka din hai is liya Sahil chuti kar raha hai. Ab mere dimagh ki dhai na karna.

( School is on tomorrow but i’m not in the mood to go as my mood is in doing fun so i’ll not go to school. Now don’t eat my brain )

Aur please aaj Aloo puri na banaya mein daily Aloo puri kha kar Aloo ban raha hoon. Agar mein Aloo ban gaya to koi larki mujhe do kilo bhav bhi nahe dey gayi aur ha……before Sahil could complete his rest orders his mouth gets widen with Aarohi act

( Please don’t cook Aloo puri today. I’m becoming potato by consuming it daily. If i became potato then no girl will glance me. )

Aarohi splashes water on Sahil face… and mimics Anika

Sahil ke bache ab tu mujhe order de ga khirkitod Anika ko?

( now you will give order to khirkitod Anika?)

Muh dekha hai tu ney kabhi apna nahe dekha to ab yeh dekh meri chandani mein ( Aarohi holds sandal in hand )

( have you seen your face? Have you, not na then see in my sandal chandani)

Dekh is sade hua gobar se bhi sada tera muh hai. …. “Aloo puri nahe khanai” mein tujhe kya master chef lagti hoon jo tere liya Aloo puri ki jaga SSO ka famous pasta bana kar do gayi.

( see this dnug your face is more rotten then this dnug. I don’t want to eat Aloo puri. Am i master chef that instead of Aloo puri i’ll cook famous SSO pasta.)

Aur jitni teri height hai na koi larki kya koi murgee bhi tujhe anda na dey…….

Do footiya to tu khud hai aur do kilo bhav chaiye. Chirkut sala

( And as much as your height is, do not you have what girl not any chicken will give you her egg.

You, yourself are 2 feet and need two kgs attention )

Ab uth pahle apni homework kar aur school ke liye ready ho jaa warna beith beith teri chop kar do gayi.

(Now get up first complete your homework and then get ready for school otherwise i’ll chop you right here.)

Sahil burst into laughters , Aarohi too join him. Soon laughters turned into tears

Sahil hugs Aarohi tightly and cries ” when Anika di will say all this again to me. I miss my old Anika di alot who use to shout on me . Who use to cry in my lap when ever di got hurt.

But today she has forgetten that Sahil is also there who needs his Anika di. I wish i could get lame a……( Aarohi cuts)

Aarohi breaks the hug and scold him ” Sahil never talk like this otherwise i’ll be very angry”

Sahil with puppy face gazes Aarohi and cries….. Anika di

“Aarohi wipes his tears and hugs him tightly ” good boys don’t cry and you Anika di is coming.

After an hour

Anika was engaged with files and laptop when personal secretary knocked and after Anika allowed her. He saliently walk in.

Yes, why you came i didn’t called you? ” Anika asked”

I know ma’am, pardon me for that but i came here on the behalf of staff ” PS replied gathering courage ”

Staff want off now they are saying it’s Ganesh Chaturthi

Anika glare her ” do you know the meaning of pardon in my dictionary?”

“PS nods negatively”

You are my 132 secretary not are but was now leave my cabin and clear your account. You are fired. Not only you but those who send you and want off infrom them that they are fired too.. Go and do GC” Anika orderd her”

“Secretary gets shocked hear to be fired ”

Now leave my cabin are you waiting for any murat to get lost from here? “Anika shouts”

“Secretary immediately runs out”

Outside the cabin

“What ma’am said?” Employees questioned

She fired me and rest too who want off” Secretary replied”

“What?” All mouths gets widen with shock

Staff started talking against Anika

Inside the cabin

Tomorrow is Ganesh Chaturthi and if you not weak then i dare you come and perform Ganesh puja and prove me wrong that you are not weak and have guts to face all, glance all straight looking in their eyes and then i’ll accept that you are not weak and if you didn’t then non is born weakest then Miss Ruthless.

I want you to be there at 4:00 pm is that clear to you and if you didn’t then…….

Words of Shivaay were ringing Anika ears that were making her furious…… what he think of himself, that he’ll play with me and i’ll let him.

No Shivaay i won’t come there do what ever you want.

