Part 48  22/08/2019


Days passed swiftly to weeks then to months. Shaurya and Mehak can never stay apart from each other. Every morning after his morning sprint Shaurya’s favorite place is kitchen where Mehak working on the breakfast. She knows his present at the kitchen but she ignore him as she prepare his morning smoothie. It was just another morning when she was cutting the fruits for his smoothie, Shaurya came into the kitchen after signing at Awara to guard the kitchen entrance as no one will enter. He leaned against the fridge and watch her as she was pushing her tendrils at the back. Her hair was bundled in towel as it was still wet. She took the cashew pieces to her mouth and started to chew them slowly. He tiptoed behind her as he wrapped his arms around her as he rested his chin on her shoulder. Mehak gasped as his sudden presence as she nudged him with her elbow.

Mehak: Shaurya what you doing? You entered the kitchen again early morning. Leave this place now, I need to finish preparing breakfast, maa and maasi will come for breakfast anytime.

Shaurya: Hmm, let them wait. You are mine remember? (As he squeeze her tightly and pressing her against the kitchen island nuzzling her nape as he plant a wet kiss there)

Mehak: (She jerked as feeling ticklish) Shaurya enough leave me, you are sweating. Finish your smoothie now and quickly shower come down. Are you listening or not?

Shaurya: Hmmmm…. Last night I was sweating heavily on the bed you didn’t complain but now you are complaining.

Mehak: Chee Shaurya what you talking early morning, you take your smoothie and leave now or else…

Shaurya: Or else what can you do tell me? Or Make me…

Mehak took the knife she was cutting the fruits pointing it under his chin as she try to put a brave face at him.

Shaurya: (Smiling seductively at her) Wow my sanskari wife is threatening to kill me because I want to romance her in the kitchen. But back in Amsterdam she herself will initiate romance everywhere she like and she didn’t stop me at all. Now when I want to romance at my own house she is not cooperating. Looks like I need to find someone to romance.

Mehak: Aeeyy… talk about romancing other woman I will chop you into pieces and feed Naughty okay. You are mine and only mine. Samjhe thum. Bewakoof kahinka.

Shaurya looking at his innocent wife who is angry at him he lifted her by her hip and placing her on the kitchen counter as he wrap her legs around his waist. She didn’t stop him but she loop her arms around his neck placing the knife back on the counter.

Shaurya: I am always yours and wants to remain as yours only, just wanted to tease you but never thought that you can get so angry and want to feed me to Naughty. I am glad you are feeling like this about me.

Mehak pouted at him as she let out blushing smile, she took the smoothie tumbler and feed him that. He look into her eyes as he drank that. Once done Mehak wiped his lips with her duppatta and place him a kiss on his nose tip.

Mehak: Can you please go and fresh up now. By now maa and maasi will be whispering to each other and every time they see me they are giggling. They must think that I am shameless daughter in law.

Shaurya: I don’t think maa and maasi gonna think like that. They are happy for us that we are like this. Anyway this is my house and I can’t stay away from you. Enough of the days I have stayed without you. Now you cannot say no to my demands as you are mine, only mine. (Pecking her lips)

Mehak: Okay baba now please go. Let me do my work.

He put her down off the counter. Mehak literally has to push him off till the kitchen entrance to chase him before removing the towel off from her hair and she finished preparing the breakfast and started to bring them to the dining table. Maa and maasi came to dining table and she helped them to serve the food. Vicky came to join the table. He greeted good morning to all and sat down as Mehak served him breakfast. Naughty came around her leg letting out a soft bark. She bring him to the patio as she place his food in the bowl and came back to dining table. Karuna maa insist her to sit down and start eat her breakfast but she wants to wait for Shaurya just then, she heard Shaurya calling her name from their room.

Maa: Beta you go and see why he is calling.

Maasi: Mehak beta you go we can serve our self before he screams your name again.

Mehak hesitantly left the dining area. She knows her redden feature must give them enough ideas, She heard Vicky giggle and she slowly went upstairs to see her scene creating husband as she wonders what is his excuse today.

Maasi: jiji our lalla has become typical husband material. Before go to work he is always calling for Mehak bahu for this and that. Poor girl even at kitchen we can’t go in to help her as he is there.

Maa: Leave them alone Dolly. It’s good to see them like this. Imagine how our home was last year. Shaurya hardly at home and keep himself busy with business and taking care of his in laws family. Now after the Amsterdam trip they both look lovely. So much in love between them. May Matarani keeps our children happy like this always. Enough of the sad dull moments in our life. I want to see Shaurya smiling heartily like this. Kisi ki nazar na lage (May there is no evil eyes on them). So Vicky at least now you tell us do you have someone in your mind or you want us to find someone for you. How long you going to be single?

