Part 106 Mehrya My Version

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Part 106 21/12/2018

The next morning the preparation for the pooja was going on with full swing. Karuna maa and Harish papa made the house decoration into big time celebration moment with colorful flowers filled every nook and corner. Mehak wake up slightly late then her usual, she showered and wants to go down to help but Shaurya bring in her breakfast to their room and made her sit at the balcony seater to have it. She eats little but he pushed a few more spoons into her mouth and made her to empty the milk. She wants to go down to help others but Shaurya stopped her saying there are plenty of people to help around and not to bother herself. He asked her to dress up so they can go downstairs for the prayers. She nodded and went inside her room heading to their walk in wardrobe. She was taking one by one to see herself on the mirror and Shaurya saw her having trouble to choose a suit, he asked her whtr she needs his help, she mumbled yes if you don’t mind, and took a light blue suit for her, and she saw he has something similar to that and asked him to wear that too. Both dressed up and Mehak was on the dresser doing her hair after applying a light makeup, someone knocked the room door, she went to get it. It was Karuna maa. Karuna maa praised her as she looks gorgeous and marked behind Mehak’s ear with her kajal. She passed her a jewelry box as a gift and asked her to wear that and come. Mehak asked why she is giving her so much gifts as it is she have given her a lot. But Karuna maa shushed her and said you are our blessings to our home and this is just a small gift for you as you will be bringing more joy to us. Now quickly wear this and come downstairs. Mehak bend to touch her feet but maa stopped her saying beta don’t touch my feet give me a hug after hugging her she asked her to get ready quickly as the PanditiJi will come soon. Mehak came to the dresser opening the jewelry set, a beautiful gold choker and a matching earrings with the head piece was inside. She fix the headpiece neatly when Shaurya came out from the bathroom wearing his suit. She from the dresser asked him Shaurya how do l look. See maa gave me a new set of jewelry, see is this earring nice, he stand behind her and took the earring from her and fix it on her ears later fixing her choker as he planted a kiss on her shoulder, she smiled a little as she squirms a little when his stubbles pricked her sensitive point. He hugged her by her waist resting his chin on her shoulder, she played with his beard in his chin asking him why he is looking at her like that. He sensually replied a beautiful wife like you by my side I can stare at you whole day without blinking, Mehak nudged him don’t be cheesy, okay maa gave me this set as a gift, where is your gift for me? She pouted as she looked at him. He let go off the hold and went to his study table checking for something, Mehak sees his sudden action and asked him what is he looking for, he can’t find it on his study table he went into his walk in wardrobe. Mehak adjusted her hair again and ask him what you are searching now Shaurya come let’s go for the pooja, all must be waiting for us. He came out with a hand behind his back and she raised her eyebrows asking what? Come let’s go she said. He stopped her by holding her hand. She asked again what is it Shaurya, playing like a small kid, we are getting late she complained. He slowly bring forward his right arm to her with a white documents. He signed her to take and see them for herself. She took it from his hand and look into it as she mumbled what is this Shaurya, giving me this paper, this look like a legal document. She flip the pages and tried to understand what is written in it. She looked at him and asked what document is this, why are you giving this to me now, maa asked us to come downstairs quickly PanditiJi coming soon, you are wasting time now. Are you going to tell me now or not? She pouted at him in mock anger tone. He rested both his arms on her shoulders and said this document is our apartment at Bangalore. Mehak’s eyes opens wide as a saucer. She gasped in surprise. He continued after my trip from Indonesia I headed to Bangalore to complete the registration of the apartment where we stayed and created lots of memories the past 3 months, you were saying you missed that apartment very much and I manage to get the owner negotiated with him and got it for you. I suppose to surprise you with this when I come back from Bangalore but you got me surprised instead he chuckled recalling how she revealed her pregnancy to him. He looked deep into her eyes for a moment, she was completely speechless with his action. She didn’t move a bit. He nudged her with his forehead on hers to break her trance. She stuttered and asked her Shaurya are you lying? He cupped her cheeks and asked her why should I? It’s my gift for you for gifting me with these two his one hand went to caresses her abdomen. You like that apartment and I thought of the same besides that I will be opening a new restaurant at Bangalore as well so we have a home to stay when we are in Bangalore. Hearing him Mehak hide herself in his chest and hugged him tightly. Thank you she muttered. He hugged her in a bear hug you are most welcome, now let’s go downstairs to complete the pooja. He adjusted her hair and duppatta and accompanied her to downstairs. All the Sharma’s and Khanna’s waiting for them. They sat in front of the havan as the PanditiJi recites the mantras and followed the prayers. The prayers ended well. Karuna maa and Dolly maasi helped Mehak to sit in the center seater and the entire family started to showered Mehak with gifts and feed her with the sweet delicacies. Shaurya watched her as her face glinted with happiness. Once all the guests showered Mehak with gifts, Karuna maa asked her to go join others and dance slowly. Sonal and Nehal helped her get her to the dance floor, she danced slowly with her cousins and the family. Shaurya was watching her from the corner and she signed him to join her but he smiled and shakes his head no and asked her to enjoy. Mehak asked Sonal and Nehal to bring him in. They went to pull him to Mehak and he was there in front of Mehak, she cling her arms around his neck and his hand wrapped around her waist. They moved along with the music free mannerly giggling and laughing along with the rest of the family. That day ended with happy note.

