Kawach 25th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Sakshi leaves Sandhya’s body and alerts her about Bhao

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The Episode starts with Rekha coming near the temple and asks who is here? Sandhya thinks if Rekha can hear and see me. She says I am here and thanks God for sending her for her help. She turns and finds Rekha gone to her room. Rekha thinks who was in the temple. Sandhya comes to Rekha’s room and asks her to help her. She says I was praying to Shiv ji for help and you came. Rekha says I don’t help souls, but Sandhya, Prem and Aastha’s mother and Angad’s wife. Rekha says Sandhya is there downstairs. Sandhya says Sakshi has taken out my soul from my body and got in my body, tells that those pandits were actually tantriks of sakshi. Rekha recalls feeling something wrong with Sandhya touched her and says that’s means she is Sakshi. Sandhya asks her to help her get back to her family, husband and kids. Rekha thinks may be God sent her to help Sandhya.

Sakshi wakes up in the night and touches Angad’s face and feels his heart beat. She thinks she is touching and feeling a human for the first time, comes near the window and thinks she is viewing the world now. She will never leave this world. Angad gets up and tries to get romantic with Sakshi, thinking her to be Sandhya. Sandhya breaks the glass when she gets angry. Sakshi sees her and asks her to break another glass, says I will return your body, kids and husband. Sandhya tries, but can’t touch another glass. Sakshi says it was a coincidence. Sandhya comes to Rekha and tells her about breaking the glass when she was very angry. Rekha says it means that you can touch the things when you are very happy or upset. Sandhya goes to the bathroom and tries to talk to Angad, says my love is truthful, why can’t I feel you and cries. Her tears drop fall on his hand. He checks to see from where it came and goes from there. Rekha thinks to talk to Angad and comes to him. Aastha comes to Angad and says she is very hungry. Angad takes her to have food. Rekha thinks she needs to talk to Angad urgently. He takes Aastha to Sakshi. Sakshi smiles. Angad then takes Prem and plays with him. Sandhya recalls the moments spent with Angad and family and gets emotional. Angad makes Aastha have food. Aastha asks them to kiss on her cheeks. They are about to kiss her, but Aastha bends down. Sakshi stares Angad smilingly. Angad is surprised.

Aastha takes Prem to play forcibly and he falls down. Sakshi runs to Prem worriedly and scolds Aastha calling her mad girl, says Prem is injured. Aastha says sorry Mamma, I didn’t do it deliberately. Sakshi gets angry and is about to slap Aastha, but Angad stops her. Angad asks what happened to you, you never raised hands on kids before. Sakshi says that’s why she spoilt. Angad says you can’t be my Sandhya. Sakshi goes to room. Sandhya tells her that she has taken her body, but can’t snatch her soul and tells that very soon everyone will know the truth. Sakshi says I will kill everyone. She says I thought I will get rid of you, but you are coming to me, says she will do something by evening so that she don’t reach her. Angad takes Aastha to room. Aastha says mamma never spoke to me like that. Angad asks her not to feel bad. Prem recalls and tells him that Maa Mamma. Angad asks him not to get scared and say. Prem says Maa mamma and hugs him. Angad asks what does it mean? Rekha says I will tell you. Later Angad is shocked and asks how can this be possible, Sandhya is with me since last night. Rekha says she is not Sandhya, but Sakshi and asks if he don’t feel something strange. She asks do you think that Sandhya can behave this way with Aastha. Angad says no. Rekha says Sandhya’s soul told me this. Angad asks where is she? Sandhya asks Rekha to tell that she is near him and holding his hand. Her tears fall down on his hand. Angad asks if she was in the washroom. Sandhya says yes and asks Rekha to make him talk to Angad. Rekha calls Sandhya in her body. Angad apologizes to Sandhya. Sandhya tells him that they have to do something urgently and tells that they have to lower Sakshi’s hatred for her and know the truth from Jolly about her death. She comes out of Rekha. Angad says we will find out the truth.

