Aghori 25th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Advik and Kamakshi save each other from prets

Aghori 25th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamakshi seeing the ghost walking towards her and hides. She thinks the ghost didn’t eat the dead bird, it means they don’t eat the dead. She pretends to be dead infront of them. They go. Kamakshi gets up. Kankali Kauravi lie down on Soham’s lap and tells that everyone was shocked seeing you, my kankali. Soham says she is my Gurumaa. Kankali laughs. Dravya and Rudranaath come there. Kankali calls them big aghori and aghoran and says both of them got trapped in my net. Rudranaath asks her to tell why did she come? Dravya says we have one relation, ie revenge. Rudranaath asks what kind of revenge? Dravya says what did we do with you. Kankali says did you forget that you all have taken my father’s life. Dravya asks who was your father? Kauravi says kankali mukhiya and says she is Kauravi, came to take revenge of her father’s death. Kamakshi comes out of the house, runs and falls down. The ghosts again come to her and is about to hold her, when Advik comes there and makes her fly in air and holds her when she is about to fall down. Kamakshi says you have come. Advik says prêt…you are in demand, everyone is after you, prets and me. He says I saved you from Prets, but who will save you from me. He says lets go. Kamakshi says she has no choice. Prets come near them.

Kauravi says she will take revenge from them, take their soul and breath will be stuck. Rudranaath gets angry. Kauravi says if you do anything then the war will start between Aghoris and Kankalis and many will die. She asks them to leave if they are done with their investigation. She says I need to rest. Dravya gets angry. Rudranaath stops her and they leave. Soham says Shiv Shiv…and says damru is played. Kauravi says until they play damru, I will snatch their precious thing from them. Soham asks who? Kankali says Kamakshi. She says she sends all prets to Kamakshi and says they are her slaves. She says they want Kamakshi for her tapasya and bali and says Kamakshi won’t be safe as they are against life.

Kamakshi asks Advik how you came here? Advik says we have to kill them and take her inside the godown. Kamakshi says they are prêt, how you will kill them. Advik falls down. Kamakshi falls on him. Music plays….Kamakshi says my life was simple before and says after he came in her life, sometimes she had to face hilly mountains and sometimes Prets. He asks her to thank him openly. Kamakshi says her life was good before. Advik says I was searching for such places and says Prets will be trapped here. He asks Kamakshi to make the oil drums fall down when I ask you. Kamakshi says it is very heavy, how I will make them fall. Advik says with your powers. Kamakshi says I don’t know who and when to use it. She says I will not use it. Advik says Prets will die in the fire. Kamakshi asks him to use his powers. Advik says I don’t have that much time to use my power.

Kamakshi prays to Bholenaath and asks for powers. She makes the oil drums fall with her powers while the prets are walking towards them. She tells Advik that drums fell down. Advik chants some mantras and lights the fire. The prets walk on the fire and gets burnt one by one. Kamakshi says all died, we have done it and hugs him. Advik smiles and then realizes. Kamakshi says fire is increasing and asks him to bring the rain. Advik says how to bring rain from the roof and asks if she is joking? Kamakshi says she is facing the death and says if he can face the death. The fire log falls on Advik, but nothing happens to him and he brushes off the log. He smiles. Kamakshi says fire didn’t affect you and asks how we will go now. He gives his hand. Kamakshi holds his hand and they walk in the fire and come out alive. Kamakshi asks how do you do this? Advik says we did it. They come out. He says it is good that you ran holding your groom’s hand else would have died at the hands of prets. Kamakshi says you would have handed me over to prets and leave. Advik says it is better for you to surrender to me rather than to Prets. Kamakshi sees the temple and thinks this is the same temple, which is in the pic with Maa. He goes near the bike and asks her to come. Kamakshi sits on the bike and they come home.

Suman asks Kamakshi why did you go? Kamakshi says sorry for not informing her before leaving. Suman scolds her politely. Dravya comes and says your mum in law don’t have any objection. Param tells what Rashi had told him. He asks did you find something. Kamakshi says I was missing maa so went to spend sometime there. Advik thinks your mum and her past are both murderers. Soham and Kankali come there. Kamakshi and Advik are shocked. Suman says Soham married Kauravi. Soham asks her not to feel guilty and says if you had not left the marriage then I would have left. Kamakshi bends down and picks the fallen pic.

