Part 21 Ankahee Ansunee Bateein Meri Dil Ki (AABMDK)

P/S : Dear readers, apologies for uploading this very late almost 2 months delayed. I was having writer’s block where my mind cant work on this ff at all and even I thought of dropping it, but I manage to write something, this is quite short not the long ones I usually update, and also there is something more intense kind of parts coming soon. I had an eye infection whereby I have to use eye drop every 15 minutes as my eyes are literally dry there are no tears even if I cry. I was going to and fro from specialist and was not allowed to face any gadgets and PC for sometimes but I do sneak here once in awhile. Thank you for all the support and wishes, do continue to give me the same support and have a great day ahead

Part 21 22/01/2019

The next morning was usual for the Khanna’s. Mehak swelling has reduced and she was very much back to herself and talking to Karuna maa at the dining table. Nehal’s sudden voice made all of them turned to see her. Mehak and Sonal asked her what she is doing here. Before Nehal reply them, Shaurya said, I asked her to come here as she is in on semester break and since you two are here so she won’t get bored that’s why. Karuna maa asked Nehal to stay as much as she wants and no one will say anything about it and now join them for breakfast. Mehak has prepared yummy Aloo paratha and the aroma made Mehak to pull a chair next to Sonal and sat down immediately to enjoy the breakfast.

The dining table filled with chirpy talks of Sharma girls along with Khanna’s elder ladies. Shaurya was just there being the spectator watching how Mehak face lit up and her eyes her lips moves when they are busy conversing.

Shaurya left for his work, the three girls were having great time, chit chatting with Karuna maa and Dolly maasi. For lunch preparation the trio went to kitchen giving Awara a break and started to prepare some delicious meals. By evening Vicky came home early as Nehal and Sonal called him saying their having fun and asked him to join them. Mohit who was on leave came there as well. All gathered at the lush green garden enjoying the tea time snack exchanging jokes and teasing one and another. Karuna maa and Dolly maasi laughed hearing Mohit’s joke.

Shaurya reached home and he saw no one in the living area and he heard the laughter sound from the garden and he headed there. There he saw his mom, maasi and brother along with the Sharma’s having fun and maasi ask Mohit to say funnier stuff. He stands near the door and watching them as Vicky too try his silly joke. Just then the sky roared lightning and Mehak quickly pushed Karuna maa’s wheel chair into the shed followed by maasi. As all stands under the shed as rain started to pour heavily, Mehak held her hand out feel the rain drops as she cupped them in her palms. Sonal and Nehal called her and she turned to see them. But these two stealthily throw the rainwater on her, she squeal at them but these two didn’t stop but pulled Mehak into the rain and the three started to swirl under the rain. Maasi started to scream asking them to stop and come inside as they will catch a cold but Karuna maa stopped said leave it Dolly let the kids to have fun, remember during our young days we all will wait for rain and get our self completely drenched  and do all kind of things when rains. This reminds me of my younger days. Vicky went near her and asked Bua you are not that old, you may join bhabhi and the others under the rain too. Karuna maa tapped gently on his cheek and said when I start walking back I will definitely play under the rain with all of you, not now. They all watched as the three girls having fun in the rain as Mehak kick the water puddle on Nehal and Sonal and runs away from them. Shaurya watches all these in silence at the door step. The way Mehak being a child drenched as her suit stucked on her body like second layer. Her wet hair dangling and her face with a never ending smile and laughter as she joins her sisters.  Her flawless skin glowed as it’s her inner beauty which shine through her eyes. Her smile is contagious which made others to smile along too.

Nehal held Mehak by waist not letting her go off the rain. Sonal screaming to her saying today is the day to have fun and she must have fun with all now as they missed all these fun moments. As the lightning strike Mehak shut her eyes tightly. Mohit sounded at them asking them to come inside as its lightening heavily. The trio ran into the house. Dolly maasi asked them to go and change quickly. They run upstairs to change. Rest of the evening was fun filled as all cracking silly jokes and the girls suggested to play anthakshari with all. The entire Khanna mansion’s mood was lifted up as there were nok jhoks and leg pulling. Shaurya was quietly watching all. He didn’t participate in the anthakshari excusing himself saying that he is not well versed with songs and all. But deep in his heart he wants to join them but something stopped him. His eyes was only on Mehak as her long hair keep falling on her face and she keep pushing them and tucking them behind her ears. The way her eyes lit up and her cheeks soften up it complimented her features. She was all simple but yet her innocent look and her cuteness is one thing which attracted Shaurya to her. He can’t decide when she is adorable either when she is angry, or she is happy or when someone say something embarrassing also her lips where she will pouted them in O shape. He is blessed that she came into his life but this distance the way how she ignores him drives him mad. NO one has ignored him but she did.   He wonders how long he has to maintain this good boy image or to earn her trust again. The thought that she is fine with everyone in the house from Awara to Bhagat the house security but she hardly speaks a word to him was really driving him mad. At times he wanted to carry her on his shoulder and confront her. He wants to know how long she will be mad with him for the thing he did or uttered in spur of moment. He was angry and behaved like a jerk, he failed as a husband instead of protecting her, he chased her out of the house but he is repenting for his mistake and he wants to make it up for all the lost moments. His male yearning for her touch it’s another thing. He wants to do all the forbidden thing and indulge her in every way he ever imagined.

