Preeran SS ; Realization Part 11

Arora house

Karan, Preeta, Sameer and Shrishti enjoys dinner together.

Sameer : fabulous, Preeta I must say your hands are magical, I wish some people take training from you (looks at Shrishti)

Shrishti plays with fork staring at him

Karan : beware tall pole this two are ruining our images

Shrishti : don’t worry sir I am ready (kicks on Sameer’s foot like football)

“Oouch” he shouts

Preeta : are you okay?

Sameer : nothing, just small ant was screeching in my legs, maybe there too many bugs here

Preeta : really? let me get the bug spray, I just got it yesterday

Shrishti spits water out from her mouth funnily and coughs.

Karan : are you okay?

Shrishti : Yea I am fine thank you

“Maybe she might have cursed somebody or anybody had made fun of her” Sameer and Preeta teases her

Shrishti : di, I am going from here, this shorty will help you clean everything, bye Sir

“Shrishti wait” Preeta tries to stop her

Karan : where are you going?

Preeta : none of your concern let me go, my sister is angry

Karan : you won’t go, hey shorty don’t you feel ashamed sitting here go pacify her

Sameer : me? (says nervously)

“No your ghost, do you see anybody else, get up and come with her only” Karan orders him strictly and kicks out of room

Preeta : what was that?

Karan : god why did you not give her some brain, were you so busy

Preeta : I am leaving from here

“By the way its your house not mine” Karan shouts loudly

Preeta stamps the kitchen vessels.

Karan : now why are you showering so much happiness on poor dishes

Preeta : I am very angry right now don’t make me more irritated okay

Karan : come with me

Preeta : no, I don’t want to

Karan lifts her upside down putting her hand around the neck.

Preeta ; what are you doing? leave me

Sameer goes upstairs to pacify his tall pole. Every time he enjoys teasing her but never goes to make her up.

Shrishti : I am not talking with you, every time I am being nice to you but nobody cares

“Who said nobody cares, you know i cannot see you in tears” makes her look at him

Shrishti : really? (holds his face) then say those words I am waiting for

“What” Sameer asks her

Shrishti turns around blushingly. In a moment she feels hands on her waist

“First you say” Sameer asks her

“I love “ Shrishti is about complete but runs away from there

Sameer too smiles rubbing his hair

Preeta : I knew they both were in love but again both are fools

Karan : now you understand, baby doll don’t you think we should do something, its not their cup of tea

Preeta : but before that just think will your family accept this relation, specially Kareena aunty you know she hates us

Karan : we will think about that later, first let us sort this two

“You know nobody will be happy than me if their marriage is fixed” Preeta gets emotional

Luthra house 

Sherlyn comes to Kareena’s room and gets ready to explode the bomb.

Kareena : Sherlyn look this necklace, I got one for you and Kritika

Sherlyn pretends to be upset

Kareena : what happened? why are you standing there

Sherlyn : aunty you know I could do anything for this family, I consider you all like my own

Kareena : of course I know thats why I chose you daughter in law of this family

Sherlyn : in that case its my duty to make sure nobody tries to take advantage of this family

Kareena : come to the point

“Aunty that Piyali, she is not from a big family in face you couldn’t even imagine where she is coming from” Sherlyn get in riddle

Kareena : what are you trying to say?

Sherlyn shows a video on youtube about Piyali’s dance in bar which is trending. Kareena gets shocked seeing it but that was not enough when Sherlyn shows picture of Piyali’s parents.

Sherlyn : mom told me how you have raised Kritika without uncle (fakes crying)

Kareena recalls her husband dying due to carelessness of Piyali’s mother Sheela operating him.

“Bhabhi, bhai where are you” Kareena calls them in hall room including the girls

Anu : now what drama will happen? (whispers to her sister)

Piyali : be quiet, aunty is everything okay

“Of course everything is fine, and I am sure it will remain same when you both are here” she taunts them

Rakhi : didi, whats wrong

Kareena : one second bhabhi you will know, but first I want to ask something to Piyali

Piyali (gets nervous) : sure aunty

Kareena : you never told us about your family, your parents so tell us, and what you do

Mahesh ; why this discussion right now?

Kareena : bhai please don’t interrupt me, every time Karan avoided this topic but not today I want to know, after all we should know what our daughter in law is

Piyali and Anu remains quiet

“What will you say, only if you had that status to stand in front of us, cheap bar dancer” Kareena blurts out

The family is shunned to hear the truth.

Kareena : bhai, they are daughter of same woman who ruined my whole life

The girls remain speechless

Piyali : aunty what are you saying?

“Its truth go ask your mom, first she gave us hope and then crashed under ground, whole world knows she was mentally ill, and only due to that my husband lost his life” Kareena blames their mother for her husband’s death

Piyali : aunty you are getting all wrong, I know our mom have not done it intentionally, she was good doctor

Kareena : good doctor my foot, a doctor’s responsibility is to give patient’s new life but your mom disgraced that profession, and why because my husband tried to unite your parents after their fight

Piyali recalls her dad behind very abusive towards their mom.

