Part 49 26/08/2019


The pooja preparation was going swiftly while Shaurya follow up with Mr Shukla on his finding about the mysterious caller. Mr Shukla’s associate found out that a man in his hoodie came to the public phone booth and dialed. No one seen his face clearly as his face not fully visible. After that day there were no nuisance calls received. Awara went with Mehak to do purchase of the items needed for pooja. As they were in the car going back home, Mehak realized she forgot to get the Ayurveda oil for maa’s treatment and she asked the driver to stop the car near the bazaar. Awara wants to follow her but she asked him to go home and check on the preparation at home as she will buy the oil and come home by auto. Awara tried to convince her so she can go home and he will buy the oil and comes home but Mehak told him she needs to get few more items and insist him to go home first. Without choice Awara left to home and Mehak headed to the busy bazaar street. She was going through the stalls selling bangles and earrings as someone was watching her from behind. She felt uneasy like someone watching her and tried to turn see if anyone there looking at her. But the bazaar was packed with people and she didn’t find anything awkward. She took her mobile out and dialed for Shaurya. He picked up the call in two rings. He was finishing some discussion as his team took leave from him.


Shaurya: hello Sweetheart. How are you? Have you finished your shopping?


Mehak: Hello Mr Husband I am fine, where are you? Tell me.


Shaurya: I am at office just finished discussion and you called, why? Where are you?


Mehak: Earlier we went to Phool mandi (flower market) to order flowers for the decorations, then we went to Matka Market to get some decoration items and now I am at Sarojini nagar bazaar as I forgot to buy maa’s Ayurveda items. I asked Awara bhaiya to go home as I will be late. I am at the market and I feel like someone is watching me that’s why I called you. Are you nearby here or what?


Shaurya startled when he heard she is alone at the bazaar and when she mentioned that she is being followed. He fisted as his knuckles turned white and he walked out of his office and get into the car as he continue speak to Mehak. He accelerated his car to Sarojini Nagar bazaar. He reached the bazaar and parked the car and remove his coat leaving it inside the car. As he walks inside the bazaar he asked her which lane is she in and asked for landmark as he rushed inside the busy packed street. He found Mehak near the bangle stall. He keep talking to her as he approached her from behind her, he tried to look around to see if anyone suspicious behind nearby but it was quiet crowded and he can’t see properly.


Mehak: Okay Shaurya, where are you now, I can hear so much noise.


Shaurya: It’s the radio you continue your shopping as you keep talking to me. So have you picked the bangles you want?


Mehak: Not yet, too many new collections and I am confused, wished you are here to choose for me, (sensing how he knows that she is at the bangle stall as she didn’t mention to him that she is at bangle stall) Shaurya where are you, how do you know that I am at the bangle stall? Are you nearby here somewhere? (She looked around everywhere searching for him, seeing her looking around Shaurya hide himself behind another stall)


Shaurya smirked as he walked behind her and boo at her which made her to jump.

Mehak: Shaurya… (Went near him as she side hugged him) is this your office area? Liar just now you told me you are busy at work, etc. what happened to all those meetings?


Shaurya: Just feel like want to see you now so I finished my work and came straight to bazaar to accompany you. (Mehak hugged him by his waist and whispered aww thank you patidev you are the best)

Mehak what you doing in the bazaar, everyone are watching us. (Usually Mehak says this if Shaurya tries to get cozy with her but he used this against her this time)


Mehak: So what, I will hug you, you are my husband (saying that she pull him by his tie which made him to bend towards her, she plant him a kiss and smiled proudly.


