Paris Love….A devakshi few shots (Part 1)

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Paris Love…A devakshi few shots

Part 1:

Sitting at the edge of my bed I thought about how hectic my life had turned.
From something I dearly admired my college hours were on a troll now, leaving me with minimum time to work on my myself
“Boring lectures” I thought
“Come on Sonakshi Bose, need for sleep” I reminded myself

Frustrated I pulled the covers over my face as if that would shove off the sadness my mind was encountering due to my sucked up thoughts.After sulking for some more time finally my thoughts went into midnight silence as sleep took over me .

The chaotic morning filled with honking cars struck up in the near by traffic went on being worse ,with me trying to find my favorite white sneakers. Struggling for few more minutes my gaze finally found its target and I stepped into them and ran out of the house, hurriedly locking it behind me with hundreds of prayers in my mind hoping I wouldn’t have to be victimed for Joseph’s class

Well I finally made it to the class before my teacher, Joseph had come in.
I was panting all along and could see my classmates glancing at me, probably admiring my cool sweatshirt!

With the lectures about to end, freak!!!
My cell rang with “Maa ka phone aaya” screaming from the speakers.

“Damn! Why me? ” I cursed my destiny under my breath before quickly switching it off ,although my friends had their eyes still fixed on me but I cared the least.

Once I started walking around the campus I made a call back to my home, India .

My mom picked up at the very first ring!
“I can never beat her at anticipation for calls” I thought

“Hello sona, u alright?” My mom spoke at the other end

“Ha maa allz good, I was in the lecture hall so cudnt answer the call” I spoke calmly

“Oh, you had your food?” She asked

“Yep mom. Don’t worry I ain’t a kid, you take care” I said n soon after ended the call

Flipping the phone between my fingers I thought how lucky I was!
Being loved is the most fortunate thing, and I had loads of fortunate moments. My family, they are the best!

I walked over to the canteen, passing smiles to those I knew or admired dearly.
Well some unknown faces too passed a smile at me! “What was that for?” My mind thought and I rolled my eyes in sync with my thoughts

Soon I felt an arm around my shoulder, I could simply guess it was Lee!

“Hey Lee, how’s the day going?” I chirped at him in happiness

“Hello pretty lady, Mines awesome, yours?”he replied in his accent which by now I was familiar with.

“Gr8” I replied

“Seems like George and Anuj are interested in you” he said looking at the two far ends spotting George and Anuj

I rolled my eyes.

He chuckled at me.”I know you only date interesting people but still be kind to them” he tried convincing me

I wouldnt call myself as the prettiest at my college, but I sure kept entering into the batchmates dreams every now then, at least that’s what Lee told me.

Lee was my close friend and boys usually went to him to get to me. You know to get their impression right before me , it seemed to be the easiest way.

Although I don’t complain but everyone around me knew I won’t date people for materialistic things or just for looks. I prefer personality over everything in a man.

“If he isn’t interesting then he would just add on to nothing in my life ,moreover I ain’t like associating myself with more boring stuffs than I actually have in life” is my simple principle of life.

“Then tell them to be interesting!” I smirked

He laughed at my words.
“Well how was the class of Joseph?” he asked smriking

“Don’t even ask! He’s one such person making my life hell. He keeps pushing me into art for more hours than I can bear. He’s one person I would love to not to have in my life although I agree he’s a great teacher” I finished my monologue

“Crap Sona, u complain about him and still manage to say some positive stuff about him” Lee laughed at me .

I smiled back.I had loved art way from my childhood, hence today I’m here in one of the reputated colleges of art in Paris. Though I had to leave behind my life for this, its worth it.

Joseph Francis , my art teacher is insane when it comes to working hours with art. And I seem to be his special student because I always end up sulking about how rude he is and eventually he has overheard that.
And to ice the topic I ain’t punctual to his classes, which irks him the most.

Once I joined my friend circle we kept taking about all that was going around the world , right from India to Africa, pani puri (an Indian chat) to steak fries (Paris popular snack), saree’s to crop tops and ending it with how good the soil smelt back in India when it rained.

But as usuall I missed the most important thing which I needed to be careful of, and when the reality hit me I gasped in disbelief.

Noah looked at me , probably tryin to make some sense of my weird looks
“Hey girl, is everything alright? U seem like u just saw a ghost walking in bikini!” He said n I cud hear my whole group laughing throwing their heads back.
“Its a joke Sona laugh!” My mind yelled at me.

“I’m already half an hour late for Joseph’s class” I freaked out

“What the..” Lee stopped in disbelief.
“U have his lecture now ?I mean like RIGHT NOW?” He asked me

I nodded faintly.

