Parineeti 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Rajiv keeps thinking about Pari

Parineeti 28th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Pari and Neeti sit together. Sanju’s friends tease him why are there so many bad things at your wedding? Does God want you to not marry? You can run away. Sanju kicks them out. He says you guys are such drama. Pari comes in. Sanju throws a cushion at her too. He wears his sehra. He says Pari are you okay? She says I was picking the cushions. Your hand is bruised. Neeti will be so worried. She applies medicine to his hand. Pari leaves. A woman says to Sukhwinder something is wrong with her daughter. It started way before. Something is in her Kundli. Sanju and Neeti shouldn’t be married. There’s someone else between them. God is asking me to stop their wedding.

Scene 2
Simi asks Monty where are you going? He says it’s my friend’s wedding. Simi says why did it feel like he’s lying? Sanju says in his heart why am I thinking about Pari? He says to Pari did you get a bruise too? She says I got a bruise on my heart. My dad gave me that ring. He says do you love your dad a lot? She says yes he’s no more. HE really liked Rajiv. I wish he could see us together. He says Rajiv is very lucky? Pari says I am very lucky. Rajiv always protects me like my dad. He’s my world. Rajiv gets teary. He says your dad must be very happy. He touches her head. Neeti comes in. Monty comes to the wedding. He asks people where’s the groom? Simi also comes there. She says why Monty say his friend is marrying without telling his family. This looks like a proper wedding. Neeti comes and asks what’s happening here? Sharing emotional moments without me? Sukhwinder comes and drags Neeti out. She says what are you doing here?

Scene 3
Harman and Gurpreet report everything to the police. Daler says they’re lying. Daler says inspector their daughter loves me. They won’t let us unite. Harman says how dare you. Gurpreet hits him and says how dare you take my daughter’s name. She hits him. She says sorry inspector but she’s my daughter. Daler says stop lying. Inspector stops Daler. Daler says she loves me and Neeti is jealous of us. I am so handsome. Neeti did our breakup. Pari called me to flee away with me. Vicky hits him and says how dare you take my sister’s name. Inspector stops him. He says I will arrest you too. Harman hits him too. The cops stop Daler and say stop it or I will arrest you all too. Inspector asks them to file a report.

Neeti says to Sukhwinder why are you so angry? Sukhwinder says do you wanna marry Sanju or not? Neeti says of course I do. Sukhwinder says then why don’t you understand pandit ji asked you not to see him. Pari says please don’t get angry. You’re not well. Neeti and Sanju didn’t see anyone directly. Sukhwinder says why to do bad omen deliberately. Neeti says sit here please. Why are you so angry? She says that woman was saying it’s not okay, she thinks everything is right. Neeti says the woman who’s wearing green clothes. She said the same to me. Neeti says don’t take the stress. I won’t do any mistakes. Sukhwinder says Pari keeps an eye on her and Sanju. I don’t trust her, you’re wise. They shouldn’t see each other. Pari says they won’t meet. Don’t worry. Sukhwinder leaves. Pari says she got so mad. Neeti says I am mad at you. Pari says at me? Neeti says you’re making me jealous. You’re taking my love. Since mummy came here she’s living and trusting you more than me. And Sanju was talking to you so nicely. Pari says he’s my jeju. Neeti says they should be talking about me not you. Sanju loves me a lot. If everyone loves you who will love me. Pari says you’re so cute. Pari will always love you. I will always sing your name. Neeti says why were you crying in the room? Pari says Sanju asked about my dad. I got emotional, I miss him a lot today. Pari recalls him. She cries. Neeti hugs her.

Episode ends

Precap-Pari sees Sanju’s face. He’s Rajiv’s friend. He says I am Sanju. Neeti comes in and says what’s happening here?

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Stopped watching but today came to read if anything had changed… BUT …this show just revolves around getting married and wedding mess up….story just not moved on….infact there is no real story just going round and round in circles

    1. this wedding scene will be dragging for 2 weeks. then settle. just 100% like pari+ rajiv wedding. after 2 weeks then ú should come back n watch.🤣🤣

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