Ishq Mein Marjawan ff #nextgeneration ep19

Richand Mansion

Vani is sitting on cot. Akash enters the room. He sees Vani sitting having a long veil. He sighs and goes to dressing table and removes garland and turban. He looks at Vani.

Akash- Are you fine? With all this dress up?

Vani removes her veil and takes a long breath.

Vani- Uff, I am out of my breath. I wanted to look good for my wedding but I didn’t guess this dress and ornaments would be this heavy. And weddings in India is so long.

Akash- Then why are you still sitting. Get changed.

Vani gets down and goes to Akash.

Vani- What do I say, those girls asked me to do this. They said it is some sort of rituals or something. I don’t understand these Indian ways, but I wanted to do for you. I thought you will like it.

Akash- But I care more about your comfort. Here, I brought something for you.

Akash hands over a package to Vani.

Akash- It’s a dress. Get changed.

Vani smiles and takes the package. She goes inside with it. She comes back after sometime and sees Akash has also changed into a casual dress.

Akash- Let’s go.

Vani- Where?

Akash- I was thinking today is our marriage day, it comes only once in life, why not enjoy it? So, I wanted to go on a long drive with you. What do you think?

Vani- long drive? How romantic.

Akash-  And also we will get a chance to know each other more. You know our marriage happened in haste. So we didn’t get much chance to know about each other.

Vani-OK, let’s go  then.

Akash smiles. They get out of the house and get in the car. Akash drives. They roam around.

Richand Mansion

Tara is throwing knives at a picture of Akash.

Tara- I still didn’t forget that insult that Abhimanyu did to me. I had taken revenge for that. I killed him by torturing him with knives this way. But now, that Akash, his face. It keeps reminding me of that Abhimanyu. He is like a thorn in neck. Once I get any information about him, or his so called sister Rhea or that Ruhi whom I am trying to find for so many years, he will see my real face. I will kill him just the way I killed Abhimanyu. He must know me, all his ways, talking style, everything says he knows me. But how come I don’t know him. Who are you, Akash? Who are you?

Tara’s whistle tune is playing. Tara angrily throws a knife directly on Akash’s forehead. She suddenly stops hearing a noise. She looks at the door and sees Sara, standing. A flower vase is lying beside her. She looks afraid. Tara keeps looking at her. She gets scared and runs away. Tara goes towards the board and takes down each knife. She smiles.

Vani has fallen asleep on the long drive. Akash has returns Richand Mansion with her. He gets out of the car, takes Vani in his arms and goes inside. He stops in the hall seeing a lot of people. Lakshya comes to them.

Lakshya- Vani? What happened to her?

Akash says in a low tone – Relax, she is sleeping. We went for a long drive. She got tired and slept. What happened here?

Lakshya- Oh, first get her inside, I will tell you.

Akash brings Vani in there room. He makes her lie down in bed and about to leave but stops. Vani is holding his hand in her sleep. Akash looks at Vani and then at the hand. Romantic song plays. He moves the hand slowly and gets out of the room. He comes to the hall and sees two boys taking a stretcher, there is a body covered with white cloth. Akash comes to Lakshya. He was talking to a constable.

Akash- Hey, what’s going on?

Lakshya- What do I tell you. There have been a murder.

Akash- Who?

Lakshya looks at him with puzzle eyes – Sara.

Akash- Sara, who?

Lakshya- Year, there is a caretaker, I mean used to be a caretaker in our house. Someone murdered her with knife, the killer was merciless. He stabbed the knife quite a lot time.

Akash- Or maybe a she, the killer.

He looks at Tara. She was standing at a corner from a long time. She was observing Akash’s reaction.

Lakshya- Well, we can tell that after the post mortem. If it was a man or a woman. There is a lot of guests here in the house, it could be anyone. You don’t worry.

Tara looks at Akash and thinks – I know that you know it’s my job, your face says so. It will be a fun to play with you.

Akash thinks in mind – Tara can never change. This poor girl must have got to know something. And she killed her so mercilessly. I have to keep Ruhi away from Tara. When she comes back from her trip at the weekend I will send her away from India. I just have to manage the money somehow.

Akash turns to go back but Lakshya stops him.

Lakshya- Akash, wait a second.

Akash turns- Hmm.

Lakshya- I am not a police for a long time but I can say this, whenever someone witness something like this, they give reaction, it’s different for everyone but they do give some reaction. But you, you were so calm. Have you seen these before?

Akash- Uh…

Tara looks at him and thinks- That’s my question also. I understand he knows me. But this shows he knows me closely, he have seen things like these before. Who is he?

Akash- It’s just I am in way too much shock that’s why I don’t know how to react. I just got married today, that even in haste. I couldn’t recover from that shock and now this.

Lakshya- Wait a sec, marrying my sis is a shock for you?

Akash puts his hand over Lakshya’s shoulder.

Akash- dude, marriage is shock for every man. When you get married you will know.

Lakshya smiles.-  You go, get some sleep. It must have been a tiring day. I am gonna ask some questions tomorrow morning.

Akash smiles and turns to leave. He thinks – That was a close one. I have to be more careful.

Sunny and Sophia are talking inside a tent.

Sunny- I am glad that nobody went to that side we had left Ruhi.

Sophia- Hmm.

Sunny- What? You sound depressed. Missing your friend?

Sophia- Seriously Sunny? You know I don’t like her much. She always just bosses around, gives orders, plays with emotions.

Sunny – I think that’s called playing pranks. It’s not that bad, you just need to know when to take the fun.

Sophia- Now you sound like a fan of Ruhi.

Sunny- Not a fan of Ruhi. Just the pranking thing. You know, I found it funny during the play, you know.