At night Shaurya sat in their room cuddling Mehak, caressing her. They didn’t speak anything just listening to each other’s heartbeat. Mehak slowly called Shaurya, he just hmm to reply, what do you think the babies doing now? His hand went to her abdomen touching the little bump, his large fingers runs on that bump. Its night now so both of them are sleeping I guess, he said. She continued Sonal said every week babies will grow each week at different phase. Whenever we do scan we can see the baby’s heartbeat, hands, legs and body grow. Now it’s like apple seed right, later it will grow as big as watermelon. He smiled hearing her excitement. Mehak looked up at him as he didn’t say anything. She asked him only I am talking in excitement you are not saying anything. Aren’t you excited too? He looked at her in amusement. Tell me what is it? That means you didn’t listen to me at all? He pulled her into a hug and kissed her forehead as inhale her scent. I am over excited and looking forward for the days two of us will be four of us Mehak.  Hearing him she quickly kissed and hugged him back saying I love you patidev. He chuckled and taunted her these days you are kissing me without I am asking, I think your hormone is all worked up. She gently hit his chest and muttered you have to say something all the time, if you don’t like tell me I won’t do it again. No, no, no you don’t need to stop anything I like this new hormone of yours. Now let’s sleep, is getting late.

The following week during doctor’s appointment , she performed the sonography scan on Mehak’s abdomen the doctor explain about the growth of the babies and she pointed at a movement on the screen and turn on the volume and explain to the new parents to be, that’s your twins heartbeat. It’s beating at 110 times per minute which is twice fast as the mother’s heartbeat. Shaurya pecked on Mehak’s forehead seeing the two tiny little beating heart growing in Mehak’s womb. After done with the scan, Mehak went to toilet as Shaurya discussed with doctor. He asked about her fatigue condition and sleeping all the time and she refuse to eat at times. He also asked about her recent issue which is she hates certain smell. Doctor smiled and explain that during the first trimester the body will go through a major changes, so it’s very normal and now her body is adjusting for the growth of twins so getting tired is very usual and sleepy also is alright. Doctor asked him to make sure she eats little at a time but not to starve. By then Mehak came back to doctor’s room, doctor told her Mrs Khanna I have explained all to Mr Khanna, please follow them and take care of yourself. Next appointment will be on next month.

Mehak and Shaurya walked out from doctor’s room and paid the bills headed back home. On the way back home, Mehak saw the street vendor selling mango, she quickly asked Shaurya to stop the car and pointed towards the street vendor. He saw the mangoes and pull over the road side, he asked her to wait in the car and runs to get the mangoes for her. She was so excited to see the fruits and started to take one and bite them and moaned in enjoyment. Shaurya looked at her as she enjoys the fruit and asked is it very nice. She said like a child it’s very sour and love it. She forward the fruit to him and asked him to taste some he shakes head off and asked her to enjoy. They reached home, and Karuna maa and Dolly maasi asked them what did doctor said. He explained about their doctor’s visit and Dolly maasi asked Mehak to go to room and she will send some juice for her. Just then Kanta chachi and Mansi chachi arrived. Mehak was excited seeing her chachi’s she hugged them and Karuna maa and maasi together with Shaurya made them to sit at the living area. After some time, Kanta chachi asked Shaurya and Karuna maa, this is Mehak’s first pregnancy, we all at home wants to bring Mehak home for few days and wants to take care of her wellbeing. So if you are okay we can plan another day and come to take her back to our home. Shaurya’s face changed all together. Seeing that Karuna maa justified , why need all these formalities , Mehak is in good hand , all in the home are taking good care of her and not to worry about anything. If they want to meet her they are always welcome to meet her here. Mansi chachi wants to say something, but Shaurya interrupted and apologies for being rude. He told them that they are always welcomed here to be with Mehak but he can’t send Mehak and the babies away as he is very much attached with them and he will take care of them by himself. Kanta chachi pulled his ears and said you always sweet talks to us and change all our mind. Okay we will come to visit Mehak here and spend time with you all. Tell us about what did doctor said, He quickly showed them all his mobile recording from the sonography machine when the two babies heart beat with the sound. All were astounded. Dolly maasi asked where is the baby’s head and leg? Shaurya laughed and said maasi now baby is 6 weeks old so hands legs all will grow gradually.