“Crap what are u waiting for ,RUN!!” Noah yelled trying to control his laughter but failed miserably..

And like a horse which was felt on to a open ground, I ran like a mad girl in my pathetic senses, well that atleast is true n stopped just b4 my classroom door…

Joseph looked at me..
Im pretty sure I saw the nerve bulging out on his forehead…
Look sona ur practically dead today!, my logical mind poked in…
Shut up!!! My other part of the brain screamed..
I slapped my forehead visibly trying to halt my thoughts which were working over time

“What are u calculating Ms Sonakshi?” Mr Joseph’s voice broke my trance, he probably knew my thoughts were on a roller coaster ride.

“ I just come in?” The only thing that came to my mind , and I blurted it out..

“Ya u can, but make sure by this weekend u get ur project done” he answered casually…

“What!” I almost screamed

He raised his eyebrow at me. Is he insane?
He preponed my project submission by one full week..I was supposed to submit it the next week…

I realized my professor was staring at me..
I smiled meekly and motioned towards an empty desk…
By the look of my classmates I knew I was the only one to receive this special treatment…
I so hate him…

“That doesn’t change the fact that u gotta work day in n out to have the sketches ready by this weekend!” My logical mind poked in once again…

Can’t my mind shut down for some tym..
Its so annoying to battle with two contradicting voices in ones head..
Uff !!

I opened the articles needed and began listening to what my favorite professor has to say *note the sarcasm*

From the corner of my eyes I could see a new man. I rotated my head 180° to get a glimpse of him..
He was busy working out the sketches..
I haven’t seen him b4 in the class!

“Well Sona ,what so interesting in the class other than the sketches?” Ugh!! Its Joseph again…I hate it when he calls me Sona..
Well I hate him all the tym anyway!

The boy I was busy staring looked at me, as a reflex I turned my head to meet Joseph’s expressionless face…

“Can I get to see your designs ?” He asked with a sugar coated voice..
Well now its official , im gonna get screwed up pretty badly…

With reluctant steps I walked to handle him my sketches n got back to my place..

“So Dev what do u think about Ms Sona’s sketches?” The professor asked, but to whom?
Who is Dev in our class?
I pretty much knew everyone here..

The guy I was staring at few seconds ago voiced his opinion..
Well no one heard that what he said! As he opened his mouth to speak my cell rang again…

“Maa ka phone aaya..Maa ka phone aaya”
Very wrong timing…I received a death glare from Joseph..but that guy called Dev had an amused look …
Gr8 the tym was up! Joseph looked at me one last tym n walked out..

I sat down with a thud..
Can things get any more worse?

“Ur sketches are pretty gr8” I heard a voice b4 me…Its Dev

“Umm..thank u…we’ll the sketches are incomplete” I said taking my sketches from him..

“Ya…just the finishing touch left” he replied

“Hmm..I haven’t seen u b4, new here?” I asked

“Yaa…I’m a month old here” he said smiling..

“Ohhh” I said

” Seems like ur Joseph’s favorite student?” He asked with an amused look..

To be frank I felt like to Strom off from their..
And d amount of sarcasm this fellow put in his last statement, it was dead annoying..

“Well excluding the sarcasm , ur his favorite student..” I replied faking a smile..

“He hate late comers ” Dev was quick to reply…so he knew I usually dont get here on basically he has noticed me . gr8!!
End of POV

S: seems like ..anyway he doesn’t like most of the things I do so it doesn’t matter..

D: May b his opinion doesn’t matter to you, but ur performance at least does.

S: Ru trying to tell im weak at art n I perform pathetic?

D: dont get offended..
I just felt that ur actually determined but to piss off Joseph u go overboards n end up having to submit ur project this weekend..

“Was dat a compliment or an insult?” Sona thought

D: its a compliment

S: what ?

D: I mean ,Joseph is a good guy…hes excellent at teaching..

S: ya dat I know..

D: well I vl get going then , see u around…
Good to find fellow Indian here …bye

S:same here

Once he left, “Good to find fellow Indian here” I mimicked him…

Sona’s POV :

Such an annoying person, did I ask his opinion on me? No ,so y the heck did he do the honor of letting me know what I do n what I dont?

But what ever he said was true! I go overboard knowing that Joseph is gonna screw me up everytym I do dat..
Uff!! I looked around me, I cud see one of my classmate still in d room giving me weird looks, may b I was behaving like a zombie their, complaining abt every Lil thing..
I faked a smile at him and stormed out of the class room…
End of POV

Dev’s POV :

The class was gng on but I was hell bored …hence I looked at my surroundings…
Surroundings can always give u something interesting n entertaining too..
My gaze shifted to Ms Sonakshi..
One of the intresting personality of our class..