Shaurya looked at her in awe as he hold her by her side and bring her to bangle stall to choose her bangles. He let her pick the accessories as she showed him one by one. Slowly when Mehak was busy he turned his head slowly to see around the busy bustling bazaar for anyone around there suspicious till his eyes caught something, a man with hoodie standing not very far watching Mehak. His eyes were fixed at the man with hoodie till he was interrupted by Mehak who is showing him the earrings she chose, he turn to see her and by the time he turned towards the hoodie guy, he was gone. He looked around but there were no sign of the hoodie guy. Meanwhile the guy with hoodie fumed in anger seeing the proximity of both Shaurya and Mehak. He left from there when Shaurya saw him. Both continued their shopping and Mehak insist him to try gol gappas and   came back to their car. Shaurya left from there but his mind started to think about the hoodie guy, he stopped the car at a shop lot and asked Mehak to lock the door as he came down and went slightly away from there to call Mr Shukla.


Shaurya: Mr Shukla, I think the guy we are looking for he is in Delhi now. That is why the past few days there were no calls received as he is in Delhi. Today he followed Mehak at the bazaar. Do everything to follow this guy. I want him at any cost. (Saying that he hang up the call and walk back to the car and started to drive away from there)


They reached Khanna mansion and Awara came to get the things from the car. Just then Shaurya called him and blasted him for not accompanying Mehak instead returning home. Mehak came to stop him justifying that it was her idea to ask him to go home as she wants to do the rest of the shopping but he did insist to follow her. Shaurya asked him to go in as Mehak dragged him to the patio. He just followed her like a lost puppy.


Mehak: Why are you like this? What is the need to scold him like that, it was me who asked him to go home though he insist that he will buy the balance items and come home by auto. I asked him to go first and start with the preparations. Also without asking head or tail of the story you started to scold him for no reason, I am sure he is upset Shaurya.


Shaurya: Mehak, I am sorry I should have checked before I burst.


Mehak: You should say sorry to Awara not me. (Saying that she was about to leave him when he tugged her by wrist and she swiveled back to his front)


Shaurya: Where are you going?


Mehak: Arey, got lots of work to do so let me go in, you can come and join me if you want to help me. (Saying that Mehak pulled his nose gently letting out boisterous laughter)

Shaurya: Okay you go ahead first I will join you in short while.


Both walked inside as Shaurya went to his study room and Mehak went to look for Awara and apologized on behalf of Shaurya as its her fault for not letting him know the truth, he said it’s okay as sir is usually like that but he is concern about her that’s why he reacted her in that way. Back in the study room, Shaurya was fidgeting the paper weight as his thoughts wander about the hoodie guy. The mysterious caller from Mumbai and who could that be? Next day Shaurya decided to stay at home and do his work as the pooja preparation going on. He wants to stay close to Mehak. He was in his study room busy replying some emails as he received Mr Shukla’s call.


Mr Shukla: Hi Mr Khanna, yes you are right, the mystery caller is in Delhi now. My team at Mumbai didn’t find anything unusual there from the public phones there. In fact no suspicious person made call to your house the past few days.


Shaurya: If my hunch is right Mr Shukla, he is the same person who injured my wife at Jaipur. From the piece of informations I get when we joint back all, the nuisance calls only started after we left to Amsterdam. So he understand that we are away and he wants to know where we are. He tried to call my office but he still didn’t get any information and he keep trying to call my house to get the details. The other day he called and Mehak answered the call and he knows that we are back. So he came down to Delhi. Please ask some of your guys to watch my house informally. Ask them to update immediately if they see anyone suspicious watching my house. In the meantime I will tighten the security of my house too.


Saying that Shaurya hangs up the call and went downstairs. He walked to the patio and summoned all his security and staff to gather there. He brief them that if anyone see anybody suspicious around the house apart from the guest to inform him immediately. If anyone looking for Mehak, they should let him know first. He was busy giving them instructions as Mehak came out from the kitchen and saw the decoration work was halt midway and she was frustrated.


Mehak: What is this, all work not done and where all this guys went? Just because I am lenient all taking me for granted. Let them come back first I will teach them a lesson.