His thoughts were interrupted when Nehal snapped at him. She asked him what he is thinking as they have been calling him for sometimes. He shakes his head and said nothing just about some work matters. Nehal asked di is going to make Golden latte do you want to have some, he immediately nodded his head. His mind again drifted to their initial days how they were chatting with each other about life matters and how this Golden latte connected them. Mehak came out from kitchen with the tray of the latte and she pass to all. As she was served all she stopped in front of him, his eyes was pasted on her face. She waited for him to take the mug from the tray but he didn’t move an inch. Seeing him without any movement, Mehak blinked her eyes few times wondering why is he like that. Sudden laughter noise break their trance. Shaurya quickly took the latte and mouthed thank you to her. She went to sit next to Karuna maa as she assist her to finish her milk and she helped her to her room, while maasi also retired to hers. Shaurya entered the room and saw Mehak standing in the doorway in her black satin night gown. Slowly she step aside giving him entrance to the room. He smirked as he looked at her cute face and moved past her brushing her shoulder which made her sway a bit she gasped a little as he did that. He went straight to the balcony making her rigid in the same position. She murmured badtameez kahinka as she turn to look at him and pouted angrily. She headed to her bed side and turned off the light and slept.

The next day morning Mehak was in kitchen preparing breakfast. She looks for the flour container it was not in the lower cabinet as she placed it the day before. She saw Awara walking into the kitchen and asked him where the flour container is and he scratched his head in confusion replying maybe he kept them on the top shelf and he said he will get it for her. But Mehak asked him to do his work and she will get it herself. She climbed on the kitchen stool and checking the top shelf for the flour container. She didn’t turn to see who is in the kitchen instead but she called for Awara to hold the container but she didn’t realize it was Shaurya who was standing at the kitchen as he was drinking his morning smoothie. Mehak called, how many times calling you, quickly come hold this container she ordered without looking back. Shaurya slowly take the step to her to get the container. As Mehak push the container into his hand. He hold the flour container safely waiting for her to get down from the kitchen counter. As she was getting off from the counter her hand accidently hit another container at the shelf which was not closed properly, the content fell from the container on Shaurya’s head which made him to shriek what the hell?

Mehak was shocked hearing his scream she lost balance and tripped from the counter and fell over him. Her eyes was clenched as she was still in the shock from the fall. She was unaware that she landed on someone instead the hard floor. She gently opens her eyes to see where she end up and was shocked to see she was she is safely on top of a male well-structured body. She quickly pull herself up from the position but due to the flour covered on the floor and herself she slipped and fell again on Shaurya.  When she fell again Shaurya let out a sound in pain. Ouch…. Mehak took her duppatta and adjusted herself and sat on him in straddling position. He looked at her and shakes off the flour off him. She asked him in confused tone what are you doing here? Shaurya taunted her, seriously is this you can say now Mehak? I was in the kitchen to have my smoothie saw you getting something from the shelf and was about to leave when you call me for help to hold the container, I helped you and you drop another container on me and made me into a mess. Mehak puffed in anger and her eyes throwing daggers at him, she quickly said I was assuming it was Awara bhaiya so I asked him to come and hold the container I didn’t know you were in the kitchen. Because of you I slipped and fell down and now I am in a mess she blamed him. Shaurya grimaced but he held his lip tightly said I am late for my work can you please let me go. She didn’t realize she is on him till she moved her face away from him and said who is stopping you please go. By then Nehal and Sonal came to kitchen and saw the scene both covered their face with their palm and said what you two are doing at kitchen? Please think about others in the house too. Mehak gets annoyed and yelled back at them saying what rubbish are you two talking about I slipped and fell from the shelf instead of pitying on me you two are talking nonsense. Shaurya manage to sign at Mehak that she is sitting on him and she looked at her awkward position and immediately moved away from him and covered her mouth in embarrassment. Shaurya gets up and dust off the flour as he looked at her in amusement. He held his hand to her and she reluctantly placed her palm on his hand and he pulled her up crashing her on his chest. He held her tightly by her waist in one hand whereas his other hand took the end of the duppatta toward her face and gently caressed to remove the flour sticking near her cheek as he does that his thumb lightly touched her lower lip and pulling it down gently. She was like a doll in his arm as he does that and she didn’t fight back. He was enjoying her helplessness in his arm without realizing his sister in laws and his maasi is watching them. Maasi loudly asked what is this mess in the kitchen which break their eye contact and Mehak pushed Shaurya away and straighten up she replied nothing maasi just that I was taking the flour and it fell and I fell too. Sorry about the mess I will clean up now. Maasi interrupted her and said bahu you go and fresh up and come we will clean up this and prepare breakfast too. You need to bring didi for her therapy remember, maasi reminded her and Mehak quickly dashed off from the kitchen to freshen up. Shaurya chuckled seeing her and slowly left the kitchen as the three ladies laughed quietly seeing both.

