Nimki Vidhayak 22nd August 2019 Written Episode Update: Nimki gets to know about Sweeti’s child

Nimki Vidhayak 22nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nimki says I also want to meet elena and sweeti? Would you be there? He says no I would leave. Nimki says okay sorry. I am coming. Nimki coes to eat with Sweeti and elena. They enjoy dinner. Sweeti says nimki you shouldn’t have fought with Daya. he is dangerous. Nimki says so am I. Abhi says he will make your life hell. Nimki says I will do the same. Abhi says she is the same. Sweeti says nimki eat something. Nimki says I am on diet, I have to look good. Nimki says elena should I make you eat? She says no I am grown up now. Mummy makes me eat sometimes. Nimki says forgot me after finding mummy? Elena says see that photo of papa mummy’s honeymoon. Mummy was so cold. Elena says to Abhi should I tell nimki.. Abhi says no.
Mauha calls. Mono says I have to go to restroom.

Mono picks the call. Mauha says what is all this? Are you okay? She made you sit in protest. Mono says we got the house. Don’t call me often, I will call. Mauha says he will also leave me. She will take everything from me.
Everyone plays dumb charades. Elenna says we used t play it with nimki. Nimki says you forgot the first time we met? He says I remember the first time I met Sweeti. Elena’s turn. She touches Sweeti’s belly. Nimki says what movie is that? No one can guess. Nimki says pregnant.. Elena says it was so simple, hello brother. I was saying hi to my brother. Nimki says are you pregnant? Wow. This is such a good news. You didn’t tell me. SHe hugs sweeti. Nimki says why didn’t you tell me. Abhi says we just got to know. Sweeti says let me get sweets. Abhi goes after her. Nimki says I would be the aunt. I am so happy. Why didn’t you tell me. Nimki goes out.

Nimki is teary. She takes a selfie. Abhi comes to her. He says what are you doing. She says taking a selfie. I am famous now. Abhi says you can’t hide behind a black shade. I didn’t want to tell you. Nimki says I have moved on in life. Sweeti comes with sweets. Nimki says we can share one. Abi says you don’t share your pain with us, why would we share with you. Sweeti says let it be. Ahi says don’t take her side. You know she had been distant. She didn’t call us even after coming to Patna. Sweeti says he is right. Why are you running from her? For my happiness you want hhim to lose you? Nimki says I am looking for a reason to live. I want to be on my own. It’s nothing about you. Don’t you want me to be stable. I would come to you when I lose, then handle me like Sweeti. Abhi pats her shoulder. Nimki says we would meet often. We have to go.

Nimki recalls everything at night. She says sweeti is pregnant and I.. She recalls how her child died. Nimki says forgive me. I couldn’t save you. But trust me I wanted it. I want to tell you. You are always in my heart. You have left yourself in me. I feel like you’re still there. But I am a mother. I can never forget my child. That Annaro.. Nimki gets a call from Ismail. She says how are you? She says I am good. Ismail says wanted to tell you something. the haveli is being sold. Abhi told me he is doin this to get tettar out of jail.

Precap-Annaro says my Babbu will never leave your life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Nimki, the deceitful elf, you should have preferred hypocrisy over repentance. Your unborn child ‘pet me kaante ki tarah chubh raha tha’ (was pricking your womb like a thorn) , then why this crocodile’s tears over its loss (abortion)? You (also the makers) have only four options: 1) go through serious repentance and penance to purge your soul of your sins, or 2) face a fair legal prosecution and serve the sentence awarded, or 3) drown yourself, or 4) get killed by Babbu Singh (if he is alive) or by Diamond if Babbu is not alive (well we don’t know the where-about of Diamond so far), or be shot dead by any person of your ilk (remember Phoolan Devi, a dacoit turned into an MP, was shot dead by one Mr Rana?). The fourth option seems to be your ultimate destiny; after all, those who live by sword are perished by sword.

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