“Bhaiyya”- Rudra shouted real loud like his Chotimaa Pinky,”Gopal said to watch a special programme today on TV”.
“I will never watch any show with you”- Shivaay denied.
“Bhagad Billa!!”- Annika caressed the silky head of her chotey devar,”Rudra I will watch it with you .leave that tadibaaz and sit here”.
“Pehelwan bhaiyya “- Gouri ran to kitchen then to return suddenly,”we will watch it eating popcorn”.

“Breaking news of the year”-Tej,”I know it already that Shivaay is being awarded as Businessman of the year”.
“Jocking news of the year”-The reporter in the news channel declared,”Two long departed lovers from Bareilly get married in the jail today morning”.
“What is so funny in it”- Shakti didn’t find the news that important.
“Gopal is this your so called important television program”-Pinky scold the poor fellow,”Who make a fool of you by asking to watch this stupid things”.
“Kaali Thakur from Bareilly and his long lost girl friend Shwetlana from Mumbai tied the knot with each other”- The voice from inside television said.

“What the wuck!!”- Shivaay laughed loud as both Tej and Omkara fell down from their respective couches,”Ha ha ha..its really a jocking news”.
“My wife make a fool of me”- Gopal cried dramatically.
“Shivaay “- Dadi asked her grand son,”all brothers are getting married and Prinku is still left unmarried “.
“Dadi”- The shy and silent type reserved girl opened her mouth after a second,”I am ready to follow the footstep of my brothers in Ishqbaazi with Dev”.

“Oh ho…pehelwan Prinku is a chhupa rustam”- Rudra and Soumya commented,”The boy is Dev Chhabra right!!”
“We are friends from business circle with his family”- Tej nodded ,”We will talk with them about this alliance”.
“Soumya we have to wait for a long time for our marriage it seems”- Rudra express went on without paying attention to the red wrong signal of presence of elders.
“Shut up Rudra!!, Annika”-Shivaay felt shy at his words,”we are getting late”.
“For what Bhaiyya”- Rudra ran before getting a slap on his head ,”so eager for honeymoon”.
The blue sky was under them as four of them flew high in love towards Gangtok.
“Why did you choose this place “- Annika asked out of curiosity,”why not to a foreign country “.
“My crazy wife has an undeniable desire to be nestled in a higher peak of a cold mountain. What can be more important then the Himalaya range for fulfilling that desire?”
“Why did we come here to a place for honeymoon inside India?”-Gouri asked Om the same question.
“Very bad..we should have gone to West Indies”-Om teased,”so hot the climate is that people don’t need to wear any clothes at all “.

“I brought all your hooded shirts for wearing while in Sikkim and its dangerous cold”- He remembered,”I am missing my best buddy Chulbul very badly”.
“I thought it is a cool place but temperature in this room is so high”-Shivaay opened his waist coat and then attacked his shirt button.
Annika closed her both eyes real tight like shutting the doors to check some one from entering to that secret place.

“You are a cheppada!!”- She show him the washroom ,”go and change inside of there”.
“Why should I?? “- Shivaay came very close,”Shall I help you in changing just in case if you are feeling hot like me”.
“I will throw a big piece of Ice at your face”- Annika threatened ,”I can do my work alone”.
“Till meeting you ..I too thought that I can do all work alone as I am Shivaay Singh Oberoi”- the kanji eyed man hold her waist in his rough but tender caring hands,”One thing is there that I can’t do alone”.
“Oh!! Managing your business with out taking help from Khannaji”- She find after thinking a lot,”or cooking without taking help from OmRu”.
“Er…No “- Shivaay find the most pleasurable way to shut her mouth up,”this is the work I am unable to do with out your help”.

Annika tried to open her mouth after their kiss but words from her throat went for a strike.
“Wow!!”- Shivaay felt like the Vasco Da Gama of 21st century,”the best way to shut your mouth”.
He sat on the bed close to the headrest and pulled Annika real on top of his lap. She became a statue of Ice melting in the fire of his love and passion.
“What are you doing !!”- She tried to go away,”Some michichi is happening with in me”.
“The same mich michi is happening with in me too”- He opened her hairs and spread them on her shoulder to smell them,”I am spreading this Raita as a treatment to that michmichi”.
“This Raita”- Annika get a kiss on the base of her neck,” that I want to hug you real tight and kiss you everywhere I can reach..and free you from all your clothes and then….”.
“Sure..this is the thing I too want to do with you”- Shivaay encouraged his wife.
“Is this normal Billuji!!”-Annika tried to justify all their weird thought of naughty feelings,”Like all married couple wants to do with their spouse”.

“I think so”- Shivaay is also knew to this romance field like she is.
“All married couple..”- Annika widened her black dark eyes filled with some magic and desire,”Dadiji-Dadaji, Shakti uncle and Pinky aunty ,Tej Uncle and Jhanvi aunty, Om and Gou…”.
“Er…I think so,for love and for offsprings”- Shivaay put some logic borrowing from Rudra,”I don’t know if any online shopping site like Amazon or Flipkart does home delivery of Children”.
Some weird but sweet sound came from their balcony . A nightingale sang the sweetest song for the union of the lovers…. As both of them drown more in each others arm in the pool of passion.

As promised before I am ending the journey of my Ishqbaazi with Undeniable desire..The love I gain from here is precious for me…
Love you my crazy Ishquise…

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    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Haarika…. I am not coming back as I am not ready to leave from here for a single day also.
      If you missed by chance I have already started another story named as “ALIEN FEELINGS”… Thank you for being with me and for fulfilling an undeniable desire I have for a long time of writing a story.
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      One more thing mera naam mat bigado yaar ..No no mera position during fight..Its Shield not Shielder..Ok.
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