During breakfast session Mehak’s head was facing the plate only as she is really embarrassed and wonders how to face all in the table. Shaurya who came to join them sat down calmly as they serve him breakfast. He didn’t look at Mehak directly but whenever he talks to Vicky on something he looked at her by his eye corner. Nehal and Sonal whispering to her pulling her leg she replied them with her cute facial expression and warning them to be quite and eat. Seeing this Karuna maa asked what they three are talking secretly to share with them too so they all can have a good laughter as well. Hearing this Mehak quickly gets up and said I am done, maa let me get ready we need to go for our therapy today and she quickly rushed out from the dining table. Shaurya grinned lopsided as the two sisters covered their mouth as they laugh knowing the reason.

Mehak bring Karuna maa for her therapy once is done they return home, Nehal cheered her up saying that they were just teasing her and they will stop saying about the morning incident. Mehak gave her a look and said it’s okay just don’t remind me of that, had enough of this since morning. Vicky and Sonal came back early and Vicky said he have some passes to go watch live comedy show at the town, it’s the famous Kapil Sharma and his team in Delhi so he got the pass from his friends and Mehak was not keen to with them but Vicky made a sad face and manage to convince her. Later all four left to the live comedy show and Karuna maa asked them to have fun and eat dinner as well. Nehal was super excited and whispered to Sonal and Mehak, di’s in laws are super cool, where got mother in law’s these days asking their daughter in law to have fun and eat dinner outside too. Now if I want to marry any guy I will check his family too, Mehak and Sonal chuckled hearing her and they get into the car as Vicky drive out.

At the show, Mehak with others really enjoyed themselves as it was her first time watching live comedy. She always likes to watch Kapil Sharma and Dr Mashor Gulati in TV so watching them live was totally a different experience to her. Their steady stream of comic and how they recites the humorous scene with props, music and tricks to gain the audience attention and to keep them engage with them. The entire hall reverberated with the laughter sound and clapping. While enjoying the show, Vicky’s mobile vibrated and he took the mobile and went out to answer, it was from Shaurya. He said Bhai, bhabhi is really enjoying the live comedy show. It’s a good idea indeed, she seems to be totally happy as she is having fun. It was Shaurya’s idea to get the pass and he asked Vicky to bring them there. Since he saw Mehak seems like to watch that show in TV he wants her to watch it live. He was happy to hear that and before he hang up, he manage to say, if can please take a video of Mehak, Vicky chuckled and said Bhai don’t you think this is too much to ask, taking video. Shaurya get into serious tone and said either you send the video or I will have to cancel your leave application for next month. Vicky quickly said okay bhai will do it right away, please don’t cancel my leave. He quickly hang up and went inside the hall. He recorded Mehak along with Sonal and Nehal laughing. Mehak questioned him what is he doing and he replied want to upload in Instagram bhabhi that we came here to watch Kapil Sharma show. Then my post will be swamped with likes. The show ended and all four went for dinner, they chatted about the comedy show and Nehal interrupted wish jiju also followed us, he would have enjoyed it as well. Mehak smirked and said he only know how to be khadoos all the time, definitely he would have walked off in the middle as he don’t understand meaning of jokes or humor. Hearing her reply made Vicky to burst into laughter and said bhabhi you have understand my bhaiya very well. You love comedy and he is total opposite of you. Once they done with dinner all left to Khanna mansion.

At home there all sat together with Karuna maa and maasi conveying about the event and how much fun was it. Shaurya was watching all this from upstairs. He smiled quietly and feeling proud as his mission to make Mehak to happy is on track.

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