She tied her duppatta across her body to her waist as she climbed on the nearest stool. She started to fix the flower decorations over the wall muttering to herself as she proceeded with the decorations. Shaurya walked inside the house and saw Mehak who was busy fixing the decoration. He had smug smile as he watched her, the way how her lips twitched and her face made expression as she busy fixing the decorations. He looked around as the coast was clear he walked slowly towards her and he saw Naughty was wiggling his tail near Mehak and letting out soft barks.


Mehak: Naughty don’t disturb me, I am busy here. Here everything also I am the one have to do. I was at the kitchen preparing the desserts for tomorrow and came to see all work not done, I wonder where all the guys went. You go outside and play there and don’t disturb me.


He was not happy as Mehak not giving him the attention, he barked loudly few times and left from there. Mehak almost done with the decorations and brush off her hand as she completed one end of the decoration and she loss balance and slipped from the stool. Just then Shaurya managed to scoop her with his arms as Mehak let out a scream Matarani…. Shaurya studied her profile, her eyes were closed tightly as she was in fear. In a reflex he smiled looking at the innocent Mehak how her lips tremble as she let out little squeal and as she in his arms. Snuggling her causes him extraordinary feelings rushed in him like flood. He looked down at her lips which tempted him to suck it and completely take over her then realization hit him that they are not alone.


Mehak’s POV

I was busy with the decoration as Naughty came to cooing and letting out gentle barks. Poor him, I was too busy with the preparations and didn’t had time to play with him. He left after he gets annoyed with me, I should go and find him and give his treats as an apology. As I finish decorating this end, I slipped from the stool and I can feel my body swing into air, I squeal and scream Matarani as I am afraid going to hit myself on the ground but I realized I have not touched the ground but I am comfortably landed on a pair of strong arms. The familiar scent surrounded me and before I process out who could that be, I let out the breath that I was holding unknowingly as I slowly open only one eye to see where am I. Upon opening both my eyes I see I was settled comfortably in the arms of my man, my husband my Shaurya. As both our eyes locked into each other, I smiled gleefully at him which made him glow with a wild grin at me as he winked at me. I hooked one of my hand around his neck and one clutching at his t-shirt. I can see from his eyes as what is he trying to convey to me. Maa always mention that the smile on his face are special as she only seen that on him after he is with me. That made my heart dance in excitement. True I only seen earlier the khadoos type but after we are together he always smiles brightly which my heart raced 10 times than usual. I love that feeling he causes inside me. His eyes were aiming at my lips, I warned him with my eyes that not to do anything embarrassing as he leaned down and plant a kiss on my hair instead. Phewww…. He is such a tease.


Shaurya: What you doing? I thought you were only doing the sweets but why are you fixing the decorations?


Mehak: I was doing the sweets and came to look for Awara bhaiya and didn’t see him and the decoration all not completed, don’t know where they are. All went missing, that’s why I climbed to fix the flowers. Now put me on the floor please.


He put her back on the floor and rested his arms on his waist.


Shaurya: Why do you need to do all these? I was having a word with them all just now about the guests and all that’s why they are not here, how if you fell down and injured yourself. What will happen?


Mehak: Nothing happen now right, why are you stressing yourself, okay now can you help me?


Shaurya nodded and asked her what she wants him to do.


She pulled him to the other end and asked him to climb the ladder to fix the flowers on the wall. Shaurya’s eyes widen when he was asked to do the decorations.


Shaurya: Do you know I am Shaurya Khanna, you are asking The Shaurya Khanna to fix some decorations? We have helpers around the house, let me get them. (He fumed as he finished that sentence)


Mehak giggled at him


Mehak: hello you are The Shaurya Khanna at outside, in house you are my husband, my partner so you must help me. Understand Mr Husband as she blow him a kiss. Now don’t talk so much and start the work.

He left with no choice as he climbed the ladder and assist her to finish the decorations. When the rest of the house helpers came, Mehak asked them to stop chit chatting and complete the work ASAP. Maa and Maasi were surprised seeing Shaurya working too and quietly watched as Mehak ordered him to do it neatly.


