Life cannot be predicted- (Swasan and Swalak) Part 1

Later at Laksh’s house.
Sujatha ( Laksh mother) & Lavanya ( Laksh elder sister) welcome Swara to their house by giving a lighted traditional south inidian lamp (Nilavilakku/ kuthubilakku)
Swara enter their house with right leg stepping inside. Adarsh ( Lavanya’s husband) congratulates Laksh.

Soon Swara become friendly with Lavanya & her 8 year old daughter Ananya.

In the night Laksh was waiting for Swara in his (now their room).Swara come inside the room with a glass of Milk ( I donno in every part of Kerala they celebrate their 1st night like this but, in our place it is like this). Swara was hell nervous. Sensing her nervousness Laksh Make her sit near him.
Laksh : No need to worry Swara, take your own time. I will not force you to do anything against your wish. So relax. And let’s be good friends. Swara was also somewhat feel relax after hearing this from Laksh. Soon they both slept in the bed.

In the morning Laksh got up. When he heard washroom door opening turn to see and was shocked to see the view in front of him. Swara was drying her hair with a towel. She is wearing a set & Mundu with green color blouse. Water is dropping from her hair and he she is having a pinch of Sindur on her hairline.

Laksh without thinking just moved towards Swara. He kept his hand on her shoulder. Swara see him through in the mirror. Her hubby is staring her. Seeing this, her cheeks become red. Laksh make Swara turn towards him and runs his hand through her waist and leans towards her lips. Swara close her eyes. Suddenly Swara’s phone rings. Hearing the sound both come to sense. Both become embarrassed. To avoid the awkward situation Laksh went to washroom to get fresh. Swara attends the call.
Swara : Yes Kavya, tell me.
Kavya : What tell? You just go yesterday from here and didn’t you feel to call me once. You spoke to amma but not me.
Swara : Hey don’t keep that pout. You luks funny in that look. And I ask amma to call you . But you kumbakarnan, you was sleeping.
Kavya : Ok leave all that tell me about your last night. Hmm hmm.
Swara(fake anger) : Youuuuu. Don’t you have any other work than this.
Kavya : Where is chetta (jiju)?
Swara : Laksh is getting fresh. I will call you later. And cut the call.

Swara went to kitchen and sees Lavanya, Sujatha & Sita (servant) preparing for breakfast. Seeing Swara Sujatha smile at her

Sujatha : Swara, come. Give this tea to Laksh.
Swara : Ok Amma.
Lavanya : How was your night Swara, Did my brother trouble you much (whispering)
Swara(blushes) : Pls chechi, don’t tease me.

Lavanya laughs and go to her room. Swara also comes to her room with a cup of tea. Here Laksh is getting ready.
Swara : Here is your tea.
Laksh : Swara, actually I don’t have much leave, so have to go back to office this Sunday itself. So pls pack our luggage.
Swara : Sure. But where r u staying there?
Laksh : I’ve a rented house in Trivandrum. It’s a villa compound.

Laksh is a software developer in UST Global (Trivandrum).

They both left for breakfast and during dining Laksh tell everyone that he & Swara have to leave on Sunday itself. Sujatha Ask Laksh to take Swara to her house & from there they can go directly to Trivandrum . He agrees to that. And as decided Laksh and Swara reach Trivandrum to their house.

Swara : Laksh, This house is so beautiful.
Laksh : Yes, the main reason that I choose this house is the river that flows behind the villa. I feel so relax when I comes to this backyard. Ok Swara, pls get ready , Let us go and buy necessary things for the house.
Swara : Yes, give me 10 mnts I will get ready now.
Soon they both get ready and go for shopping & after having dinner both left to their home

  1. AMkideewani

    Awesome I really love Swalak scenes a lot❤

  2. Wow super nice…simply loveable..some romentic scene of swalak pls..eagrly waiting fr nxt..

  3. Awesome superb . Continue soon….

  4. so you are going to make it swasan because from promo it’s clear that swara’s husband will be dead and it’s laksh so at last it will be swasan. It’s ok but please give more swalak scene

  5. Awesome episode dear. I am also from kerala. Even bhavana is one my favourite actress.
    I don’t why but I want swalak to remain through out the ff.

  6. want swasan scenes?

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