Sophia- With all those ghost sounds and lighting drama during the play? You found that funny for prank?

Sunny- Yeah, I mean a lot of girls were afraid, it was enough for a prank. And the most funny thing was everyone thought it was Ruhi’s doing.

Sophia- But that wasn’t our intentions.

Sunny- Well actually, that was our intention indeed, if anyone had doubted about those pranks, they would have suspect Ruhi. And also we wanted to distract Rehan from us.

Sophia- Yeah, he was on us from the very beginning. That’s why we kept our eyes on him. Yet we didn’t get a clue when Ruhi joined him against us.

Sunny- What we didn’t do to stop him. We tried to ruin the play so that he keeps busy in it, you tried to divert his mind to Ruhi so that he doesn’t doubt us, I locked him in the college room to prevent him from coming here, I asked Jai to leave without them, even I had made a scenario that there is a landslide.

Sophia- I think we had involved Ruhi too much in this. That’s why she joined hands with him.

Sunny- Forget her for now. What do you think? Does he know about us?

Sophia- There is no chance that Ruhi could have told him. But he does have a lot of proofs, we have got something from that tent, remember? I doubt he have more. If he doesn’t know about us right now, he can get to know about it in any time.

Sunny- You are right. We need to take care of him.

Sophia- But there is risks. We have to do everything very carefully. You know who he is.

Sunny- Hmm. I was thinking, what if we do what we have told Ruhi?

Sophia- Bus accident? But that was a lie. Do you even know how to do that?

Sunny smriks- Just see my work.

Sophia- Hey hey relax. We need to have a proper plan. Rehan isn’t easy to trap. He won’t be fooled easily. And only to get him out of our way, we can’t kill everyone.

Sunny- We are not going to kill everyone. We are not murderers. It’s going to be just a accident. And it will be just Rehan.

Sophia- Wow, what a plan! And who is gonna drive the bus?

Sunny- Rehan of course.

Sophia- And you sure he can drive a bus.

Sunny- You know it’s obvious that he knows more than just driving a bus. I won’t be surprised if he knows how to ride a helicopter.

Sophia- Ok, fine. I am not interested in Rehan’s praising. Let’s decide the details of the plan.

They keeps talking. A few times later they come out of there tent. At Rehan’s tent, Rehan is sleepless. He is thinking – Ruhi said they were planning a bus to for today. But I checked the bus with the driver. Nothing is wrong. So, they lied to her even when they knew she won’t understand and even if she does  she won’t get a chance to tell anyone. What’s there planning? They are thinking for something pretty big.

Someone enters his tent. Rehan senses. He jumped to catch the person but couldn’t. The person has already injected him something by the neck. Rehan tries to see the face but everything is dark. He gets unconscious.

Rehan wakes up. He finds himself in the middle of his tents where he fainted last night. He remembers everything. He jumps up and finds his belongings are gone. He searches his pocket and other places, but everything is empty. He comes outside and finds nobody. The sun is up in the sky. The tents are still there but no one is inside them. Everything is just the way it was last night, but as if the people have disappeared. He runs towards every tents only to find it empty. He puts his hands over his head and looks around. A noise comes from a side. He stops and looks at that direction and freezes. It Sunny, standing a little far from him, holding a gun towards him.

Sunny- Rise and shine, Rehan. I have been waiting for quite a long time to wake you up.

Rehan- Keep down the gun. We can talk in peace. It’s not necessary.

Sunny- Oh, but it is necessary. I know who you are. Yes, that’s right. I know your real identity. I know what you were doing in our college. Now let’s see if you know what is necessary for the rest of the crew.

Rehan- What have you done to them.

Sunny- I still haven’t done anything. But soon all of them will face the same fate that Ruhi faced.

Rehan- Ruhi? What did you do to her?

Sunny- We hadn’t any problem with her. We were expecting you. But we didn’t know that you are coward and have sent Ruhi for lookout. She get to know our secret. We had to do what we had to do. You couldn’t save her.

Rehan thinks- Oh thank God. I thought he has found her. But he is talking about the previous night.

Rehan- You..

Sunny- No, don’t be a idiotic. Everyone’s life is depending on your act.

Rehan thinks- Where he have taken everyone. I can’t take chances in this case. I have to listen to what he says.

Rehan- What do you want me to do?

Sunny-  Now you have come in the right line. You know, because of you and that Ruhi, I have faced a lot of loss. We came here for this trip in the first place cause I suggested and make sure we come here. Cause there is people of my gangs are here. I was about to take some important delivery. Which got ruined. Now, you are going to get it, the delivery.

Rehan thinks- I have to make him wait as long as possible. The police would be here in any moments.

Sunny signals him to go. Rehan looks at him and starts walking. Sunny follows him with the gun.

Ruhi in the cave is thinking – why have Rehan still didn’t come. If the police isn’t here. What if something is wrong?

Ruhi gets out of the cave and starts walking by the road.

Rehan enters in the bus. He takes the drivers seat. Sunny keeps the key infront of him. Rehan looks at him. He is still standing with the gun pointing at him in front of the door. He signals to take the key.

Sunny- Start driving. I will negotiate.

Rehan takes the keys and starts driving. After going a few way Sunny suddenly jumps from the bus Rehan gets shocked and tries to stop. But finds that the break is no longer working and the bus have gained much speed. Rehan tries to control the bus. Ruhi is walking by the road and stops hearing a sound. The noise was coming from down so she looks down and notices the breakfail bus. She gets scared seeing it. She suddenly notices Rehan through bus’s window. She gets shocked. Rehan lost control and bus bumps into a tree in the edge. The bus explodes. Ruhi screams – REHAN.

Next ep- Ruhi is at the accident spot and screaming Rehan’s name.

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