Shaurya: Mehak meri jaan, I never knew you are so particular about all these decorations and etc. What is the needs it has to precisely center, a little bit off is okay, no one will see it.


Mehak: Shaurya don’t talk so much fix it properly and come down. You are good in talking only.


Shaurya gets down from the ladder and went close to Mehak.


Shaurya: (whispering tone) I am good in other things too, you know that too.


Mehak (lips parted hearing his naughty talk, she don’t want the color to rise on her face) She pushed him slightly which made him jerked a little as he let out rambunctious laughter.


Maasi: Jiji see how our Mehak bahu made our lalla work like the rest of the helpers. Why is the need to make him work like that?


Maa: Dolly, these days modern husband and wife they are a team, they work together, cook together and there is no barrier as man or woman. It’s nice to see Shaurya like this. You see that smile on his face, its genuine from his heart. Only Mehak can make him laugh like that. He has been with me for years I only seen anger, upset and forced smile but now I am glad that he is truly himself. You don’t say anything and hurt both their feelings. Shaurya is not a child that he can be forced to do anything, he is doing it out of his own will for Mehak.


Just then Mehak and Shaurya saw Maa and maasi there, they went to them and Mehak explained most of the work done and she will do the prasad tomorrow morning. Now she will finish another dessert as well.


Maasi: Lalla are you not busy, just now you said during breakfast you are busy and will be at study room.

Shaurya: Yes maasi, just finished my work and came and I saw Mehak busy with the decorations so I helped her, we are done, and the rest of the decorations the helpers will continue.


Both went from there to kitchen. Shaurya in his mischievious tone asked Mehak does he get any reward as he helped her with the decoration. Mehak rolled her tongue inside her mouth as she took a laddoo and stuff it inside his mouth saying that he only gets a laddoo not more than that. Shaurya chew the laddoo and whispered to her, how about this laddoo of mine who did the laddoo, when can I have her? Mehak quickly placed her palm over his mouth as she looked blushing not letting him to utter another word. His eyes had the usual naughty glint and Mehak placed a kiss on the palm which is still on his mouth. For now only this, the rest it depends how you behave Mr Husband. Shaurya grinned sheepishly as he remove her hand from his mouth and plant a kiss on her hand. Mehak and Shaurya did barfi together just like how they used to cook together at Amsterdam. They completed all the work as tomorrow will be a busy day.


Next morning Mehak was in the kitchen preparing the prasad. The entire house smell divine as the ghee smell filled the air. Maa and maasi came to kitchen as she prepares the sweet dish.


Maasi: Bahu, the prasad smell wonderful. Can’t wait to taste it. Jiji our bahu is very talented indeed.


Maa: Haan Dolly. I have tasted many prasad at temples but Mehak’s one is the tastiest one. Shaurya who is diet conscious person never said no to foods prepared by Mehak. Beta quickly finish this and go and get ready, guests will be coming soon.


Mehak: Okay maa, it’s almost done now. I will get ready and come down.


Mehak wore a nice peach colored lehnga top with grey skirt. Shaurya wore a peach sherwani too. She was busy at the front porch doing the rangolis as he sat at one of the steps at the entrance watching her. He throw some flower petals and the rangolis colored rice at her so she will look at him. Mehak didn’t bother him as she concentrate filling in the shapes with the colored rice. Shaurya became impatient with her as he took a leaf and started to trace behind her bare back. She felt the tickle and turned to look at him. He winked at her as he flash his naughty smile.


Mehak: why are you behaving like a child and disturbing me? Let me complete the rangolis, guests will be coming soon.


Shaurya: Hmm how long I should be sitting and watching you? You are not paying attention to me.


Mehak: Haan, let me finish this and have to go to kitchen to arrange all the sweets and check on the prasad. Later have to check on the pooja preparations. So whole day I can’t give you my attention, only after pooja finish I can give you all the attention you want. Till then please don’t disturb me.


