Part 11 10/08/2018

It was another morning again Mehak woke up and saw herself at the couch with blanket and pillow. She understand who would have done it. She gets up quickly and saw the main door of the cottage is opened she wears her footwear and walked slowly to see. Fresh thick morning mist covered the area and it smells earthy due to the rain last night. Good morning sweet heart the sudden voice made her breathe hitched. Shaurya sat on the wooden bench at the porch having morning coffee. She looked at him. He smiled and asked did I scare you? Mehak made a pout and ignored him she went back into the house, walking slowly to the room. She saw her face on the mirror she tie her hair up into a bun, she splash some water on her face and see her face on the mirror she remembered the last night event where she attempt to run away from the cottage she got lost in the thick forest and by the time she thought she was walking away from the cottage she end up with Shaurya how he lifted her up and bring her back home and made her change and eat. She wiped her face and came out from the bathroom and saw hot chai was on the table. She took it and sat near her room window to sip them and look outside.

She missed the people at Manali although she lied to them they took care of her for the past 10 months like own people. Whatever it is Anu di will always comfort her, except that they don’t know she was married and she left home Anu di always ask her to move on with her life which Mehak refuse. Adi the little boy who she mostly spend her free time, he is hyper active and always running around which makes Mehak tired of running of chasing behind him. The small café where she works at Manali despite being nagging and bossy Kailash bhaiya is a wonderful human who always teach her to be tough and handle tough customers. She missed the life she lived peacefully although once in a while her past haunts her. Her family the Sharma’s were so much of love and live they care for her so much and they put her happiness as priority. That’s why when all the problem happens she don’t want to burden them anymore with her presence there. They will feel even bad compare to her. She don’t want to add on to their pain so she decided to leave all and takes their pain with her. She can suffer for all the pain inflicted on her own but she can’t afford to see her loved ones to suffer for her. The man who caused the ultimate pain now is outside the room must be preparing breakfast as if nothing happens between them. The old memories came before her eyes how she run and hit on his well-built chest when she heard he met accident and she said those magic words to him I love you Shaurya and his face glow in happiness. Their first half marriage, their Holi celebration where he adamant about applying colors on her as he have the rights to put it first. How both danced and end up in the bath tub where both losing each other when they were in inebriated state. How both met sneakingly at night. When Ajay stabbed her how he taken care of her and later become mad about her and very protective towards her till all incident from the romance in hut at Agra.

Her deep thoughts were interrupted when she heard loud shriek from the kitchen, she left the chai cup and run out of the room to see what happen. It was Shaurya he accidently cut his finger when he was cutting vegetables, Mehak forgot about all the past and came rushing to his aid, she pull his hand to see the wound and scolded him can’t you be careful when cutting with knife. Look how much blood coming and she pull him towards the kitchen sink to wash off the blood. He looked at her in disbelief as she was standing close to her attending to his wounds as all their differences as if vanished in thin air. Last night she was the same person who knocked him out and made her way to escape from him. Today the moment she heard his in pain she is standing in front of him attending to his wound. She was scolding him as wipe off the blood and check around the kitchen for turmeric she found it in one of the cabinet she take a pinch of it and rub it slowly on the wound he twitched as it burns but still his eyes locked on her. This is how his Mehak will treat him if he is injured. She blow it slowly he felt good when her warm breath hits his skin. She keep blowing them and tears her duppatta to tie as bandage on his wound and looked at him as he didn’t say anything. His gaze was still on her. She looked at his eyes it speaks about something but she is kind of nervous to know his feelings as wants she find his feelings then there is no way for her.

She let go of his hand instantaneously and looked away. He scoffs at her and kissed the bandage she made on his finger. He bend his head so close to her ears his lips touched her hair and his warm breath brushed her skin in his sensual voice he said go and shower join for breakfast I am hungry. His husky tone made Mehak felt his warm breath near her ears and nodded as she walked away from him. She reached her room and locked the door immediately catching her breath and calm herself. She rushed into the bathroom and stand under the shower , she was thinking what happen to her, she was upset and angry with him and when he was hurt she reacted in split seconds, she attended to his wounds and his eyes it was different, it says something. She was standing under the warm shower in demented state. She calmed her scattered mind that she will react in same manner for any strangers too if they are hurt she will attend to them because she can’t afford to see anyone injured. She dressed up and closed her eyes and told herself that no matter what happens she need to be brave and handle that mental Khanna outside the room by herself she takes a deep breath and walks slowly out of the room. She went to the dining table adjacent to the kitchen and he was not there, he left a note there come to garden, she read it and made a funny face and walked outside the cottage.

She stepped gently on the lush green grass passing the rose bushes the fresh rose buds waiting to be bloomed. She reached the garden walk path she passed that and reached the classic wooden gazebo with a water fountain aside with many flowers with variety of colors and shapes planted in a row, Shaurya saw her walking slowly he smiled at her she didn’t show any sign in her face she stepped in and saw a wooden breakfast bench whereby Shaurya set the table with delicious array of breakfast. It was simple but the arrangement was good. He saw her wearing a light pink anarkali she looked beguiling in that she don’t need any makeup or wear any modern clothes as even in traditional clothes she made Shaurya’s heart skipped a beat.

She sat down on the bench and Shaurya sat before her. He served her the hot roti and the dhal together. She eat her food quietly Shaurya watched her as he eat his food, she keep her eyes away from him she looked everywhere but not him, he casually asked how is the food Mehak? She nodded slowly he started I want us to have our breakfast here in the open garden with gazebo with birds chirping colorful flowers seeing all these we will feel fresh he said in zest. She listened to him but didn’t make any eye contact with him. He asked do you want to have some chai, she nodded yes and he poured her a cup hot chai. Once in a while Shaurya steal a gaze at her as she sip her chai his heart fluttered seeing her so close to him but because of their issues there is distance In between them. He don’t know how to start the conversation he just wished at this moment all the differences between them vanished and they were like their usual self, he closed his eyes for a moment he sees Mehak giggling she was sitting on his lap as both feed each other how his hands won’t stay quiet a second as it will roam around her body tickling her caressing her, his day dreaming halt when there was noise he opened his eyes and see Mehak pushed her chair back and gets up to leave from there. He inhales a deep breath as she walks slowly in the garden.

He gets up from his place and watched her as her small waist moved gently. If given a chance he would have carried her and swirl her around in these beautiful weather but he needs to watch himself if he does anything stupid then she will be furious and that will add another toll on their current situation. He looked at the bandage she made earlier on his finger, she came closer to him when he injured and he don’t mind getting himself injured again and again to have her near to him.  He smiled victoriously and told himself Mehak you can be as angry as you want with me but you can’t hate me either because your heart is filled with love.

She found an old swing, she tied her duppatta securely and seated herself on the swing. She gently push herself till she go higher. Her long wavy hair tossed in the wind as the gush of wind blows her black tresses. The flowerbeds that surrounded the garden and the flowers fragrances did wonders to her senses. She felt happy as child and unbeknownst she smiled, Shaurya saw her smiling like a happy child after such a long time as she swings along in the wind. He closes his eyes and inhales a deep breath seeing this beautiful view for him compare to the flowers, the butterflies, the green lush plants are nothing compare to the angel which is playing in the swing with a little smile in her lips she is demure and purely angelic to him, his Mehak a sense of pride crept into him.

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