Advik tells Rudranaath that Kamakshi went to her parents’ house, but Prets came there to kill Kamakshi. He asks who sent it. Rudranaath says Kankali must have sent them. Advik says he will kill her. Aasmi tells that Kauravi has become mukhiya of the kankali after you had killed her father. She says if we do anything then Kauravi will kill everyone. She says we can’t take such big danger. Rudranaath says if anything happens to Kamakshi’s family then it won’t be easy to take her bali with her wish. Advik says he has kept magical flowers petals in her mangalsutra to make her mind connected with him. Aasmi tells that Kamakshi needs to be pure for the bali. Advik says I am an Aghori and tells that he will never get near her, as she is the murderer of his parents. He asks since when you got this feeling of love etc. Aasmi says since childhood and goes. Rudranaath says I will handle Kankali and asks him to handle Kamakshi.

Dravya tries to talk to Kamakshi and says you didn’t ask why we came here. Kamakshi thanks her for lying for her and says she don’t trust her. Rudranaath and Aasmi come there. Dravya says I came to protect you from someone who wants to kill her. Kamakshi goes from there. Rudranaath says we shall be happy that she didn’t tell anyone. Aasmi says Kamakshi is silent as she thinks we are danger to her family. Rudranaath asks Dravya to kill her. Dravya says so that you can kill Kamakshi. Rudranaath says Kauravi has made Soham as kankali. He leaves.

Advik tests the flower in the room and holds her hand. Kamakshi runs away. He thinks she is going far from me. Kamakshi comes and holds his hand. Advik says lets forget everything and feel this moment, our breath, our heartbeat, our heart and our intimacy and the warmth of the intimacy, the good smell of the breath, just us. Kamakshi asks what do you want? Advik says want to break your heart, want to hurt you, want to make pieces of your heart and when it breaks then what to step on it, want to give you so much pain that even your soul gets shaken up. Kamakshi says seems like your parents’ death happened because of my mother. Advik asks how do you know? Kamakshi says I found out, I went to crematorium ground following you and says you have a misunderstanding, my mum didn’t do anything, she didn’t harm a bit to anyone. Advik asks how do you know her, did you spend time with her. Kamakshi says she got the mother, but not the time with her. She says mother is the one who can be felt by the child even after her death. She says I know my mum well.

Advik says I have seen her with my eyes and says my parents were crying and dying, your mum was standing there with axe in hand. He says she gave my parents’ bali so that you can get all these powers. Kamakshi says do you think I am that same Kamakshi who will give her life for you and says she is the daughter of a fearless mother and says she will fight for her life, not because she is afraid, but because she will not leave her life for his wrong thinking. He says you will fight with me even after knowing my powers. Kamakshi says even I have powers, my silence doesn’t mean that I am weak. Advik says lets test. Kamakshi says body’s strength fails, but not heart’s strength. He asks her to come and says where is the powers, questions shall not be asked.

span style=’color: #ff00ff;’>Precap: Advik thinks what was in Kamakshi’s hand when she came from her mother’s house. Kamakshi hides the pic and thinks she knows what he is searching. Dravya slaps Soham and his teeth falls down and his gums bleed. Kankali Kauravi tells Dravya that because of her, one family member of Kamakshi will become Kankali now. Dravya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    1. When ever Kamakshi and Adhvik are together all villians lose
    2. Adhvik has love♥ for Kamakshi, but due to Rudranth fake story, he hate?? her..
    3. Sometime I wonder that might be Dravya and Rudranath are or were pairs???????
    4. Uffffff!!! Yeh love story♥♥♥♥ of adhvik and kamakshi
    5. Kaurvi looks cute, though she is villian but her acting is sooo cute??
    6. Kaurvi and Soham pair is also cute and adorable??
    7. Due to blind in revenge Adhvik can’t see innocent kamakshi, their love, her mom innocence and rudranth tricks…
    8. Though its not possible, but hope asmi tell truth to adhvik before its too late

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