Shaurya’s everyday routine changed.  He will go for his morning sprint without waking up Mehak who is sleeping soundly. Mehak wakes up late, freshen up and by then Shaurya will be back to their room for freshen up. He asked Awara to send their breakfast to their balcony every day so he will feed her before goes to work. She always complains no appetite but he make sure she eats her food on time.

Then her morning sickness started which drives him nuts, she will be inside washroom vomiting endlessly. He will be caressing her back comforting her and made her to sit at the couch to ease the uneasiness. She rested on his chest and sobbed gently and he asked what happened and why is she crying, she clutch to his shirt saying that she is giving him so much of trouble. He hugged her and kissed her hair saying that’s nothing wrong and its normal during pregnancy for feeling dizzy and vomiting. She told him maasi and maa will be upset with her because she didn’t eat the food they prepared the other day. Recalling the incident where Dolly maasi prepared some healthy delicacy origin from her nativity, the smell of the food made Mehak nauseates and she told her she will eat later but not understanding her maasi tried to push the spoon in her mouth which made Mehak to run to washroom and vomit all out. Shaurya just got back home at that time and when he saw Mehak vomiting he rushed to her asking what happened, maasi told her she prepared this dish and she started to vomit. Shaurya later bring Mehak back to their room and she rested at the couch. He understands her fragile emotional state caused by pregnancy. She will be upset with him for anything or everything. He stays calm to attend to her. There was once he needs to fly to Bangalore for checking on his new project but she was cranky with him and didn’t talk to him giving him silent treatment. He can’t stay quiet without talking to her, he flew back the same day night to be with her. He can’t sleep without seeing her and talking to the babies every night. He was also panic how if she had any pain like abdominal cramps which she had once , he was very panic and rushed to hospital immediately, upon checked by doctor , she said is just the usual cramps and nothing to worry. He came back home and saw Karuna maa feeding her food, he looked at her face and he knows she had bawled out the evident is her eyes are swollen and maa calming her saying that is not good for pregnant mom to cry and this will make the babies to be sad as well. She was scrunching her nose as she swallows the food. She looked cute though but the thought that she cried so much made him upset. He cleared his throat from the room entrance. Both their eyes moved to the door. Seeing Shaurya standing there, made Mehak’s wide smile return on her face. Karuna maa scolded him finally you are back after making my child to cry so much. It was so hard for me to console her and feed her food. Is it necessary for you to go to Bangalore now? Shaurya reasoned out maa, it was just a day trip, I told her I will go in morning and come back in the night flight. She twisted his ear and warned him next time you make my child angry, you are in trouble with all of us, go shower, and I will send your dinner to your room. She left these two together. He sat next to her, and cupped her cheeks, why did you cry much, I told you in the morning right, and I will be back by night. Mehak looked at him innocently and said you didn’t pick up my call that’s why I cried. He laughed and hugged her slowly caressing her back, I was with clients in discussion since I am flying back the same day I need to brief them all in the same day and from now onwards I will talk to them in video call okay, happy? She played with his shirt button and muttered I love you Shaurya. He smiled silently how much these pregnancy hormone was wrecked her up, and replied her I love you Wifey and he bend his head to her tummy and said I love you my babies. Did you all behaved well today? He asked her to sit and watch TV for a while as he will go and freshen up. He came out and saw his dinner on the table, he took the plate to eat but Mehak asked him to sit with her and she feed him with love.

Before goes to work he gives her enough hugs and kisses so she won’t miss him. Every evening once Shaurya back from work, he make sure Mehak walks a bit in the garden. He asked Vicky to handle White Chilies matters and don’t bother anything to Mehak, but she wants to know what is the restaurant progress she will check with Priya and Vicky from time to time. Her YouTube updating stopped halfway as Mehak was too tired to do anything. As the first trimester passed happily, Mehak’s second trimester started, her tummy grows bigger showing a significant growth of their twins, both Shaurya and Mehak started to shop for their baby’s needs. They were arguing what is the babies’ gender and Shaurya said it’s going to be girls, but Mehak said is going to be boys. At the end they bought for both genders.

