Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th August 2018 Written Episode Update: All gods summon their female goddess forms.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with shumbh saying what will you do now woman? Shumbh laughs and says I will also take the women you have hidden inside the cave. Devi kaushaki gets angry and she becomes very huge in size as she sits on her lion. Kaushaki says evil demon, how did you underestimate a woman’s power? I am the jagat janni and you don’t yet know what I can do, how did you think I cant be at many places at a time? If you hurt my innocent children, I being a mother will always protect them and now you have hurt the feelings of a mother. Mata kaushaki says to all gods and tridev, everyone, summon your female forms, this evil demon will know the power of a woman. Kaushaki says now you will all summon your female forms and every man has the power of a female deep inside him.
Brahma dev says yes devi. Brahma dev closes his eyes and then he prays, a light from his body emerges out and comes out as his female form goddess. Everyone do pranam. devi kaushaki then calls mahadev’s form devi maheshwari to come. Mahadev closes his eyes and he summons his female form of devi maheshwari who sits on nandi. Kartikeya then closes his eyes and he summons his female form who sits on mayur peacock. Indra dev thinks am I mad? I am a man and why will I summon a female who is not even there inside me? Evenkartikeya has a female form? Kaushaki then calls lord vishnu’s female forms. Lord Vishnu closes his eyes and summons his female forms of goddess varahi, goddess vamani and goddess narsimhi. Devi kaushaki says these are the different female forms of lord Vishnu all born from his own power.
Devi kaushaki then says devi mahendri! Everyone look at indra dev. Indra dev says what happened? Kartikeya says come on devraj, summon your female form inside you. indra dev says what are you saying kumar kartikeya? I am a male who is complete man and how can I summon a female form from inside me when I am not a female? It is not possible for me. Kartikeya gets angry and says here mother needs our help and you are living in your ego of being a man. How shameful of you indra dev. Indra dev says but kartikeya, how can I remove a female form inside from me? Ganesh says brother don’t be angry, I will make indra dev understand. Ganesh says indra dev you are powerful and strong and complete as a man but without a woman, a man is nothing and every man has the power of a female inside him, mother needs our help because she has to teach all evil people like shumbh that even a man is incomplete without a woman in his life and nothing can separate him from a woman, if even you think that a man is self-sufficient and he doesn’t have the power of a woman then you are no different than shumbh. Indra dev says I agree with you ganesh ji, I am sorry for what I said. Indra dev closes his eyes and he summons the female form from inside him. devi mahendri appears on airaavat. Everyone do pranam to devi mahendri.
Mata kaushaki says to all the forms, these are the 7 forms born from my own power shumbh. Did you think I am alone? They will kill all your soldiers and protect my children around the universe. The 7 forms go to protect the world. Shumbh is shocked.

Precap: all dead bodies of demons falls before shumbh. Shumbh is in shock. Kaushaki says look at the dead bodies of your demons, even now you think you can defeat me?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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