Anika throws files away and shouts ” i’ll never get back neverrrrrrrrr”

She grap her car eyes and angrily stepped out. She was passing through when she stopped hearing staff

“I knew it ma’am won’t give off. See whole Delhi offices are shut except Rathore” Employee spoke

Arrey she’s Ruthless then why she will give us off” Other employee said”

All start calling her Ruthless

Anika smiled at their back and leaves

@ Rajput Mansion

@ Bhavya room

I’ve waited for long Anika di but today my all waits will get over. Today i’m gonna tie you not one but eighteen eighteen rakhi’s to you and you can’t denied your doll did you get that my Aloo didu.

And you know what di? All are made by your doll. Soon you will come first we’ll celebrate rakhi them GC i know rakhi is gone but still i’ll celebrate.

Then in return you’ll give me itna sara gili gili kiss.

Bhavya was self giggling talking to Anika picture and rakhi. She was unware of the fact that someone was peeking her, whose eyes were filled with tears and anger and it’s none other SSO the great wall SSO who can bear anything but not tears in his loved ones.

Miss Ruthless ……Shivaay flicked his hairs and walk away

After few hours

Anika enters the mansion sniffing… she shouts for Bhavya. Finding whole mansion dark. Anika panics badly she took her step back. She shut her eyes tightly.

Gauri holds Anika from back and start singing

Sunte Hai Jab Pyar Ho Toh

Diye Jal Utthte Hain

Tann Mein Mann Mein
Aur Nayan Mein
Diye Jal Utthte Hain

Anika slowly her eyes and gets numb to find Bhavya complete fine standing infront of her.

Bhavya you were shot? Anika questioned her shockingly

Bhavya holds Anika ears and apologise ” sorry Anika di”

” You again lied to me? That means that news was fake” Anika jerk her

Not Bhavya but Shivaay Singh Oberoi lied to you and i gave that fake news.
” Shivaay stepped forward and holds Anika hand tightly ”

Anika ties to free herself from Shivaay hold but Shivaay tighten his grip and pull her close Saliently perform GC with me. Don’t you dare to argue with me as you already lost the challenge and if you didn’t obey me, then see that glass of juice i’ve mixed posion in it, i’ll drink it and then……… “Shivaay whispers in Anika ear ”

“Anika glances glass and Shivaay shockingly”

Shivaay gently holds Anika hand and both enters the mansion side by side. Each step Anika was taking in mansion was lightening up.

“Shivaay kept on glancing his lady with love and pain.”

Aaja Piya Aaja Aaja Piya Aaja Ho
Aaja Piya Aaja Tere Hi
Tere Liye Jalte Diye

Bitaani Tere Saaye
Mein Saaye Mein Zindagaani
Bitaani Tere Saaye Mein Saaye Mein

Anika was lost in her own world when her crime partner crushes her bones in tight hug

“Anika bhabhi. I missed you, where were you gone living your crime partner alone huh? I’m very angry with you, don’t you know no one loves me and understand me more than my crime partner ” Rudra hugs Anika and complains”

Drama king stop your drama and get aside now it’s my turn to meet my lovely bhabhi and my bestest friend” Om said pulling Rudra away from Anika”

Welcome back bhabhi to brighten our dark world” Om welcomes Anika with side Anika”

“O !! That was my line ” Rudra complains”

Soon all gather around Anika except Devohi and start complaining her. Anika was gazing them all but her lips were sealed….. it seem she’s standing inbetween strangers and feeling awkward to reply back.

Shivaay who was observing her gets more suspensions to know the reason behind her salient.

“I think Anika has to get ready to for puja.” Shivaay said gazing Anika

“For puja or romance?” Rudra teases Shivaay

All chuckles loudly

Anika gazes Shivaay with unspoken words and emotions

“Shut up Rudra ” Shivaay shut Rudra mouth..

Dadi ji peck Anika forehead ” puttar go and change we all are waiting”

Shivaay holds Anika hand and drags her to their room.

@ Shivika room
Anika jerks Shivaay hand ” i’m not going down and nor i’m gonna do any puja”

“You have to perform puja and you will” Shivaay threats her.

“I’ll not ” Anika said.

Shivaay pulls Anika close ” then break this nuptial chain that you are hiding. He holds Anika wrist tightly and take nuptial in his hand…. nice bracelet Miss Ruthless but it seem like nuptial.

Anika gazes Shivaay with wide eyes why not she will after all she got caught.

” Shivaay glare her ” Are you wearing this dress or want this nuptial to be broken? and” you know when this nuptial breaks?”

Shivaay slapped Anika.
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    Shivaay again became SSO hope his tadi brings khirkitod Anika back again.

    But why i’m feeling that Aarohi fear came true that made Anu ” Miss Ruthless”

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