Shaurya took pictures of her baby bump every week and teases her she is becoming round and cute these days, she pouted at him and took the pillow and hit him saying you made me pregnant with twins and now teasing me round, you are so mean and bad Shaurya. He tried to avoid the pillows and started to run around their room, but Mehak took her brush aimed to throw at him, but felt some twinges and ouches he saw her sudden change and went to her aid, making her to sit on the bed and asked her if she alright she took his palm and place it on her bump. He was equally surprised when her bump got some movements. He looked at her and asked her is the babies moving, she nodded happily. He hugged by her bump and rested his head on her lap. She caressed his head and planted a kiss on his head. Thank you Mehak for going through all these uneasiness for me for our babies, for our family. I promise that I will take care of my little world and give all my love to you all. Their happily dreamt of the bright future of their babies and they will be going to share in couple of months.

Her sudden craving moments drives Shaurya extra mad. He will keep cool and compose or else even a slight change in his facial expression, she will start to cry and complain saying that he don’t love her or the babies. Even worst she will threaten him that she wants to go to her maternal home as she misses them. He can’t separate from her or the babies as he needs them badly. She will be throwing extra tantrums asking for some South Indian dishes or cakes and western pastries. At one midnight she woke him up asking for her favorite chocolate mud cake. He rubbed his eyes as he wakes up and looked at the time it was 3am. He mumbled to her, baby its 3am now, can you sleep a while, she pouted and said, and it’s not me asking for it. It’s your babies wants them now. He shakes his head and went to kiss her bump and told the babies, please keep kicking your mamma I will go and bake the chocolate mud cake now. Mehak raised her arms asking him for a hug. He hugged and kissed her temple. She said I want to come to kitchen with you, he bring her to the kitchen. Shaurya google the recipe and started to measure the ingredients and start to whip them up. Mehak sat on the counter top as he put the batter in oven and bake them. While it was in the oven, Shaurya double boil the chocolate bar into sauce to pour on top of the cake. Once done, he added a scoop of Vanilla ice cream with some slices of strawberries with the freshly baked cake and feed Mehak. She was happily indulged the sweet delicacy prepared by her loving husband. Once done relishing the cake, she happily went to bed and slept beside him. During weekends they both attend antenatal classes including Lamaze classes on how to handle newborns and breathing and pushing methods for childbirth.

Day by day her tummy grow bigger, every evening Shaurya comes homes early to bring her for a walk around the garden, her legs swells up easily and Shaurya massage them and pamper her without failing. She was enjoying all his extra effort and cares during this pregnancy period. Shaurya prepares her smoothies and maasi tease him for doing all these for wife, he don’t bother about her but prepares her fruit salads and all before leaving to work and instructs Awara to serve Mehak on time.  Her both sides of family were spoiling her as she is carrying two juniors. Whenever both family’s meet up their one of their discussion would be what the babies’ name will be, the Sharma’s will suggest some , and the Khanna’s will not agree, or vice versa. Shaurya and Mehak will be watching their cute arguments and PD stops them saying let the babies to arrive then to discuss or let the new parent to be to decide the names , these days there are ample of modern names instead choosing some old fashioned ones. She taunted Jeevan chachu and Balwant for suggesting names such as Ram & Laxman and similar fashion. Hearing all these names made Shaurya’s eyes bulged out as he doesn’t want to name his kids with these choices. There comes Nehal with another set of modern names like Neil, Roy and so on. Mehak told her that she will only name her kids with local names not English ones. As she was spending their family moment with all she felt sudden twinge making her yelp in pain. She hold her bump and tears run out. Shaurya rush to her side, and the rest of the family asking her is she alright, Shaurya keep tapping her cheek asking is she alright and whether wants to go to hospital he asked her. Kanta chachi told him she still have around 2 months, maybe is due to heat pain or false alarm. Mehak manage to mutter she is okay, just that one of the baby kicked very hard and that’s why she felt that sharp pain. The entire family became calm hearing her.  Karuna maa asked Shaurya to bring Mehak back to their room and put her to rest for a while. Shaurya assisted her back to their room and made her to sit on the bed, he sat next to Mehak he brought forward both her palms to his lips planting a kiss on them. Mehak dumbfounded as she looked at him. He caressed her fingers and looked at her in gratified. She raised her eyebrows asking him what, he said I am very amazed how strong are you, despite being heavily pregnant, you are lack of sleep at night as the babies keep you awake at night, running to toilet every now and then, once on a while your morning sickness comes and ruin your appetite, the leg cramps and just now you give us all mini heart attack as both are doing somersault in your tummy. You are going through so much for me. Mehak smiled hearing him, she slowly cupped his cheeks and tell him that, Shaurya you have given me so much of unconditional love, protected me from all the bad misshapes, built my inner confidence to do what I want and stand beside me like a strong pillar. Now you are protecting me with the babies like shadow, you have put up with all my bad mood, tantrums with lots of patience, treating my untimely cravings, and make sure I eat on time I never could imagine a better life partner other than you, I am feeling blessed and complete with your love. I always think what I shall give you except loving you, now these babies are my gifts for my world best husband. Shaurya felt a jolt of happiness, he felt proud for being a caring husband and going to be doting dad soon. He caressed her bump and he felt a kick and both giggled seeing the movement and Shaurya bend his head and talks to the babies, my babies’ do you want to play with me momma and dad? Be good to momma okay he calmed his babies as he rest his head gently on her bump.

