Paramavatar Shri Krishna 7th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Balram thanks savre.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 7th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with all people in vrindavan saying we have to start decorating all of vrindavan for the cow festival. Kanha says yes father, mata kamdhenu has saved everyone’s lives from dhenukasura’s magic, the cow festival will be celebrated with fun in all of vrindavan and barsana. Yashoda says kanha you start doing the preparations with your father.
Radha comes and kanha says where is brother balram? Radha says I told brother balram that today savre helped us a lot in saving the lives of all people, brother balram has gone to thank him. kanha says lets go and see. Kanha and radha go to balram who is feeding fodder to savre. Balram says savre today you have helped us in saving everyone’s lives, I will always be grateful for your help, from today I am your elder brother as well and I will always protect you. balram says and yes savre, I never share my laddoos but here you can also eat my laddoos. Kanha says brother, just do 1 thing, don’t make savre pick your mudgal the way you make me do it. balram laughs. radha says you cant even pick the mudgal kanha. Balram and radha laugh.
Sudhama is in his house sitting with the idol of kanha. Sudhama says my govinda, my friend, I will soon find you. Sudhama’s father and mother come and mother says sudhama, you sit here everyday with this idol and say he is your god and your friend. Sudhama says mother I am not lying, this is govinda and he has taken birth to destroy all evil in the world, he is my friend but no one trusts me. Mother says sudhama I am not saying you are a liar but no one will listen to you until you are a learned Brahmin and educated, once you learn and become an educated Brahmin everyone will believe the truth you know. Father says son we are brahmins and you have to become one by educating, please learn and become great, educate at the ashram of matak rishi. Sudhama says okay mother, I will first learn. Father and mother get happy.
Kanha is at his home and radha comes with her friends to give bhog and invitations to all people. Kanha says what happened? Why have you come radha? Radha says I have come to invite everyone for the bhog tomorrow at barsana as our cow ratna will become queen of cows in tomorrow’s match and she will win. Kanha says radha, go back home, our cow will become the queen cow tomorrow, so don’t need to conclude everything beforehand that your cow will win. Radha says every year the cow from barsana becomes the queen cow and even this year ratna will be the queen cow. Kanha says every year it happens so it is not necessary that it will happen this year too, everyone will come to vrindavan for the bhog. Radha says boastful gore, I have a lot of work now, I am going. Radha goes to invite everyone.
Kanha goes to his cow to prepare her for the competition next day.

Precap: sudhama is taken to matak rishi’s ashram for education.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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