It was Joseph’s class, so I cud understand she was hell irritated…
She was busy scribbling , I peeped in to see…
She was actually drawing a cartoon version of Joseph…
And though I laughed at her use of colors n clothing to him, her creativity was excellent..
She was busy making crazy faces at him n sulking, something very predominant in her…
End of pov

D: tch…tch
S: what ?

D: Joseph in very handsome in ur imagination..

S: its bad manners to look into others work without their notice..

D: oh…and I think its even worse to draw the cartoon of ur teacher…

S: Y Ru so interested in what I do? Dont u think ur interfering?

D: no…I usually comment on what I feel wen I’m sure my answers are not gonna hurt anyone..n ur funny!

S: instead of giving me all this gyan, u better concentrate on ur fav teacher!

D: someone is worried abt me!

For which sona just rolled her eyes..
“Can he get more annoying?” She thought..

D: can’t u just not sulk all the tym?

S: and can’t u mind ur own business ?

D: oh u want me to do dat honors?

“yes plz…
That wud be so kind of u!” Sona faked a smile..

She kept looking behind n cursing him all the tym n then Preeti (sona’s frnd) kept nudging her, not understanding anything twinkle turned around to meet Josephs expressionless face..

“Well sona get ur project done by Friday!”Joseph said n turned back towards teaching…

“What the heck?? He preponed the submission by another day..
Gr8!!! Who vl I b able to complete it?” Sona murdered under her breath..

She gave a glare to Dev, he looked at her with a puppy face..

“Its all because of him” she thought

Next day

The city of Paris was glistening with d rain drops dancing in d colors of rainbow..
Its was such a delightful evening with light showers every now then keeping the atmosphere relaxing n slightly romantic.

Dodging the pointed umbrella and jumping in the puddles of Paris narrow pavement Sona crashed into the nearest bookshop , her hunger to read a new novel had crashed into her this evening n she was quick to grab her umbrella to find the nearest book store n hence she was their crossing over numerous sections , her eyes searching for an Indian novel..
And she gleamed in happiness when she found one , and tried grabbing it wen one more pair of hands reached d book..

She glanced sidewards, it was Dev .
Both looked alongside the rows of books n realised the book in their hand was the last copy

S: I need this at any cost!!
D: lame demand…I need it too
S: look its raining let’s not fight..

Dev looked at her, as if he cudnt believe his eyes..
D: whats d connection with rain and the fight for the book?

S: whatever. I need this one badly…
D: I need it too…

The novel being “Someone like u” by Durjoy Datta

S: I have been waiting for this book since LNG tym…I need it ..n I have heard its splendid..

D: exactly… Its splendid so I can’t allow u to have it…

S: OK …I vl read it n then u can have it…

D: hell no…

When both were busy arguing..
S: remember it was just because of u, I got my project submission date preponed..

Dev looked at her not knowing what to say,
She knew she had hit the ryt chord..she was sure she wud b getting the book n wyd b first among them to read it
She smiled sensing victory..


Precap: Devakshi Coffee talk?

Hey guys, its my first work for devakshi…
This idea is almost three months old..
So I finally thought to present it..
Do throw ur views n queries if any…its gonna be around five shots..

Its one of the lengthiest epi I have written..
I vl b uploading them on wattpad too, if u guys r der ,plz show ur support…
My I’d being, @maggi3372

Next update: Tue or wed

Maggi signing off

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  1. Aamu

    Hey maggi…it is indeed a interestin one…
    N der pov was jz wow..
    Post next sooon…sona’s “maa ka phone aaya”in d class was??
    I really loved it..
    Post next jldi

    1. Maggi

      Im glad u liked it dear? …Vl b posting soon

  2. Awesome

    1. Maggi

      Thank u❤

  3. new concept & new preception of devakshi….just loved it….seems to be intersting story….post next soon dear

    1. Maggi

      I’m glad u liked it….
      Vl b posting asap…

  4. V.V.harshita

    Awesome and their convo ??
    Post soon

    1. Maggi

      Thank u?
      Vl post soon

  5. Darshana

    It was so good..??????..loved it!!!!
    and joseph ????..keeps prepending work..
    i guess i wont able to comment in your next parts as i wont be on Tu till 15th may!..sorry but after coming back i will try to catch up with u?…
    loads of love?

    1. Maggi

      I’m happy to know u lykd it??
      Sure read it once u bcum free…
      Vl post soon❤

  6. DramaQueen1004

    Its fabulous n d way it is heavily filled with sarcasm just adds on to my interest
    M really waiting very badly to read d next
    devakshi’s convo was just awsum
    pls post soon

    1. Maggi

      Glad to know u likd it….??
      Vl b posting soon❤

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