Two weeks later Shaurya gave a beautiful dress to Mehak to wear it and get ready as his business associates organizing a dinner and they need to go as couple. Mehak wasn’t keen to go out but she slowly dressed up and came to the dressing table, applying light make up. She looked at herself and said I look round, fat like balloon. I am not pretty at all Shaurya see my cheeks all she complained to him like a child. He chuckled and said, that’s because you are pregnant not with one but two babies, so it’s very normal to gain weight and you absolutely looking gorgeous, So don’t say a word against your beautiful you or else I will be upset now. If you are done, come let’s go. She looped her hand with his and get moving from their room. She asked him where is maa and the rest of them. He said all went for a relative’s party. He helped her to get into the car and ignited the car. After sometimes they reached a hotel.  Shaurya helped her to get down from the car and bring her to the function room. As the waiters opens the door, Mehak was stupefied to see all her family and staffs from White Chilies and including Shaurya’s business partners from Bangalore, and others were there, they all exclaimed Surprise, which made her speechless as she covered her mouth from uttering anything embarrassing. Nehal and Sonal came forward to place the flower wreath crown on her head and Sonal said your hubby organized this surprise baby shower for you. He wanted to make your baby shower extra special so he planned carefully and do all these preparations on his own. Mehak turned to look for Shaurya and sees him greeting his business partners. Karuna maa and Kanta chachi made her to sit down in the decorated dais. All the guests come and showered Mehak with blessings and gifts. Mr &Mrs Bhatt also came down to meet her. Shaurya saw her she had an unmatched glow of happiness gleaming in her eyes meeting all her loved ones. Finally she meet his eyes and signed him to come to her. He walked to her and kneel down as she pecked his cheek whispering thank you so much for this wonderful surprise Shaurya. I truly loved this baby shower, these colorful balloons, decorations, and everything here is so beautiful. Thank you so much. He kissed her temple and said thanks to you for loving me my love.

The evening ended well and Mehak went to bed early as she was tired. But during midnight she woke up for toilet and see herself soaked wet. She quickly wake up Shaurya telling him her water bag burst. He was panic and quickly rushed her to the hospital. As the nurses pushed Mehak to the labor ward, she was holding Shaurya’s hand tightly crying it’s very painful and asking him to be with her and the doctor allowed Shaurya to be with her during labor. He was caressing her and murmuring comfort word and giving her much needed support. As the pain gets excruciating, Mehak squeezed his hands and wailed making Shaurya to cry along with her, the nurses asked her to take a deep breath and push slowly as one child is ready to come out. Mehak follows the instruction by the doctor and she looked at Shaurya and asked him, Shaurya when the babies come will you stop loving me and love the babies more instead, he sniggered and said no matter how many babies we will have, you are my first and last love and I love you till eternity, and for all my upcoming lives. I can never imagine my life without you and your love. Mehak smiled in between her tears hearing his assurance as another wave of contraction came in as Mehak shrieked in pain, nurse announced one baby is out and another one on the way. They quickly wrapped the first baby and showed to Shaurya and Mehak, the midwife congratulated them as it’s a boy, tears of happiness flowed from Shaurya and Mehak seeing the first baby. Within few minutes after few breathing Mehak manage to push another baby and midwife wrapped the baby showing to both of them saying it’s a girl. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Khanna you have baby boy and baby girl. After cleaning up the babies and after some medical procedures they placed both babies carefully on Mehak’s chest. They placed both babies carefully on Shaurya’s hands, he was skeptical on handling these two little precious humans but the nurses were very helpful adjusting them in his arms. Later they were placed on their cradle and Mehak was wheeled out from labor ward to her room. The entire family thrilled seeing the newborns. Shaurya caressed Mehak head gently and whispered I love you Mehak, you completed me by giving me these two wonderful gifts. Thank you my love he placed his lips on her forehead.

