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dis is a story of a husband n wife…who is noone other than DevAkshi(shahher sheikh n erica fernandez)…
a couple…but a very different couple..
dis is not at all any serious story..but a funny n cool..
hope u enjoy dis…
Here u go…with first part
Chapter#1 –
Anokhi rang?

:Dev’s pov:
The sunrays touch my face breaking my sleep..i opened my eyes to see my wifie beside me under my chest…
Aww…she is like an angel to me…she is sooo cute…looks like a child …i wannnaaaaaa kisss herr…
I kissed her forehead making her wake up

“Good morning hubbby”she opened her eyes greetin me…
“Good morning baby”i greeted tuckin her hairs behind her ears…
“Okay,u go n freshenup i ll get ready in next room n make ur break fast”sona said making her hair in a loose messy bun…
“V can do one more thing”i said as i smiled mischeviously n she asked me what
“Y to go to another room for bath..we can share d bathroom as v share d bed n roomm”i said smirking n moving close to her..but sona is sona…so she move away from between…while giggling..
I laughed n left to get freshen..
After doing all my morning chores i left for downstirs..n saw my better half singing,dancing n cooking..

Yah..! Three at d same time..
Its her hobby to play d song on phone while cooking..n dance n sing…
I loook at her from distance n admire her…she looks soo cute..n her antic dance step made me laugh..
When she notice me…n burn with anger…
“Dont laugh like dis…if u know den show me..?”she said sternly having her so called belan(a wooden long round roller use to make roti) in her hand
“I know how to dance…n i dont need to show u…”i said stammering…she laughed..
“Haha…u don mr.dixit..”n she shows her tongue..

I pull her towards me ..n hold her through waist..n start to dance..soon she too joined..n we dance romantically on”sab tera” which was ofcourse playin on her mobile….
We were dancing like we were on d stage but if u dont  remember…den lemme remember we were dancing in d kitchen…around d vegetables as audience…n tasty tasty break fast as chief guest…
We laughed at our state…n made one more dish together which was ofcourse suggested by me…we den ate while talking about anyging n evrything…n since it was sunday landed on sofa to watch some program on tv in each other’s arm…
(Bomb fat ne wala hai…dil tham k betho???)

When i listened alarm uncle’s sound *tring….tring* again *tring….tring* n again n again…
When i open my eyes i realised it was a dream….
Which only can b dream??
“Jaanu..!close d alarm na..! My sleep is getting disturbed yaa…”she curled more in my chest as she said..

“Hmm..”i said n closed it..
I was about to stand wen i saw mrs.dixit… She looks so cute jz like an angel…but wen wakes up…
His face changed to ????..
N i woke up after making sure dat her sleep is not dusturbed…
I thought about the dream..n smiled
“Dat dream will never cm true..”i said n went to kitchen..n started preparing breakfast

——-Dev’s pov end——-

Dev after having shower went to kitchen for breakfast it was his daily routine..
He wakes up n make break fast…n den do d rest work …like pressing his clothes for office n sona’s too…n etc etc etc…
He,being a most powerful police officer…he was d head.. Alll hav fear for him..but he has fear for his wife..??…
Yaa it seems funny..right..but he is..its not dat he dont love her..infact they both love eo alot…but its sona’s way to show her love towards him..n he reciprocate with d same passion…do all d works…sona dont tell for hers but he do for her tooo….he is a very responsibal..kind n caring guy..

N sona is also a same…but her way of showing is different…she loves him very much…
Dis was jz d intro…d real fun will begin now on…
Der chemistry…der opposition….n most of all dev working…?
Which he cant do in d show…he is doing now..n it will hav fun…
Hope u all like it…

Keep reading
Biwi ho toh aisi …
Hope u alll liked it…

Next will b post sooon..
Keep reading…

N do give me ur views..guys…
N yaa i m writing dis on wattpad too..n had started 1 week ago…so my next part will b posted today or tomorrow if i’llget good response..i’ll copy paste here today or tomorrow only..
Thank u…

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  1. Yeh kyaa tha bhai..????????
    Bechaara dev….kya sapna dekha tha hero ne..???
    It was awesome….
    Looking forward to next one…??