As she finish that, Shaurya’s mobile started to ring and he took it to the garden to answer it, before he leaves he purposely took the tiny stone and hit Mehak’s back to which she yelped in pain. The Sharma’s arrived and Mehak bring them all inside. Sonal, Nehal and Mehak went to kitchen to arrange the desserts. Chachi’s helped her to scoop the prasad into small plates for distribution. They took the desserts to the table set at the garden and Mehak looked around for Shaurya. He was still on mobile but his facial expression looks like it’s a serious business talk. Mehak went back inside the house to continue with the work and welcome the guests who started coming in. Shaurya came to join her as he welcome the guests with her.


Mehak: Who was that on the call just now? You looked serious.


Shaurya: Nothing just the usual business matters. Some partners are having issues that’s all you don’t worry.


Maasi asked Mehak for some help and Mehak went inside, Vicky came and updated Shaurya that his air ticket has been purchased and he will take care of other matters here. Shaurya went to the patio to make a call and update the other party that he will be there the next morning and arrange his meetings immediately there. He hangs up the call as he turns saw Mehak standing behind him. He was appalled seeing her there but he tried to remain calm.


Mehak: Where are you going Shaurya? Why didn’t you tell me anything about it?


Shaurya: Jaan this was an emergency which I just received the call. That’s why I haven’t inform you as you were busy with the pooja, you don’t worry about anything. I will be back in two days.

Mehak: You mean, I am not coming with you? You are leaving me here?


Looking at the change of her tone, Shaurya step forward and cupped her cheek on the right. He smiled as his thumb caress her cheek gently. He can see her eyes glistened as the tears threatened to spill out any minute.


Shaurya: I am not leaving you my love. If I would ever leave you its only death do us apart. This is an emergency meeting which I need to attend urgently. They were asking me to come tonight itself I have to postpone for tomorrow morning.


Mehak: Do whatever you like but I am not going to talk to you.


Saying that she left him there and went inside. Shaurya massaged his neck as he looked at the retreating back of her. Shaurya went inside as his eyes roams around for her, she was busy talking to the guests. The earlier enthusiasm she had vanished and now she is holding a mock smile on her face. He tried to sign at her to come aside but she just kept her gaze away from him. He saw Nehal and asked her to check with Mehak whtr he saw his mobile charger or not. Nehal came to ask about it to Mehak, when she replied, asked him to check where he left last. When he didn’t bother to inform me about anything why should I be bothered to know his things, ask him to go and check on his own? Nehal understand that both having some issues looked lost and went to Shaurya informed, jiju she don’t know where is the charger. He gets annoyed as Mehak started to give him cold treatment. The PanditiJi asked for the large plate and Mehak said she will get it. She enters the store room looking for the large plate. She was checking on the shelves when a callous arm gripped her by her waist as pulled her.


Shaurya: Mehak, please don’t be upset with me, I was about to tell you but you were busy and I have to book my tickets immediately. It’s an urgent meet up and I have to go. I can’t bring you with me as I will be busy the whole day at the meeting. Even if you come, you will be bored as you will be staying at the hotel the entire day. At least when you are here, you won’t get bored. I will call you in between I promise sweetheart.


Mehak: Don’t sweet talk Shaurya, just because I heard the conversation you are telling me all these, or else you plan to leave without telling me right?


Shaurya: Damn it Mehak, stop being childish. Do you think it’s easy for me to stay away from you? I can’t imagine how I am going to concentrate on my meetings thinking about you all the time. You know how I want to be snuggling to you and hold you tightly.


Mehak: Then why are you going? I promise I won’t complain boring etc. but will stay in the room.

Shaurya: No sweetheart, it’s not possible this time. I don’t want to leave you alone at the room and be at meeting. It’s just two days and I will be back the next day immediately once the meeting over. I promise.


Mehak: Shaurya please….


