Love Everyone Like Yours – Episode 20

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Adi’s room, Adi takes RV’s mobile from his pocket and unlocked the mobile with his finger print. But there was no use in surfing it. Only contact number in his mobile is Adi and Zoya’s. No pics at all. Adiya look at each other without any hope.

Yuvi: let’s  interrogate him. He will blabber everything because he is inebriated.

Adi: alright,

Adi hold RV’S chin up.

Adi: where is my aunty?

Rv(blabbers): in my dad’s custody.

Adi: no…you are lying. She died 3 months ago. You are cheating us.

Rv(laughs): you are cheated but not only by me also by your jeju.

Adiya look puzzled.

Yuvi(slapped him): don’t try to cook up a story. Just tell whether she is alive or not.

RV: Yeah,she is alive. She escaped in our conspiracy.

Zoya: conspiracy?

Adi: do you know my aunt before you join our college?

RV: I happen to join your college only because i know your aunt.

Adi and Zoya confused.

Yuvi: tell us clearly or else we will go to police.

RV: are you trying to scare me my brother?

Yuvi(hits him): don’t dare to call me brother.

RV screams in pain.

RV: in the attempt of kill your uncle Krish, i met you Zoya, in your cousins marriage.

AdiYa(shocked): kill?

Adi hold his collar and hit him very hardly. Zoya pull Adi back.

Adi: he killed our parents Zoya.

Zoya: there is something big issue behind this Adi, let him tell everything.

Yuvi: wait, we intend to ask him something, he is blabbering something. We will cover it in video.

Adi: yeah, it will be a evidence to send him to prison.

Zoya: why you tried to kill our uncle?

RV: I don’t know.

Adi(shouts): don’t lie, then why you tried to kill him?

RV: I really don’t know. When i returned to India, my dad was in deep stress. I came to know that Krish was making trouble to my dad. My dad want him to be dead to shut his voice. I decided to help him because i can’t able to see  my dad in that condition. He is everything to me. So, i came to your cousins wedding to kill him along with you all. But i saw you there Zoya. I lost myself completely. You made me forgot everything. So, i changed my plan and killed Krish along with your parents. Until few days back, i don’t know that your aunt is alive. Your jeju kept her in his friend’s home and tried to track us. My dad kidnapped her from there.

Tears fall from Zoya’s eyes. Adi is in verge of tears. Yuvi tries to console them.

Yuvi: why you tried to put drugs in Adi’s wallet?

RV: Oh, you find out that also. Brilliant Yuvi.(Yuvi surprised how he know his name?) Because i want Zoya. But she is in love with Adi. If i prove to Zoya that Adi is drug addict she will hate him. Then, it will be easy for me to make her fall for me.

Zoya(shouts): did you think that small bottle of drug will separate us? I believe you completely. I share my happiness with you. You destroyed my trust. You deceiver.

Adi: so, for Zoya only you joined our college.

RV: of course.

Adi: Zoya give him that anesthetic.

Zoya: Adi, we should get back our mummy ji back.

Adi: of course, Zoya. He will help us in that.

RV: What? Never. I may blabber something to you. But my dad will kill her, if you don’t send her to theme park. Also, i should be safe.

Adi: i know how to get back her from your dad. Also, i won’t leave you both for your sin.

Zoya gave him anasthetic; he faints.

Yuvi: what we will do now? Laksh bro is here only. I think he is here to discuss about this issue only. We will go to him, he is a CBI.

Adi: no Yuvi, still we don’t know why he killed them? There is something big issue. My uncle never tried to struggle other. He is very kind hearted. We should know who is his dad, first?

Zoya: but Adi, we should find mummy ji first.

Adi: if my thinking is correct, his dad will contact me soon. Then, we will demand our aunty for that we may get chance to find his dad too.

Yuvi: you are correct Adi.

Krish room, Laksh  is going through some files.

Yash: have you find anything Laksh?

Laksh: not yet yaar.

Laksh takes another file, when he is about to open, his eyes caught up with another file with labelled Mrs. Bela Mahir Sehgal. Laksh is confused to see it there. He opens the file and shocked to see that result Bela is suffering from brain tumour. He confused too. Krish marked that file as important evidence.

Laksh: i think i got some clue.

Yash: really, what?

Laksh: i will explain you later, i need some clarification.

Yash: fine.

Laksh: i need to go now.

Yash: inform me, if you got any clue about ma.

Laksh nods and left.

Aditya room, as expected Adi got a call from unknown number. Adi picks it.

Voice: as i said before send Zoya to theme park now otherwise your chaachi

Adi(interrupt): you can’t even able to touch her hair.

Voice: you dare?

Adi: yeah, i dare. If you try to harm her, then your son Rajveer will go to prison. I have strong evidence against him for the murder of my parents. Also, against you too. Next second you will also with your son in prison.

