Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th December 2018 Written Episode Update Saint Vibhutianad.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu addressing everyone in ashram says if you gain, happiness troubling me, i would not bother being troubled, all wonder whats wrong with him, Anu watching thinks what new drama he is upto,Hapu asks why are you doing all this, Vibhu says its a way to reach God, Vibhu questions Everyone how is milk produced,boys discuss theres a miracle within him, Hapu says i dont believe, Boys say we want to see miracle, Vibhu says I shall walk on water, he throws water on floor and walks over it, Anu says such a drama, Boys cheer Vibhu, Hapu says how will you cross a pond, Vibhu writes pond over a table and walks over it.Anu starts laughing, Boys cheer for Vibhu.Anu says this vibhu is the biggest drama.

Angoori serves everyone dinner, all praise her, Angoori says dont worry eat as much as you

want, Vibhu starts his pravachan again, Hapu starts coughing and says i request lets have food, vibhu says theres knowledge everywhere, gather it,Tiwari walks to them and asks what is this when will i get food,Angoori says theres nothing left get some grocery, Tiwari gets call from Amaji and asms him to wash the poors feets and drink it, Tiwari says what bad have i done to you,im doing nothing, i don’t like its taste, Angoori says i shall add some lemon in it,malkan says add some sugar too,you will have shikanji taste.

Anu calls vibhu and says one black coffee, and realises he isnt home anymore and she is missing him and says let me check what he is doing and calls him, Vibhu asks who, Anu says oh you forgot my voice too, Vibhu begins pravachan, Anu says are you alright what nonsense is this, vibhu says this isn’t me saying im just a channel, Anu says stop giving this stupid information, enough of it and cuts the call. Vibhu says let me go talk to bhabhi ji, Hapu says let me go check my house. Commissioner walks in, Hapu goes in statue,Teeka asks did you find Hapu, commissioner hits Hapu and says not yet but for now, let me remove my wrath on this statue of his, and leaves.

Next morning vibhu singing bhajan, boys play instruments, Anu sees them, and says this man acts so much should have been an actor, teeka says baba Vibhuti always keep your blessings on us, Vibhu gives him bottle of alcohol, boys cheer for him, Anu says this is too much.Hapu says you blessed the boys bless me too,Vibhu says here you go. Angoori comes and greets Vibhu, Anu calls her and says I’m sorry are you fool to serve him, Angoori says no he is very divine. Hapu says she is right even you take blessings, Anu says im not fool, Saxena says you are right, no one can be baba just like that, so baba vibhu do you know any shahstra, teeka says he is expert in every bit of it.

Saxena says so how about a debate on shastra, vibhu says i don’t debate with mads, Saxena says thats because you are illiterate, boys and Hapu force vibhu to debate,Angoori says yes go ahead ,Vibhu thinks i have to.

Pre cap: Saxena and Vibhu begin,Saxena asks do saints feel the pain, vibhu says no they don’t, Saxena breaks a glass and says how about dance over them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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