Vicky : Buaji please don’t pull me in this marriage love etc. I had it once and it was so hard to handle. Finally I am free and easy taking care of business with bhaiya and happy. You are here, maasi is here bhaiya and bhabhi is here so I am good. But if in case I meet someone special I will definitely will bring her to see you first to get approval. I promise.

Maasi: Haan lalla. This time no mistake, we will see the girl before any marriage talks. (Peeping at the stairs) What is these two doing? Still haven’t come down yet.

Maa: Dolly keep quiet and eat. They are young now only sorted all misunderstandings, got so many things to talk to do, and why are you so worried. During your young age you don’t know is it what does husband and wife does. Quiet and eat.

Maasi dropped her head towards her plate and eat her food while Vicky and maa laughed at her as they continued eating.

Meanwhile at the room upstairs Mehak walked in the room and saw Shaurya with his trousers and shirt. His shirt was not buttoned up. She went to him and raise her eyebrows querying him what. He pointed at his shirt button. She blow some air at her face to cool down herself and went to the drawer to take out the sewing kit. She stepped in front of him as she place the replacement button to sew back into his shirt. Shaurya just stand there watching as both his arms enveloped around her waist plastering her on his body.

Mehak: I just don’t get it, when I put these shirts into the wardrobe they were all okay, but how come the buttons goes missing.

Shaurya: Because I pulled them off purposely. (Sniggered tone)

Mehak: Why do you do that Shaurya? Almost every day, every shirt’s buttons are missing. Are you crazy or what? Does anyone purposely pull their shirt button? Uufff, you are sometimes unpredictable. Name Shaurya Khanna, Delhi’s most successful business owner, at young age he created his own empire, celebrity chef bla bla bla bla. But here he is trying every other ways to flirt. Since morning, you have done your deeds at the kitchen, now back in the room. What is maa and maasi gonna think about us?

She done with the button and wants to keep sewing kit away but she was pulled back to him. She balanced herself as she rested her palms over his chest looking at him confused.

Shaurya: This idea is from your Ravi chachu. Though idea is old but its good way to see my beautiful hot wife closer to me before leaving to work or else I will need to wait till night to keep you closer to me. My whole day will be beautiful, I will be productive at work. My mood will be good and I won’t lose my temper at work and besides that I will finish all my work quickly and come home quickly to be with you.

Mehak: Aachaa so this is your reason for calling me here and coming to kitchen disturb me. Only you can think like this, now quickly dress up and come let’s go have breakfast. (Pushing his chest playfully)

Shaurya: Since you are already here why don’t you help me dressed up so we can go down to eat breakfast?

Mehak just shakes her head as she smiled at him. She knows her cheek color has rose up with his ministration. She always feel like this when he is near her or when he sees her. She started to button his shirt and did his tie and adjust the shirt collar. She helps him wear his coat and push him to the dresser asking him to do his hair. She quickly straight up her duppatta and pin her hair up properly as Shaurya took his office bag with him and guided her to go downstairs.

He greeted all morning as Mehak start to serve him breakfast just then Shaurya asked her sit down as he can help himself. She sat down and Shaurya placed the food on her plate. They started to eat their breakfast.

Maa: Shaurya its your responsibilities to make sure Mehak eats on time and rest well. She always working and never taking care of herself.

Shaurya: Don’t worry maa, I will take care of Mehak myself. She always busy taking care of others and forgot about her all the time.

They were enjoying the breakfast as Maa started another conversation.

Maa: Shaurya, can we do a pooja at our home. It’s been quite some time we had one in our home. Since you and Mehak has united and let’s do a pooja to thank Matarani. We can call Mehak’s family and some close ones too.

Shaurya didn’t hesitant as he can see Mehak is excited for the pooja and also for his mom’s happiness sake he agreed to have the pooja. Hearing him agreed to his mom’s suggestion made Mehak glee in happiness. Dolly and Mehak agreed to take charge of the arrangements and only prasad will be prepared at home and the rest of the food will be catered from White Chilies. Shaurya excused himself as he is getting late for his work and he assign Vicky to go to the Noida branch to check on the maintenance work and he was about to leave when Awara went to pick up the house phone as it rings. After few times saying hello and there were no reply he put back the phone and went back to the kitchen. Mehak was passing by the hall as the phone rings. Mehak took the phone to answer.

Mehak: Hello

Caller: (just inhale deep breath)

Mehak: Hello can you hear me? Who is this please?

Caller: (smirked as inhale breath)

Mehak: Look if you not going to talk I will hang up the call now. (Before she hangs up Shaurya enveloped her from behind and snatch the phone from her hand) She gasped as she mutter Shauryaa…

Shaurya: Hello. This is Mr Khanna who is this, speak up or else I will hang up. (He was nuzzling Mehak and rub his beard on her shoulder which made her to giggle out loudly and she warned him not to do anything but he just hmm at her)

Caller: (fumes in anger hearing their giggle hangs up the call)

Shaurya: Bekar aadmi, calling but don’t want to talk. (Putting back the phone into the place hugging Mehak as he plant a kiss on her cheek) Okay I better get going is going to be a long day, give me something which will energize me the whole day and run back quickly to you.