Sakshi comes to the tantriks and says she don’t want Sandhya’s soul around her and says she wants to be in her body. Tantrik says we can’t give her mukti until she is alive. Sakshi asks him to do something. Tantriks tells that they can trap Sandhya’s soul, but for that her body needs to be present here. Sakshi says ok.

Angad and Rekha come to Jolly and ask why Sakshi hates Sandhya and holds her responsible for her death. Jolly says she will kill everyon and asks her to go. Sandhya comes there. Jolly could see Sandhya’s soul. Rekha says the same to Angad. Sandhya asks Jolly to help her. Jolly tells her everything. Just then tantriks call her soul. Rekha makes the sketch and tells that Sakshi called her in cave. Sandhya goes there and tells Sakshi that she is ready to go from her life. She says I came to know about the truth of your death. She says that day you got a call from a girl and you thought I called you. A fb is shown, girl talks to her in Sandhya’s voice and asks her to meet her to the said address. Sakshi says ok and asks Kapil to come with her to meet Sandhya. It shows Jolly bribed a girl to make a phone call to Sakshi. Fb ends. Sandhya tells Sakshi tells that Jolly called her and killed her and their family. She says if same thing had happened with you then I would have done same thing. Angad and Rekha come there. Sandhya asks him to stop. Sandhya asks Tantriks to do the ritual and give her body to Sakshi. She asks Angad to love Sakshi, just like he loved her. Angad says no. Sandhya says I am leaving Sakshi.

Angad asks her not to do and says Aastha and Prem need you. Sakshi asks Tantriks to stop and says I hate you and punished you for the sins which you haven’t done. She says you are really an elder sister and I am the younger. She says I couldn’t give the love to Prem which you was giving and says you failed me. I am returning your everything and your Prem back to you. She falls down and comes out of Sandhya’s body. Sandhya gains consciousness in her body. Sakshi tells her that she is going and asks her to take care of Prem. She says he will come to take Prem after I leave? Sandhya asks whom? Sakshi says Bhao.

Angad says Sandhya. Sandhya comes to Angad and hugs him. Sandhya thinks who is Bhao, who will come to take Prem.

Prem and Aastha are playing. Aastha asks did you know where Mamma and Papa are? She says why they didn’t come? A crow comes come in the window and makes caw caw sound. Prem gets scared and takes Aastha behind the bed. Aastha asks what happened? Prem says Bhao. Sandhya and Angad come there? They ask him to come out. Prem asks Sandhya to save him and tells that Bhao is coming. He tells that he didn’t see him and says he used to come to house. Maa used to get scared and hid me. He says Bhao comes when a big crows come. They think it might be a ghost with whom Sakshi was scared. Rekha tells that she has never heard of Bhao and says she can try. Rekha sits and chants some mantras, calls Bhao there infront of her. Windows gets opened. Rekha opens her eyes and finds her soul in some place, which is surrounded by the snakes. She falls down and her body also falls down in Sandhya’s house. Angad says I will call doctor. Rekha hears screams of many people pleading for help. Rekha cries being scared and keeps hand on her ears. She runs and sees crows flying around her fast. Bhao asks Rekha to go and tell Sandhya that he is coming for Sandhya. Rekha gained consciousness and tells that she didn’t see anything, but felt someone’s powers. She says Bhao is very dangerous and is coming here. Sandhya asks what do he need from us and asks Angad if he will do something to Prem. Angad says we will save him together.