The entire family celebrated on the arrival of the newborns. Shaurya took care of Mehak and his little bundle of joys carefully. He appointed a caretaker to assist Mehak with the babies. The Khanna’s arranged a grand Naamkaran to celebrate the newborns. They named the babies as Nithin Khanna and Neelam Khanna.

Their love continue to blossom day by day with their beautiful children and supportive family. Their story is epitome of love. His love is a madness, a wild fire which burns in him just for her it has the sacredness and purity just for her. She completed him in every way he wanted and filled him with her unconditional love and with their precious kids it created a deep sense of meaning and purpose in their lives.

The End

P/S : An epilogue will follows later, do read and give me your feedback and hit on the like button . thank you so much for all the love showered on me


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  1. Priyankashaurya

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      Hi Priyanka tq for the feedback dear yes I will come back soon to update my other ff and with a new ones too. have a blessed day ahead

  2. beautiful mehrya ff with wonderful ending of mehrya journey it’s simply superb , after facing several hardships finally they are leading happy life hope we will get more ff ‘s from bye tc

    1. Haseenah2020

      Thank you Sanju glad you like the update dear, true love always wins as when you face them together in difficulties . Will continue with a new one soon take care and wishing you a successfull and glorious New year ahead

  3. Hi, dear! I’m fascinated in the Indian series. I loved this show.So happy and sad by FF. I was a silent reader for a long time. But, I could not fail to thank for the publications and beautiful story in those 1 year and a few months. I awaited your updates every day anxiously. My sincere wishes of congratulations from Brazil and congratulations for this beautiful story. Bye, dear!

    1. Haseenah2020

      Dear Mayanna, it was so happy moment for me to read readers all around the world giving me such a beautiful feedback and connecting with me. Will continue soon with my other update AABMDK. till then wishing you successful and gloriuous New year ahead

  4. Maya1907

    Hi, dear! I’m fascinated in the Indian series. I loved this show.So happy and sad by FF. I was a silent reader for a long time. But, I could not fail to thank for the publications and beautiful story in those 1 year and a few months. I awaited your updates every day anxiously. My sincere wishes of congratulations from Brazil and congratulations for this beautiful story. Bye, dear!

  5. Hii haseenah di!! Very amazing ending. Thanks for keeping mehrya alive in us … eagerly waiting for your next ff ❤❤

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Madhavi thank you so much fr the feedback glad you like the update dear, and I am blessed to have awesome readers like you. will continue soon stay blessed and wishing you a successful and glorious new year ahead

  6. First of all congratulation completed this ff with happy note…. Tq for keeping mehrya alive with us… I’m early waiting for us next fan fiction. Keep writing akka… You are killing my heart with ur story omg I cnt express ur writing Akka ?????? ur are the bestest best ?❤ no one cnt be like u… To be frank if I felt stress I learn ur ff this give me a big smile on my face? cnt tel u how I overcome my stress a big tq?❤?? for that…. I dnt knw how much time I HV read it from starting updates? I really loved shaurya cared for mehek he is the world best husband ?? and the babies nithin& neelam khanna?❤ beautiful story akka plz tell us about new ff when ur going to updt it “nandrigal Akka” stay blessd and be happy HV a blessed day a ahead ❤ odamba pathukonga Akka

    1. Haseenah2020

      OMG Anu your feedback is so sweet dear, mikka nandri.
      For reading and giving me feedback continuously. I will update soon but the upcmng year I will be busy with office work and kids as well. BUt I will try to make time to update them . You too dear , wishing you a very happy and glorious new year ahead

  7. Hi haseenah, thanks for ending it on happy note. But I’m a little upset that u ended it. Only ur FF we used to get regular updates, thru u mehrya was alive. I’m a ardent fan of ur writting. Lots of love??

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Kavya dear thank you so much for the feedback dear glad you like my updates and dont worry i will start soon a new ff still searching to do some base work for my new ff will start once I am settled.thank you dear wishing you a successful and glorious new year ahead

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