Mehak smiling at him as she kissed him at both of his cheeks and forehead and bidding him bye and whispered to him I will miss you, come soon to hug me tightly. He whispered back in her ears, don’t tell me all these now then I have to cancel my meetings sweetheart which made her blush heavily. Just then maa and maasi came to the living area.

Maasi: Who called beta?

Mehak: Don’t know maasi both of us asked but didn’t hear anything from the other side. Maybe wrong number.

Maasi: This has been going for very long time. We receive like this nuisance call almost every day, Awara tired of running to the phone and sometimes myself. Don’t know which useless person is calling but not speaking.  Okay Mehak beta come to the hall we will sit and discuss how to arrange for the pooja. We need to do shopping too for the items. So not much time left, come fast okay, (saying that she left from there to the hall)

Shaurya kissed one more at Mehak’s hair as he left the house. He gets into the car and ignited and wave bye to Mehak as she blow him flying kiss he winked at her as he drove off. As he driving pass some traffic lights he recalled when maasi said they were getting this nuisance calls for sometimes and something clicked in his mind, he dialed Awara’s number immediately.

Shaurya: Hello Awara, is anyone near you?

Awara: No sir, no one is here just me at kitchen the rest at the hall.

Shaurya: Maasi said we always receive this type nuisance calls for sometimes, can you remember since when this call started?

Awara: I can’t remember exactly sir but it was since you and mam went to Europe we started to receive this call. Why sir any problem?

Shaurya: (tapping his finger against the steering, he furrow his brows) Okay now you to go my study room, check near the phone there, you will see a small device please check the device. It’s a caller ID check all the number received and message me. Don’t tell this to anyone including Mehak. Okay please do now.

Awara: Ok sir I am going to your study room and will send to you now.

Shaurya hang up the call as he accelerates his car. His mind started to wander who’s the caller could be and when Awara mentioned it started after he and Mehak left to Europe puzzled him. He reached his client’s office as Awara’s message came. All numbers doesn’t look like local number. He quickly forward them to his private investigator and called him.

Shaurya: Hi Mr Shukla I have sent you some numbers please trace this numbers and call me later. I am going for meeting. Thank you

The meeting ended and Shaurya took leave as he sat in the car Mr Shukla called.

Shaurya: Yes Mr Shukla did you get any details about the numbers I give you earlier?

Mr Shukla: yes Mr Khanna. I have checked those numbers. It’s all from public phone booth located in Mumbai. What is interesting is that all from the same area. Do you know anyone from Mumbai sir?

Shaurya: Mr Shukla these numbers were from my caller id. I was informed by my family that everyday someone is calling and not speaking. This is happening since I left to Europe. Is someone watching my family? Mehak is at home and I don’t want anything to happen again. Get your people at Mumbai to investigate and do let me know the soonest.

Mr Shukla: Yes Mr Khanna I will instruct my team right away.

Shaurya reached his office and his PA Melissa came there greeting him. He went inside his room as she was busy narrating his schedules and meetings. He stopped her in middle.

Shaurya: Melissa, while I was away to Europe did anyone called here asking for me?

Melissa: Mr Khanna, I think there were once someone called asking for you and I said you are away. The person asked when you will be back and I informed that we can’t disclose this as this is your personal trip. Even the person asked where have you been, I didn’t disclose the location too but he sounded upset as he hang up the call. Why sir, any problem?

Shaurya: Ok you can go now, schedule my meeting after one hour. I need to do something now. (Saying that he sat on his seat and open his MacBook and quickly typing something frantically).

Melissa left from there after getting his instruction. While Shaurya was communicating with Mr Shukla and his team to get the details of the unknown caller who has been calling his home and also to his office. He knows something amiss as the call started only after him and Mehak left to Amsterdam. His worries increase as his thoughts rummaged about the incident at Jaipur. Sudden fear crept in him as he took his mobile and dialed Mehak’s number.

Mehak: Wow Janab, not even half day gone have you started to miss me? Just now you said you have meetings and discussion the whole day, how come you are calling me now?

Shaurya: (chuckled) well to call my beautiful s*xy wife I don’t need any reason, just that I thought about you so I called, what you doing, are you missing me?

Mehak: I am at home with maa and maasi listing down, guests list, menu, prasad, decoration, preparation etc. By the way for your kind information I am not missing you, I have been very busy (holding her laughter)

Shaurya: Liar, I can see here how you are holding your smile as you talking to me, your cheek must be warmed up by now as you blush heavily seeing my name on the phone.  Okay I got to go, see you in the evening.

