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Ranvir and his goons fail to kill Roop and Shamsher. The father-son duo get emotional. They have a final conversation, as if they won’t be seeing each other again. Roop and Shamsher get strength by the sudden onshower of their emotions. They overpower the goons and survive. Roop gets shot, but Shamsher rushes him to the hospital in time. Ranvir meets Shamsher at the hospital, which rages the latter. Shamsher reveals Ranvir’s evil truth to the family, that Ranvir is the one who conspired to kill them. He holds Ranvir responsible for Roop’s critical state. Ranvir acts innocent in front of the family and tells them that he wasn’t with Roop or Shamsher.

Muskaan and Ronak brings Sir ji’s daughter home. Gayatri gets affectionate towards Shalu. She thinks Jaya is Muskaan’s relative. She has no idea that Jaya is Sir ji’s second wife. Ronak brings Shalu to Sir ji’s room and makes her sleep with her parents. Shalu gets scared at night. Gayatri pacifies her. Sir ji gets a shocker on seeing Shalu and Jaya. He doesn’t want them home. He feels his secret will be soon out if Shalu calls him dad. He really gets stressed.

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