    1. Aamu

      Thanx vaishaali..??
      Really glad u liked it..
      N it will b more funny from next..

  2. Akshita

    Mind blowing ???
    plzzz post soon nd don’t think at response much as we all love you?❤

    1. Aamu

      Thanx akshita….n i know dat u all love me…but response is must..n dat is a fuel to our engine..?
      Well thank u..
      N love u..n thanx for ur constant support?

      1. Akshita

        No problem will be always there to support you?….you just keep writing a lot of ff”s ?❤?

  3. nice name to ff biwi ho toh aisi…yaahan per toh hamare dev babu hi biwi bane hue h….bechare sapno mei hi sona ko khana bannate hue dekhte h aur usi mei kush h…typical dev dixit…pyaar usse kya kya karva raha h….interesting very interesting….nice episode….post next soon dear

    1. Aamu was a sudden name came to my mind….?
      N dev dixit ki HAPPY life ki story to abhi baaki hai..
      Chalo thank u..
      N i will try to post soon…

  4. V.V.harshita

    Awesome really u think so…different…post soon ??

    1. Aamu

      Hehe…different nahi..
      Jz practically le rahi hu…i mean mere dadi(grandma) ne muje usdin bohot kaam karwaya..mumma bimaar thi to…so though like dat about dev working so…
      De diya apna thought written me..??
      Welll thank u…
      Willtry to post sooon

  5. Aarti32

    Amazinggg!! Aisi stories ki bohot zarurat h mujhe jo hasa sake ??

    1. Aamu


  6. Darshana

    Awesome…??? will do all the…
    i guess i will not able to read your works till may 15th..but promise as soon as i come back i will catch up with u?…
    loads of love?..
    and bbyeee!

    1. Aamu

      Thanx darshana…n no worry…u can read wenever u want??…
      N love u alot…??
      N byee….

  7. Awesome

  8. ShrutiP

    Sorry aamu late ho gayi…Dev bechara imagine Kar raha tha…Lovely…jaldi post Kar next wala…Amazing…???

    1. Aamu

      Hey,totally dint mind u cmntng late..atkeast u did..n dat is enough..
      Welll thank u soo much shruti..n
      Yaa miss…wen r u going to post ur ff…?
      Or posted..?
      I doonnnno coz i m reading but not reading..actually read d first i my phone is wid dad..coz his had broke…so temporaly to him..
      N yaa inshort if u have nobposted post soon..n haa..if u will post day aftrr to.orrow den sorry i will not b able to i m goingto farmhouse now…n will b there till 10 n 11&12 is our muslims big i cant read…
      I’ read after just pm me how many episodes u pisted

      1. ShrutiP

        Hi ….No I haven’t Posted it yet…I don’t know when I am gonna post it…Busy with my studies and I also I feel it’s boring…So you know I am not posting it….Bit I posted an OS 3 -4 days back “all is well the end is well:an OS on krpkab “. Read it if you like….And if I post I will pm you dear…Enjoy with your family…
        Love you

    2. Aamu

      Ohk..but pls post…
      N yup i’llread d os..
      Thank u..n yaa love u toooo??

      1. Aamu

        Read d cmnt below tooo??

  9. Aamu

    N r u out of ur mind??..
    Its not at all boring…sachchi post ur new ff tooo..jldi jldi

    1. ShrutiP

      Thanks year aamu…I guess I have to atleast post for your sake…Love you..???

      1. Aamu

        U have to…n ha jldi..if possible till v r going day after i m here only tomorrow..pls jldi

      2. ShrutiP

        I will try to post it by tomorrow…If it doesn’t happen then you read it after coming back dear…Sorry for the delay…

  10. Heshine

    Wow….Aamu…! I know this really going to be awesome….and it was….it will…! And y it won’t be….bcas its urs right…!
    My gosh. ! Its really amazing…fab….wow…pls…post the soon dear…!?❤❤?????????????
    And post ur ff soon dear…!

    1. Heshine

      And by the way…how r u…! How was ur health…! Hope u r fine..!

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