AvNeil Horror Ff: Ghost Girlfriend (10~Videos+More Poems)

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Neil played the first video from the camcorder which was at the bottom of the list. It showed:

Avni was singing a song while playing piano.

? Pal ek pal,
Main hee tham sa gaya
Tu haath mein,
Haath joh day gaya
Chalu main, Jahaan jaaye.. tu,
Dayein mein terey, Baayein.. tu,
Hu rut main havayen tu.. Saathia !

Hasu main, jab bhi, gaaye tu..
Roun main, murjhaye tu..
Bheegu main, barsaaye tu..Saathia !

Neil felt touched by the song, he felt as if it was sung for him only and the video was waiting to be found by him.

?Saaya mera hey..Teri shakal
Haal hey aisa ..Kuch aaj kal !

Subhaa main hu,
Tu dhupp hai
Main aayena hu,
Tu roop hai
Yeh tera saath khub hai,
Humsafar !

Avni sang smiling directly at the camera.

Neil felt as if he was talking to her on video call and she was singing for him only but sadly it was just a recording and not a video call. Avni’s voice distracted him from his thoughts.

?Tu ishq kay,
Saarey rang dey gaya
Phirr kheech kay
Apne sang.. lae gaya

Kahi pey kho jaayein chal
Jahaan yeh rukk jaayein pal
Kabhie na phir, aaye.. kal, Saathia !

Ek maangey agar,
Sau (100) khuaab du..
Tu rahein khush,
Men aabadh hu..

Tu sabh say, judaahjudaah sa hey
Tu apni tarahtarah sa hey
Mujhay laghta nahin,
Hai tu doosra aah..

Pal ek pal,
Main hee tham sa geya
Tu haath mein,
Haath joh day geya chalu main,
Jahaan jaa aye.. tu,
Dayein mein terey,
Baayein aye.. tu,
Hu rut main havayen tu.. Saathia !

Hasu main, jab bhi, gaaye tu..
Royu main, murjha ae tu..
Bheegu main, barsaa ae tu..Saa..thia !
Hon Ohnn.. hum…

Neil smiled as she ended the song.

“Very nice, brilliant, you’re a great singer Avni, your voice makes me feel special,” Vyom said keeping the camera on the piano and hugged her from behind nuzzling in her hair, she blushed as he kissed her cheek and he ended the video.

Neil’s smile dropped seeing him in the video and he played the other video. All were the same, Avni was singing different songs and Vyom praised her in the end. Just two videos were left to be played and just when he was about to click on it.

But then he disconnected the video camera from the laptop and he kept the it at a side and signed into his Facebook account named as Neil Khanna and searched for Vyom Bedi. He saw that there was only one Vyom Bedi and went on the profile to stalk him. His info said that he is single. He scrolled down and saw his photo with a girl. It was some other girl and not Avni. He clicked on the photo and kept the mouse on her face.

A square appeared on her face revealing her name to be Sharanya Bisht. “Baap re, I hope that she’s not her girlfriend.” Neil scrolled further and then in one photo he was kissing her. “It means she is his blo*dy girlfriend, huff, didn’t he got relief by taking one life that he’s taking other life too? I will get proofs against Vyom and destroy his love life.” He signed out and video called Nandini. She received it after sometime. Neil adjusted the webcam and began to talk. “Hi Nanz, missed me?” He asked smilingly and she nodded smiling sadly.

“Well, the ghost girl didn’t trouble you, did she? All okay, right?” she asked. “Everything is fine Nanz, infact that ghost girl is rather a good ghost, she doesn’t troubles anyone, she is the troubled soul,” he told her and narrated everything to her besides her name. “Poor girl, but do you know her name?” Nandini asked. “Yes, and you will be damn shocked after you hear the name as she was none other than your friend, Avni Sharma.” Nandini blinked back tears. “Avni Sharma? How can it be?” Nandini asked. “She’s the one, and I found out that she’s your friend by her photo album.”

Nandini looked down as tears dripped from her eyes. “God takes away good people so soon, it’s so unfair bhaiyu,” she said wiping her tears. “She committed suicide, she had an abusive marriage and..” Neil’s voice trailed off. “And what?” Nandini asked and sobbed. “And she got raped, but I don’t know if it was by her husband or by some third person.” Nandini sobbed. “It’s all a lie bhaiya, tell me that it’s a lie,” Nandini said. “It’s not a lie, she is seriously dead, wait I will show you her photo as well.”