Precap: Angad tells Sandhya that she will win in the end. Shobha finds Ankit missing. Malini blames Prem. Later a woman/Ankit comes downstairs wearing saree. Sandhya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    So now sakahi chapter is over as well… This show is really unique one…

  2. Wow!!!??? Prem is really cute!!! I’m sure he is a human with some powers,,,as he was born when a pret aatma KAPIL?? had s*x? with a human being SANDHYA??,,,so he has the genes of a pret aatma and human(KAPIL+SANDHYA),,,so it is natural for Prem to have some powers which may not be activated yet and that is why this new character BHAO is behind him!!! So this story is about how Sandhya becomes a KAWACH of motherly love?‍?❤? for Prem. I wish there is also a re-entry of KAPIL during this sequence as PREM is his and SANDHYA’S BLOOD, so obviously there can be power of BLOOD to save PREM???. And Prem is really adorable?❤??,,, i’m sure he will be the next lead after SANDHYA-KAPIL-ANGAD’s story,,,where PREM is someone like ANSH of NAZAR with powers and to control his powers will land his lady love,,,his KAWACH??

  3. Thank goodness! Finally Sakshi’s character is over and done with.. .Without degrading her further ,the character is wrapped up and for a change it is not some tantric ritual that has brought down Sakshi to her knees but Sandhya with her compassion and kindness…The most selfish and conceited spirit that Sakshi was ,it is ironic that she left Sandhya’s body on her own …in her final moments she could see how kind and compassionate her twin is and left this world peacefully…today we could see a softer Sakshi who was completely different from her evil form..and I did feel bad for her….first her own father disowned her when she was an infant due to some superstitious beliefs…next her family was destroyed by blood thirsty sharks like Jolly & co…Don’t know whether I am right or wrong but I don’t feel any pity for Jolly’s vegetative state,but certainly he deserves it…but for Sandhya’s father it is not enough…Anyways with the exit of Sakshi and Kapil ,that chapter is over…Let us see who is this Bhao and what he has to do with Prem…

  4. Lisa,Prem somehow reminds me of Damien in Omen whose powers are waiting to be activated like Damien’s …Damien starts realising his true nature with the arrival of his gaunt and hollow eyed governess and my goodness ,that big ,evil looking dog… I love dogs but I hated that one ..I wonder what this Bhao would look like..may be fearful and threatening from Prem’s description…But the comparison stops there only..Prem is cute and adorable…..I love his monosyllables and the way he hides under the bed….AND Damien ,though cute looks wise,is evil personified …,there is something dangerous about this boy right from the beginning….especially that piercive look in his eyes and crooked smile on his lips..Harvey Spencer ,who was just six then did a great job to look like the son of Devil himself…but our Prem is a kind hearted child as he has the blood of a human and a spirit which was a human once….But I am sure this Bhao is some dangerous entity and wants to use Prem…Lisa,do you think that Kapil will come back as a grown up Prem ,once this Sandhya and Angad’s track is over…I hope so..

    1. Yes, i really hope that Lakshmi?,,,that our dashing Kapil?? should come back,,,Prem is really cute???,,,maybe he descended his good looks of his biological father KAPIL???,,,i really don’t know but i too had imagined KAPIL to be our grown up PREM’S FORM

  5. Prem is Child of Sakshi and Kapil… as simple we can say Sandhya is Surrogacy mother of Prem.

    1. No dear, in surrogacy, the biological mother’s ovum and biological father’s sperm are fertilized and implanted into Surrogate mother’s womb,,,so the Surrogate mother will have no genetic similarity with the child born,,,but here it was very clear on 4th August episode that Sandhya’s DNA matched Prem’s so Sandhya is biological mother of PREM?‍?

      Morever from the beginning all the religious priest in all the episodes were constantly describing that the pret aatma KAPIL?? wants to have s*x?? (do MILAN) with SANDHYA?,,,which was the main goal of KAPIL before all the mystery unfolded and KAPIL managed to have s*x and PREM was born who is now biologically KAPIL and SANDHYA’S son???.
      SAKSHI was PREM’S biological mother in his previous birth and became his adoptive mother when she kidnapped him,,she has no biological relation to PREM as KAPIL and SANDHYA
      So now BHAO is behind PREM because he has the blood of a human(SANDHYA) and a spirit (KAPIL) who was a human once, so naturally he got to have powers too??

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