Man starts sweating.

Adi: hereafter used to have hand kerchief all the time. You will sweat like this only.

Voice: you are lying. My son is safe.

Adi: contact me in video call, you will know your son’s condition.

Mysterious man contacted him through video call. He is shocked to see RV tied to chair. Adi waves his hand and said hi.

Man: don’t dare to touch my son.

Adi(sternly): then send my aunty to our house.

Man: okay ok, i will take her to the same theme park. You take my son there. I will give back your aunty

Adi: don’t dare to be over smart. I will come there after informing police only. If you didn’t bring my aunty, then i would handover your son to police without any option or else i will kill him too. Mind it.

Man: for me my son is more important than anything.

Adi: that’s good.

Adi and Yuvi take RV to the place that man mentioned. They planned to capture that man too. Because that place will be crowded,so he won’t dare to do anything wrong. They reached there. They saw a man standing with Madhu. Yuvi sprayed water on RV’S face. He opens his eyes. Adi demands to send Madhu first. That man send her. Adi hugs her. Tears fall from both eyes. Adi first make her sit in car safely. Then, Yuvi and Adi tries to catch that person. But before that RV push them hardly; Adi falls on the nearby sharp stone and it starts bleeding. Before Yuvi tries to hold him, he escaped with that man. Madhu rush to Adi.


Ragini: did you notice Yuvi?

Swara: yeah, his face glow like anything. I think

Ragini: Mahi accepted him.

Swara: exactly.

Sanskar enters the room.

Sanskar: what? Yuvi loves Mahi. Is she Noor’s cousin sister?

Ragini: yeah jeju, he is madly in love with her. Why? You don’t know ah?

Sanskar: who cares to share this with me and all? For him Bela bhabi and Swara are more important than his brothers.

Ragini chuckles.

Swara: it’s not like that Sanskar. He loves you and Mahir jeju more than us. But you guys not have time to spend with him. So, he is very close to us.

They here Laksh’s voice down. Laksh is not ready to ask them anything, first he wish to speak with Bela.

Laksh(lied): i came to see Bela bhabi and to take Ragini with me.

Sumi: beta, they went to hospital for check up.

Janaki: also, let Ragini stay here for few days with me.

Laksh looks at Ragini. He wish to take her but over all his job came infront of him.

Laksh: Ragini’s wish ma.

Ragini: Laksh are you busy with work?

Laksh nods sadly.

Ragini: then i will come home. Probably Vish didi also busy with you. Then who will take care of you all there. Ma, i will come next week.

Janaki feels happy to see Ragini matured. Then Raglak left to their home.


Behir came out of obstetrician room . They accidentally see Yuvi standing near ICU. They went near to him and enquired him. Yuvi shows him Madhu who is in tears. Both shocked to see her alive.

Bela: she is doctor Krish’s wife na. But how she is alive?

Yuvi: how do you know bhabi?

Bela: i saw her family photo in doctor Krish’s room. Also, we went to their final rites.

Yuvi explained Bela what happened to her? And how Adi and he rescued her. Meanwhile Zoya comes there with tears. She hugs Madhu.

Zoya: Yuvi, what happened to Adi?

Yuvi: nothing to worry Zoya, just a injury in head and little blood loss. He is alright now.

Here Bela thinks i was correct that they are murdered. I should meet Vish now. Mahir knows what Bela is thinking and he too wish to tell what they know about Krish and the hospital in which he worked to Ajivish and Laksh. It may help them in that case.

– to be continued.



  1. Nice and suspense episode mast!!!!!?????

  2. It was awesome…finally madhu was rescued…poor adi he got injured..may he get well soon..the park scene was emotional…and shocked to know that Bela has brain tumour..what will mahir’s reaction when he came to know this …he is waiting for his little one …post the next soon… eagerly waiting yaar..

  3. Jasminerahul

    shocking that rajveer killed everyone on his dad’s order.wonder why his dad had enmity with krish. like yuvi wonders how did rajveer know his name?shocking that rajveer joined the college only for zoya. sad that rajveer escaped with his dad.poor adi too hurt becsuse of them.bela recognised madhu.bela’s brain tumour is shocking.but did bela meet krish during her treatment or is the disease being diagnosed recently n bela is not aware of it?missed pics

  4. Ohh so it was rajveer who did it , poor adi got hurt ???? ahh but happy that they got Madhu back ??? now everything will be normal I mean adiya romance ??

  5. SunilSneha

    Hi Anuva…… Sorry I was little busy with my continuous tests…. So i was not able to read FF…. Really suspenseful Episode… And Shocked to hear that Bela has Brain tumor

    1. Anuva

      No issues dear… concentrate on your exams… you still have time to read FFs after your exams… good luck dear…

    2. SunilSneha

      Thank you…….

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