Before she could finish her sentence, Shaurya captured her lips as he nibbled on her lower lips then deepened the kiss. Initially he only want to give her light kiss but unable to resist. His fingers dig into her waist skin, which made her to tremble and let a faint noise into his mouth. He pulled her against him not leaving any space between them. She pulled him by his neck and welcome his warm kiss with eager lips. He let go of her lips as both rested on each other’s forehead eyes closed. His nose collided with hers as he felt the rise and fall of each breath and was inches from the slightly parted full lips. His thumb stroking the pulse in her neck.


Shaurya: I love you sweetheart (he place another kiss on her hair)


Mehak: Hmmm.. You always do something like this. (Hitting on his chest)


Shaurya: I promise you that I will finish my work quickly and come back to you. Now please don’t cry, if you cry I feel terrible and my whole day mood will be off too. So please, give me your usual smile, let’s finish this pooja and spend the rest of the day together so we won’t miss each other for the next two days.


Mehak: Alright (as she leaned on his chest) come back quickly okay and hug me tightly like this.


Shaurya: You mean in the store room?


Mehak lifted her head up to see the amusement in his face as she hit him chest again as he mock in pain.

Shaurya grinned at her as he enveloped her into warm hug. He asked her to go out as they are waiting to start to pooja and he will join her shortly. Mehak adjusted her lehnga as she went with the plate. Shaurya came out after that and joined the others at the pooja. Both Shaurya and Mehak sat in front of the havan (holy fire) as the PanditiJi recites the mantras. Once completed they distributed the prasad to everyone at home. Maa and maasi asked all to join for the meal at the garden, the guests proceeded to the garden. Mehak took the prasad and went to feed Shaurya. Both sits together as they feed each other the food. Shaurya asked Sonal to stay in and be with Mehak and she agreed. During night Mehak was resting on Shaurya’s chest watching how his chest heaved high and low. She was tracing her name tattoo as both stayed quietly on each other’s warmth.


Mehak: Shaurya, what time is your flight tomorrow?


Shaurya: Its early morning flight almost 7am. (Taking a deep sigh) Mehak I want you to rest well and stay at home with Sonal. I will finish my meetings and come back in whichever early flights available. (Pressing a kiss on her head) I will call you in between my break.

Mehak: Okay… pakka?


Shaurya: Pakka baby, now sleep don’t think too much.

Mehak: Okay I love you Shaurya (kissing his chest)


Shaurya: I love you sweetheart.


Both snuggle one to another and Mehak slept immediately but Shaurya was caressing her hair as sleep was far away for him. His mind ruffled with many things. Earlier he received call from Mr Shukla and his team. Their reveal made him boil in anger but he knows the slight changes in his facial demeanor will only make Mehak curious, so he literally wore an invisible mask throughout the day as he was with the rest of the family. He feed Mehak during dinner and spent evening at the balcony together as he rested on her lap.  He didn’t realize that he didn’t sleep at all as he was just caressing Mehak all night as his alarm started to ring. He turned off his alarm and slowly moved Mehak to a pillow as he went to take a quick shower and pack his suitcase. Mehak didn’t move as she was in deep sleep. He tiptoed near her as he plant a lingering kiss on her forehead, she smiled in her sleep as he whispered I love you as he tucked the tendrils away from her face and leaving to airport.

Song Credits:

Song: Dil Diyan Gallan

Singer: Atif Aslam

Music: Vishal and Shekhar

Lyrics: Irshad Kamil


Kacchi Doriyon, Doriyon, Doriyon Se

With fragile threads

Mainu Tu Baandh Le…

Tie me up (with Yourself)

Pakki Yaariyon, Yaariyon, Yaariyon Mein

In(Between) strong friendships/companionships

Honde Na Faasle…

There are no distances

(Distances never exist)


Eh Naraazgi Kaagzi Saari Teri

All this anger of Yours is false/fake(just on paper and not in real)