He got off the bed and went outside the room, he picked her garland photo and went back to his room. He showed her the photo. “She was your friend, no?” he asked and she nodded. “She is the one,” Nandini said cryingly and sobbed. “I will talk later.” She ended the call and Neil looked for other clues as well and decided to watch the two remaining videos later. He looked inside her cupboard for some more clues and found a notebook labeled as Hindi Shayari. I flipped it to the first poem titled as Aey chaand suno kuchh baat kaho. It said:

Aey chaand suno kuchh baat kaho
Teri baat chalay meri raat katay
Baat karo us basti ki
Baadal, baarish or masti ki
Ya baat karo us bandhan ki
Pyaar, choori or kangan ki
Jinhay tum bhi socha kartay ho
Khwabon mein pooja kartay ho
Ya hawa mein urrtay aanchal ki
Jo jab lehraye kuchh yaad dilaye
Tera chain churaaye teri neend uraye
Tum mujhse kaho kuchh baat karo
Teri baat chalay meri raat katay

Listen oh moon, should I say something?
Your talk goes on and my night will go on,
That about that settlement,
About clouds, rain and fun,
Or talk about that relationship,
About love, bangle and bracelet,
About which you also think,
Which you also worship in your dreams,
Or about the scarf that flies in the air,
And whenever it flies, it makes you remember something,
And takes away your senses and your sleep,
Say something to me, talk to me,
Your talk will go on and my night will go ln]

In the margin line, there was a doodle drawing of a couple who was married. Neil was overwhelmed by her poem. “It simply means that for Avni, Vyom was her moon and she was very happy after she had married him. Next poem’s title was Kahani 2 Dilo’n ki: It takes two hearts. The poem said:

Haath mein haath unka yoon aaya,
Zindagi mere haath lag gayi ho jaisay

His hand came in my hand in such a way,
It felt as if I got life]

In the margin line, there was again a doodle drawing of couple having food together. “Vyom was her life.” He flipped to another page, the poem’s title was Your love gives me wings. The poem said:

Dil mein kisi ke raah kiye jaraha hoon main,
Kitna haseen gunaah kiye jaraha hoon main.

I am making my way in someone’s heart,
I am doing a very beautiful sin]

In the margin line, there was a doodle drawing of a couple with the girl pregnant. “She wasn’t basically pregnant but was dreaming to be pregnant else she wouldn’t have committed suicide.” He flipped to another page, the poem’s title was This Is How I Love You. It said:

Tum milay ho to sab aisa hai jaisay,
Ailaan jannat ka ho gunehgaar ke liye.

Since I got you, everything is such as if,
A heaven is declared for someone very sinful]

In the margin line, there was again a doodle drawing of a couple holding hands but the girl’s face was scribbled. “Why is her face scribbled?” He said and then flipped to another page. The poem’s title was Why Does Love Has To Be So Cruel? It said:

Usay kehna ke palkon pe na taanay khwaab ke jhalar,
Samandar ke kinaaray Ghar bana kar kuchh nahi milta,
Faqat usi se karta Hoon main sari raaz ki baatein,
Har ek ko daastaan e Dil suna kar kuchh nahi milta,
Mujhay aksar sitaaron se yahi aawaz ati hai,
Kisi ke hijr mein neendein gawa kar kuchh nahi milta,
Jigar hojayega chhalni, yeh aankhein khoon royein gi,
Wafa befaiz logon se nibha kar kuchh nahi milta.

Tell him not to tie many dreams on eyelashes,
Making a house at the sea coast won’t give anything in return,
I share every personal thing with him only,
Telling everyone the story of heart doesn’t do any good,
I often get to listen a voice from the stars,
Losing your sleep to take care of someone else doesn’t gives anything in return,
Heart will become ashes, this eyes will cry the tears of blood,
Doing faith with unfaithful people will do no good in return]

In the margin line, there was a doodle drawing but this time there was no boy, only the girl was there and she was crying. “Poor baby.” He flipped to another page. The poem was titled as “Come Back.” It said:

Udaas shaamein, ujaar rastey, kabhi bulaein to laut ana,
Main kisi ki aankhon mein raat jaagun ke azaab aaein to laut ana.
Abhi nayi wadiyon, naye manzaro mein rehlo magar meri jaan,
Yeh sab ek ek kar ke jab tum ko chhor jaein to laut ana.
Jab shaam dhalte he apni panah gaahon mein laut’te hain,
Agar vo panchhi kabhi koi daastaan sunaein to laut ana.
Naye zamane ko kurb orrhay, zayeef lamhe, nidhaal yaadein,
Tumhare khwabon k band kamre mein laut aaein to laut ana.
Agar andhero mein tumko bhool jaein tumhare saathi,
Or apni khaatir he apne apne diye jalaein to laut ana.
Main rozz hawa pe likh likh k yeh teri jaanib bhejta hoon,
Ke achche mausam tumhare phoolon pe jhilmilaein to laut ana.
Meri vo baatein jin pe be-ikhteyaar hassta tha tu khilkhila kr,
Bichharne wali meri vo baatein kabhi rulaaein to laut ana.

