Bhagya Lakshmi 29th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Ahana and Gautam get engaged

Bhagya Lakshmi 29th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Neelam asking Pandit ji if they can start tika rasam. Sonia asks Gautam to say if he has any doubt. Ayush says Ahana is very innocent. Neelam asks him not to tease Gautam. Gautam’s father says you will become our bahu. Anjana says we are lucky to get sanskari and simple bahu. Pandit ji asks Ahana’s brother to do the tilak. Neelam says Rishi is not here. Dadi says but Ayush is here and will do the tilak. Ayush does their tilak. Pandit ji asks Ahana’s mother to do the ritual. Karishma asks Neelam to do it. Neelam makes Ahana and Gautam have sweets. Dadi jokes. Anjana asks Gautam to make Neelam have sweet. Neelam says only a bit. Karishma praises Neelam’s fitness and says she is thinking to do exercise like her. Dadi jokes again about Zumba dance.

Neelam asks what to do next? Pandit ji asks them to give shagun to the groom. Karishma makes him wear the chain and watch. She says from now on , your official courtship started. Sonia says you can go out and have icecream etc. Anjana says engagement ceremony shall begin. Dadi says it can’t begin without my dance. Anjana says ok. Dadi asks Mukesh to play her song. Mukesh plays the song. Dadi dances on the song pallu latke…Ayush joins her and dances. Ahana and Gautam look at each other tensedly.

Judge tells Rishi and Lakshmi, that they don’t realize the value of time right now. She says I had given you 24 hours, but I don’t know that you have used it fully, as this is the last moments. She says I asked you both to come in the morning, but you are coming now. Rishi says we got late, as she was unwell and we had to go to hospital. Lakshmi says she was unwell. Rishi says she wanted to show her value and wanted to see how much I get worried. Lakshmi tells that she is habitual to drink tea, and she got acidity and unwell, so that’s why they have gone to hospital. Rishi asks Lakshmi why are you telling her? Lakshmi says I said as you are blaming me. He says yes, we got late because of you. Lakshmi says you took me to hospital. He asks did I force you? She says your simple language is like a fight. He says in the bathroom, I tried to talk to you, but what you did. Lakshmi says what I should have done in washroom. He says it is wrong to talk to you and says you convert normal thing into fight. Judge says there is no time for your knok jhok or arguments, I will meet you after lunch time. Rishi gets up and goes. Lakshmi thinks to talk to Ahana and asks her what happened there? She gets happy.

Anjana appreciates Dadi’s moves in this age. Virender and everyone ask age? Dadi says it os ok. Neelam says your dance is good. Ahana calls Lakshmi, and her phone is off. Dadi asks Mukesh to give her water. Ayush asks Dadi to dance with him. Dadi refuses. She says let Ahana and Gautam have a dance. Neelam asks them to dance. Ahana and Gautam refuse. Neelam orders them to dance. Gautam bends down on his knees and kisses her hand. They have a dance. Sukoon mila plays….He says sorry to her. Ahana says I know you couldn’t do anything. Sonia thinks to post their video on social media.

Rishi asks Lakshmi where to go, and says he is very hungry? He asks if there is something here. Lakshmi asks him to have food in dhaba there. He says you will get acidity if you don’t have food and asks her to come. Lakshmi says you don’t care for me and don’t have any relation with me, so let me be hungry. He says you shall be a lawyer, as you argue well. He asks her to come and have food. Lakshmi thinks he cares for me and hates me too, what does he wants? She thinks if he had known then we wouldn’t have been here. He comes back to her and asks if she was saying bad thing about him. She says no. He asks her to come. Lakshmi says she will come after making a phone call. Rishi thinks whom she is calling? Lakshmi calls Ahana, but she doesn’t pick the call.

Dadi takes off the bad sight from Ahana and Gautam, and says your dance was good, but less than me. They take Dadi’s blessings. Dadi says we all shall have a family pic together. Sonia takes the pic. Dadi says everyone is here, except Rishi and Lakshmi. Neelam says Rishi should have been here. Sonia says I will post the photos. Ahana asks her not to post it until marriage. Anjana asks why? Ahana says she wants to keep it personal. Sonia tells Karishma that she has already uploaded the pics. Karishma says she will handle Ahana. Neelam says Rishi should have come by now, and calls him. She then tells Virender that Rishi said that he has to wait due to lunch time, and paper work is in progress. Ahana thinks this means their divorce haven’t happened, and thinks to talk to Lakshmi. She sees Lakshmi’s missed call. Gautam asks if everything is fine. Ahana says she is tensed since morning, and says I told truth to you and asked you to talk to your parents. She says because of her truth, Rishi and Lakshmi’s marriage can break. She says I am getting in a relation, by breaking my bhai and bhabhi’s marriage. Gautam says he couldn’t talk to his parents, as the aarti thaali broke down and Mom got tensed. Gautam’s parents notices them. Ahana throws her mobile on the sofa. Anjana asks what happened? Gautam says Ahana wanted to talk to Lakshmi. Neelam scolds Ahana politely, asking her not to talk about Lakshmi. Malishka says we shall do the ring ceremony. Anjana asks Ahana to see the ring and say how is it? Malishka says today is your day. Karishma asks her to forget Lakshmi. Anjana and her husband ask them to let her talk to Lakshmi. Neelam says actually Rishi and Lakshmi have gone to the court for a divorce, and says the matter behind it is..we don’t want to hide from you all, as we are going to be relatives too. Karishma thinks may be they can cancel alliance with Ahana.

Precap: Neelam tells Gautam’s parents that Lakshmi doesn’t deserve their love, doesn’t deserve to be my son’s wife. She says Lakshmi is pregnant, not by Rishi, but by a goon. Ahana shouts no and walks away from there. Rano comes there. Neelam says I was thinking why inauspicious thing is happening in my house. Rano asks her to mind her language. Dadi asks Rano to understand the sensitivity of a situation. Rano says my foot. She asks did you call us here for insult, and says she will take revenge for this very soon. Judge tells Rishi and Lakshmi that their relation was destined to be there till here. She signs the divorce papers. Lakshmi gets teary eyes. Rishi looks at Lakshmi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. A recycling recycled scripts in all EKTA Kapoor’s shows. We all know they won’t get divorced until Markesh Dosh is over then Ekta Kapoor and her writers can easily seperate Rishi and Lakshmi as with her other Bhagya shows it this crap is still on air

  2. All apesod sin mi today

  3. No one ever stands up and does the right thing in Etka’s serials. A bunch of trash scripts all the time

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