Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 28th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Priya shows her faith on Ram

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 28th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi and Vikrant calming Ram. Minister says we have nothing to talk now, because I will not approve this project. He leaves. Ram pushes Adi and says how dare he say that about my wife, he knows his wife is characterless, he can’t accept this, he asked his wife to leave. He gets angry. He says he can’t accept that its his wife’s mistake, and he is talking of my wife, and you all were believing him, you don’t trust me. Vikrant says no, calm down. Adi says we will go home and talk. Ram goes.

Nandini says we have to do something. Shubham says relax, I called Sandy home to talk something. Adi sees Priya. He asks did you see what happened, what shall I do. Nandini says take suggestions from Sandy, then she will talk to Ram, we have no option than convincing the minister, Vedika find Ram and be with him, I will meet the minister and ask him not to get insecure, I don’t want to spoil the situation, two things should be done, this deal, your and Ram’s marriage. Vedika says yes. Priya says I know you hate me, I heard the blames on Ram. Adi says I don’t hate you, you would think these blames are true. She says no, I don’t need a proof for this, he respects women, I know him, he has changed, anyone would change after so much happens, he would never cross his limits, trust him, take care of him, please. Adi nods and goes.

Priya thinks Ram don’t lose courage, I will pray that Lord sends someone to help you. Adi thinks it can be just Priya. Ram gets angry and stops the car somewhere. He thinks of Priya. He sees Pihu on the rides. He thinks she is here also, this happened because of her, its her mistake. He stops Pihu and gets angry on her. Priya says Nandini didn’t defend Ram, everyone just heard his insult. Sara says Ram has changed. Priya says but he isn’t cheap. Meera says you are right. She gives tea to Priya. She says its about Ram, right is right. Priya asks Sara why didn’t she say anything. Sara says his friends and family were there. Priya says Vedika was also there, she didn’t say anything. She jokes and asks where is Pihu. Meera says she went out with Krish. Sara says she was happy. Priya says this deal is imp, 800 crores are at stake. Sara asks how do you know this. Meera says Priya has a habit to read the newspaper. Priya thinks there would be some way to help Ram.

Ram stops the man and gives the money. He says I have bought this ride now. She says you are sad so you are fighting with me. They argue. She says you are my dad, you forgot, you became my dad that day. He says I would have gone mad if I had a daughter like you, you should say sorry. She says you won’t get any sorry now. He asks her to say sorry if she wants a round. She thinks what to do. Priya says we have to show the media that Ram loves his family, like Ram and I gave the interview when the annulment news came out. Meera says yes, I will leave now. She goes. Sara says mum feels much guilty, she misses you a lot. Priya says I have to think, how will it get fine, I went away from Ram Ishaan looks on and thinks you did a lot to protect me, I will help you both.

Pihu asks the man to make her get down. He helps her. She tells Priya’s lines. Ram recalls Priya and turns to Pihu. She says I knew you will wait for me. She runs to Krish. Ram gets shocked. Krish sees him. Pihu says Ram is arrogant and mean, I don’t like him. Krish says don’t say this. He says sorry if you felt bad of Pihu’s words. Adi says Priya was concerned for Ram, she said Ram is right. Brinda asks does she have any solution. Adi says Priya can explain the matter to the minister. Brinda says Ram hates her, she cheated him, why would she help him. Adi says we should talk to Priya, we have no better option. Nandini and Vedika come. Nandini says we have an option, you all resign. Adi says I didn’t talk of getting Priya back in Ram’s life. Nandini scolds Vikrant. Vedika says Priya ruined Ram, because of you all. Nandini says please Vedika, I don’t want to hear Priya’s name. Ram comes there. She asks where did you go, I called you many times. Ram says I will fix this. She says you always do this, give me a chance to do my duty, Kanika knows Vedika well, she will convince the minister, you have to listen to me. Vedika says I said yes for our marriage. Ram recalls Priya with Krish. He says I m ready for this.

Priya asks who is this Mr. Arrogant. Pihu sees Ram at the café and says Mr. Arrogant. Priya sees Ram there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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