Spoilers 22nd August 2019

Tujhse Hai Raabta:

Kalyani faced an attack from Ketki. She gets saved. Ketki fails to kill Kalyani. Kalyani exposes Ketki’s truth to Malhar. She tells Malhar that Ketki is behind Atul’s disappearance. Kalyani tells that she had a doubt on Ketki and she gathered a proof against her as well. She shows the video to Malhar. Ketki is smart enough to fail Kalyani. Sampada is supporting Kalyani now. Ketki fools Malhar. He gets defending Ketki. Ketki makes Kalyani and Malhar fight. Anupriya and Sampada take a stand for Kalyani.

Jaat Na Poocho Prem Ki:

Pujan Pandey kidnaps Badal’s parents. Suman defends her dad. Badal points gun at Pujan. Suman scolds Badal. He slaps Suman in anger. Pujan asks Badal how dare he slap Suman. He is getting Suman married to Arjun. Badal ruins the happiness in the house. Badal tells Suman that her dad has kidnapped his family.

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