Mere Sohneya Sun Le Meri

O love of mine, listen to my


Dil Diyan Gallan

Talks of the heart

Karaange Naal Naal Beh Ke

We will do it(the talks) sitting beside each other

Akh Naale Akh Nu Mila Ke

Staring at(into) each other’s eyes


Dil Diyan Gallan Haaye…

Talks of the heart

Karaange Roz Roz Beh Ke

We will do it everyday

Sacchiyan Mohabbataan Nibha Ke

Preserving our true love


Sataaye Mainu Kyun

Why do You torture/trouble me

Dikhaaye Mainu Kyun

Why do You act in front of me

Aiven Jhuthi Mutthi Russ Ke Rusaake

Of being falsely upset with me


Dil Diyan Gallan…

Talks of the heart

Karaange Naal Naal Beh Ke

We will do it sitting beside each other

Akh Naale Akh Nu Mila Ke

Staring at each other’s eyes


Tenu Lakhan Ton Chhupa Ke Rakha

I kept You hidden from millions

Akkhaan Te Sajaa Ke

I kept You decorated on my eyes

Tu Hai Meri Wafaa Rakh Apna Bana Ke

You are my faith, keep me with You as Your close one

Main Tere Laiyaan Tere Laiyaan Yaaran

Only for Your sake my love

Na Paavin Kade Dooriyan Haaye…

I can’t/won’t ever be distant from You


Tenu Lakhan Ton Chhupa Ke Rakha

I kept You hidden from millions

Akkhaan Te Sajaa Ke

I kept You decorated on my eyes

Tu Hai Meri Wafaa Rakh Apna Bana Ke

You are my faith, keep me with You as Your close one

Main Tere Laiyaan Tere Laiyaan Yaaran

Only for Your sake my love

Na Paavin Kade Dooriyan

I can’t ever be distant from You


Main Jeena Haan Tera Aaa…

I am life for You

Main Jeena Haan Tera, Tu Jeena Hai Mera

I am life for You, You are life for me

Dass Lena Ki Nakhra Dikha Ke

Tell me what point will You prove by showcasing tantrums


Dil Diyan Gallan…

Talks of the heart

Karaange Naal Naal Beh Ke

We will do it sitting beside each other

Akh Naale Akh Nu Mila Ke

Staring at each other’s eyes

Dil Diyan Gallan…

Talks of the heart


Raatan Kaaliyan, Kaaliyan, Kaaliyan Ne

The nights are dark

Mere Dil Saanwle

O my adored/beloved heart!

Mere Haaniyan, Haaniyan, Haaniyan Je

O my companion!

Lag Ke Tu Aa Gale

Come and embrace me

Mere Aasmaan Mausaman Di Na Sune

My Sky(The place where I dream) doesn’t heed to the weather

Koi Khwaab Na Poora Bune

And it doesn’t weave complete dreams

(It just weaves incomplete dreams)


Dil Diyan Gallan…

Talks of the heart

Karaange Naal Naal Beh Ke

We will do it sitting beside each other

Akh Naale Akh Nu Mila Ke

Staring at each other’s eyes


Pata Hai Mainu Kyun

I know why

Chhupa Ke Dekhe Tu

You look/gaze at me secretly

Mere Naam Se Naam Mila Ke

Adding Your name to mine(my name)


Dil Diyan Gallan…

Talks of the heart

Karaange Naal Naal Beh Ke

We will do it sitting beside each other

Akh Naale Akh Nu Mila Ke

Staring at each other’s eyes

Dil Diyan Gallan…

Talks of the heart


P/S: Dear wonderful readers, thank you for all your immense support and love for my work. I really appreciate all your effort to click on the like buttons, writing me feedback and adding my work into your reading list. This means a lot to me. This update minus the song lyrics is almost 9 pages 5089 words. I wrote them during my weekends. Just to let you all know that, the upcoming week (2nd Sept-6th Sept 2019) there will be no update as I have a family wedding to attend and won’t be able to post anything so this is to compensate for the upcoming week. Will come back with another update on the following week. Thanks again and stay blessed always.

Suits worn by Mehrya
Suits worn by Mehrya


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