Mahesh : Piyali, we know you both are innocent and might not aware of your mom’s deed, but we have seen how Kareena has brought her daughter

Piyali : uncle ji, trust me there is some misunderstanding my mom can never do such thing, in face our dad was bad, he used to torture mom (starts weeping)

Kareena : show this crocodile tears to others not here, right now just get out of here

Piyali : lets go Anu

Anu : di, we cannot leave without meeting Karan Sir, he brought us here

“Because my Karan is very naive, he helps everybody, and your sister have showed her charm to trap him for money, I mean accept it let alone Karan, you think any middle class boy will look at a bar dancer no way” Kareena mocks Piyali’s character

Anu : enough not one more word or else I will forget my decency, even I can say because of you our mom lost her job, that was only her support in life, you snatched away that too, mark my words if god forbid Kritika di face something like this you will understand my sisters’ pain and tears

Piyali : didn’t you hear what I said? we are leaving right now

Kareena ; if you have little shame left then don’t ever let this ugly shadow fall on my house again

Anu : I don’t give a damn about your words and for your information Karan Sir called us her we didn’t come by ourself

Piyali takes her before things could out of control. While leaving she meets Rishab at doorstep who have not heard anything. She wipes her tears and leaves without uttering. Sherlyn smirks seeing their helpless

Rishab : mom, dad what is going? why did she left like this

Kareena ; nothing dear, just consider some dirt came in our house and left, but I can’t believe Karan’s choice

Rishab : can somebody tell me what is going on here and where is Karan

Rakhi goes back to her room followed by Rishab. She tells him to call Karan before revealing anything.

Rishab : his phone is not reachable

“Very sad, Kareena aunty should have not done this” Sherlyn laughs at Piyali’s tears

Anu : hello, Ms ugly, showing that teeth makes you look like real witch

Sherlyn : how dare you? after all this your arrogance have not broke

Anu : why should it? we have not done anything wrong and mind it we are only kicked out like this when your time will come even a beggar won’t spit on you (spits gum on her face) sorry I don’t like dirt in my mouth, I was looking for garbage

Piyali ; lets go from here

Sherlyn wipes her face angrily and decides to teach lesson to Anu badly.

Sherlyn : I will make you pay for this I swear Anu in such a way you will remember whole life who you messed with, I won’t let you both go easily without teaching lesson

On hill side 

Karan and Preeta takes rest from whole day thinking about uniting Sameer Shrishti.

Preeta : Karan you know what after all this drama is finished I am thinking we should all go somewhere for picnic

Karan : why are you so boring? not picnic but trip baby doll remember my promise

Preeta : of course I know, you will take me to international flight but only when you get selected for match, I feel so guilty still about that day

Karan : I hate to repeat things but I told you it was not your fault okay, that reminds me we have to keep an eye on Sherlyn (Calls piyali)

Preeta : what happened

Karan : this girl is not picking up my phone, never mind I will talk her at home

Preeta ; you know what we should take them for tour before they go back, that little girl is so smart than her age

Karan : I love her she is amazing (looks at his phone) oh my god 20 missed called from bhai, he will kill me come lets go

After dropping Preeta home, Karan heads back to his house. He looks for both girls but could not find them

Karan : bhai you called me? did you see Piyali

Rishab and Rakhi looks at him with so many questions.

Karan : why are you staring at me like this? i only asked simple question

Rishab : really? who is Piyali? your friend, fiancé or something else

Karan : what are you talking about?

Rishab : you very well know what I am asking, I can’t believe you lied at this extent, that girl is not your fiancé or girlfriend

Karan gets nervous hearing it

Rakhi ; I always thought Karan, you are childish but still sensible, you understand a girl’s feelings because you also have sister and we gave you good values but today that illusion also broke (gets furious on him)

Karan : I know I lied but what’s wrong

Rakhi : you are asking that question? today whatever happened with Piyali you are equally responsible neither you had brought her here, nor Kareena id’s old wound opened or that girl’s character could be questioned

Rakhi reveals whole drama to boys shocking them to the core

Karan : but how can bua do this? she came here at my trust

Rishab : exactly, she came on your guarantee but for first time a girl has been tarnished due to your childlessness

Karan : bhai how can you say this?

Rishab : enough go back to your room, right now I am coming

Karan ; but bhai

Rishab : I said leave right now

Karan goes

Rishab : mom you don’t worry I will handle him properly, just take rest okay

Rakhi : i am only worried for those two girls, whats their fault in all this

Rishab blasts Karan for taking aggressive step without thinking consequence

Karan : bhai, how would I know that girl has some connection with bua

Rishab ; I am not blaming you for that but you didn’t share this plan with me either, I would have handled some other way but no you are grown up now right

Karan : you are getting me all wrong how should I explain you (looks a letter)

Rishab : she left it for you go read

Karan opens the letter

“Dear Karan, I know you will feel very sad that I am going like this without meeting me. Before leaving I wanted to thank you so much for bringing me here, I got so much love from your family, a sister like Preeta Shrishti. I know they both didn’t like me much but still you know its hard to find such people in life. You are very lucky to have them. I don’t know if we ever meet again but who knows this world is too small, maybe someday. And one more thing Anu have fixed camera in Sherlyns’ bracelet and the chip is on your desk. We don’t leave our work incomplete and I will pray god save your family from those monsters. Goodbye”

Precap : Sherlyn and Prithvi kidnaps Anu. Truth comes out finally on marriage venue.

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