Unhappy evening, untouched way, come back, come back,
I have come back in the eyes of someone in the night’s torment.
Now live in new rivers, new scenes, but my love,
Come back when they all leave you one by one,
When at evening, they return back to their settlement,
If ever that love birds tell you a tale so then come back,
The time has come to the end, the weak moment, the memories,
When they come back to the closed room of your dreams so then, come back.
If your friends forget you in the darkness,
And if they light their candles for their ownselves so then, come back,
I always write on air and send it to your direction,
That if good season comes on your flowers so then, come back,
My talks on which you used to laugh uncontrollably,
If ever those talks of mine about losing each other makes you cry so then, come back]

In the margin line there was a doodle drawing of boy leaving the girl. “This simply means that after seeing Vyom’s changed behavior, she wanted the old Vyom back.” He flipped to another page. The poem was titled as Lost Love. It said:

Us se pyaar hua jise hum kabhi pa na sake,
Jiski baato ko hum kabhi bhula na sake,
Dil lagaya or laga k torr diya ussne,
Jise bhulana chaha par hum kabhi bhula na sake,
Apni kasam de kr usne hume majboor krdia,
Hume khush rakhne k liye khudse door krdia,
Humari chahat ko usne kabhi samjha hi nahi,
Or hum thay k unke liye apno ko he chhor dia.

I fell for someone who I couldn’t ever get,
Whose talks I couldn’t ever forget,
He attached my heart with his heart and then broke it,
Whom I tried to forget but couldn’t forget,
Making me swear on him, he made me weak,
To make me happy, he distanced from me,
He never got to understand my love,
And I was such that I left my family for him]

“Vyom is such a..” his voice trailed off and he shook his head in disbelief and flipped to another page.

Tumhe har waqt woh guzra zamana yad ayega,
Na hongay hum to yeh hassna hasana yad ayega.
Bahane jab koi karega tumse phir na Milne k,
Tumhe phir ek ek apna bahana yad ayega.
Kabhi jab torr daley ga koi waade mohabbat ke,
Tumhe meri mohabbat ka zamana yad ayega.
Galey mil kr humein rukhsat kia tha aapne jis dum,
Tumhe humara vo aansu bahana yad ayega.
Manayega na jab koi tumhe yoon rooth Jane pr,
To apna roothna mera manana yad ayega.

You will always keep recalling the past moments,
When I won’t be there, you will recall our laughter and making each other laugh,
When someone will give excuses for no meeting you,
Then you will recall your own excuses,
When someone will break the promises made by love,
You will then recall our time of love,
When you said goodbye to me by hugging me,
You will recall my tears as well,
When you will be sad and no one will make you happy,
So then you will recall your own sadness and me making you happy]

“Why didn’t he fall for her? Why he turned cruel to her? How can someone not love a girl like Avni?” He asked himself flipping to another page.

Khushiyan Meri Hasrat Meri Chahat Ko Bhula Kar
Us Ne Faqat Mujh Ko Badnaam Kia Hai
Samjha Tha Jise Mene Hi Belaus Muhabbat
Nafrat Se Bhara Dil Pe Mere Waar Kia Hai
Auron Se Kya Shikayat Ya Karte Gila Koi
Apno Ne Hi Mere Haal Ko Behaal Kia Hai…

The poem was titled as That Wonderful Feeling Again. It said:

Koi umeed barr nahi aati,
Koi soorat Nazar nahi aati,
Maut ka ek din muayyan hai,
Neend kyun raat bhar nahi aati?
Aagay aati thi haal e Dil pe hassi,
Ab kisi baat par nahi aati,
Jaanta Hoon sawaab e taa’at o zahad,
Par tabeyat idhar nahi aati,
Hai kuchh aisi hi baat jo chup hoon,
Warna Kya baat kar nahi aati?
Kyun na cheekhun ke yaad kartay hain?
Meri aawaz gar nahi aati,
Daagh e Dil gar Nazar nahi aata,
Boo bhi aey chaaraaghar! Nahi aati,
Martay Hain aarzu mein marnay ki,
Maut aati hai par nahi aati,
Khuda ke aagay kis munh se jaogaymajnu
Sharam tumko magar nahi aati.

No hope comes my way,
No visage shows itself to me,
That death will come one day is definite,
Then why does sleep evade me all night?
I used to laugh at the state of my heart,
Now no one thing brings a smile,
Though I know the reward of religious devotion,
My attention doesn’t go in that direction,
It is for these reasons that I am quiet,
If not, would I not converse with you?
Why should I not remember you?
Even if you cannot hear my lament,
You don’t see the anguish in my heart,
O healer, the scent of my pain eludes you,
I am now at that point,
That even I don’t know myself,
I die in the hope of dying,
Death arrives and then never arrives,
How will you face God, oh lover,
When shame doesn’t come to you]

In the margin, there was a drawing of a girl lying in coffin and that was the end of the poems. Neil’s eyes cried more tears reading the Hindi poems. “I so miss you Avni, I wish I could change the past but unfortunately I can’t.” He said and decided to view the remaining videos.

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