Mehak: ok bye….. Shaurya (hesitantly) I miss you (with her soft tone)

Shaurya: Miss you too baby, see you in the evening.

Both hang up the call after that and Shaurya gets ready for his meetings putting aside the thoughts running in his mind. He asked Mr Shukla to get all details ASAP. Once his work done he rushed back home. Shaurya and Mehak spent the rest of the evening together near the swimming pool with Naughty laughing at his overloaded cuteness as he continue to impress them.




  1. thanks for nice update, will wait for next one, hopefully get to know about secret caller

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      Thank you Anja for your feedback, glad you like the chapter will continue soon have a blessed day ahead

  2. Wow!!! Exhilarating!!! Better late than never!! Finally I see your Latest ff on this page. The moment I log into this page my eyes keep searching for ff 48, 49, and so on…?. I so love their kitchen romance, hope this thing always continue. Coming to the unknown caller, I know who it is. So my guess was right!! Let his name unfold in the next chapter with some drama, action with climax where he tries to harm Mehek one more time out of frustration and this time our Shuarya comes to her rescue on time and caughts him red handed. Loads of love to you and blessings to your family. You don’t know you bringing smile on so many faces with your ff. Keep going girl!!!?
    -PS (Hopelessly Romantic)

    Today’s Song: Bheeegi si Bhaagi Si
    (Film – Rajneeti)

    ??Aayi meri subah hansti hansaati
    My morning came, all smiling

    Boli aa ke tere liye sandesa hai
    It came to me and said that there is a message for You

    Haan hai
    Yes, there is

    Jaagi aankhon ko bhi sapna milega
    Even the woken up eyes shall get a dream

    Koi khushi aane ka bhi andesha hai
    There’s an indication that some happiness might be coming

    Haan hai
    Yes, there is

    Gulaabi si subah, sharaabi si hawa
    The rosy morning, the intoxicating breeze

    Bheegi si bhaagi si, meri baazuon mein samaye
    Wet and outlawed, it comes into my embrace

    Jogi si jaagi si, koi prem dhun woh sunaye
    Like a Pandit (Holy/Learned man), woken up, she makes me hear a lovely tune

    Bheegi si bhaagi si, meri baazuon mein samaye
    Wet and outlawed, it comes into my embrace
    Jogi si jaagi si, koi Raam dhun woh sunaye

    Like a Pandit, woken up, she makes me hear a song of Lord Ram (Hindu Mythological God)

    Raahein waahein bolein baatein rumani
    The talks of the roads are silky smooth

    Aao baitho suno baatein kahaani hain
    Come, sit and listen to these talks, they are stories

    Haan hai
    Yes, they are

    Taazi taazi lagey humko rozana
    They seem fresh to me everyday

    Teri meri baatein yun to purani hain
    Even if Your talks are the same old

    Haan hai
    Yes, they are

    Khayaalon se pale ye zindagi chale
    Life moves on by feeding on the thoughts

    Bheegi si bhaagi si, meri baazuon mein samaye
    Wet and outlawed, it comes into my embrace

    Jogi si jaagi si, koi prem dhun woh sunaye
    Like a Pandit, woken up, she makes me hear a lovely tune

    Bheegi si bhaagi si, meri baazuon mein samaye
    Wet and outlawed, it comes into my embrace

    Jogi si jaagi si, koi Raam dhun woh sunaye
    Like a Pandit, woken up, she makes me hear a song of Lord Ram (Hindu Mythological God)

    Meri aankhon ki siyaahi piya deti hai gawaahi
    The ink lining (kohl) in my eyes is the witness of this

    Main pyaasi thi niraasi kyun paani ki suraahi
    I was thirsty, and was like an empty jug of water without hope

    Meri aankhon ki siyaahi piya deti hai gawaahi
    The ink lining in my eyes is the witness of this

    Tujhe dekha to khila hoon
    When I’ve seen You, I’ve blossomed

    Tere chaahat mein dhula hoon
    I’ve been washed in Your love

    Mile mandir mein khuda ju
    How we meet God in the temple (and embrace him)

    Main to tujh mein yun mila hoon
    I’ve met You in the same way

    Meri aankhon ki siyaahi piya deti hai gawaahi (x2)
    The ink lining in my eyes is the witness of this

    Dhoonde na ab koyi main khoya tu khoyi
    No one should find us now, I and You, we both are lost

    Bheegi si bhaagi si, meri baazuon mein samaye
    Wet and outlawed, it comes into my embrace

    Jogi si jaagi si, koi prem dhun woh sunaye
    Like a Pandit, woken up, she makes me hear a lovely tune

    Bheegi si bhaagi si, meri baazuon mein samaye
    Wet and outlawed, it comes into my embrace

    Jogi si jaagi si, koi Raam dhun woh sunaye
    Like a Pandit, woken up, she makes me hear a song of Lord Ram??

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