Dev (Colors) 8th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Dev solves Praful’s case

Dev (Colors) 8th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dev comes to meet Lokesh’s college’s head. Head says I knew Lokesh well, he was a charming person but he was strict with Praful, his suicide was a mystery, Praful helped the case, they found Lokesh and Geeta’s deadbody. Praful took them to lab where Lokesh made cyanide, Dev says what if Lokesh didnt do suicide?

Praful comes to college, he greet students but nobody answers him. He sees pictures of girls he killed on board. Girls and students chant against him. Eisha says he killed Bhawna and wanted to kill me and my family, he killed my dog, he is a s*xual abuser. Praful says you have proof? Eisha says I feel filth seeing you, she spits on him, he slaps her and says how dare you? I will make you vanish you in a minute.

Dev says to Dwani that Praful killed Lokesh because he loved Geeta and got to know that his father have affair with Geeta, he will open his mouth seeing Geeta’s photo.

Eisha says to students that this is real face of this man, he will kill me too, kill him. They all beat him. Dev comes there and says dont take law in your hands. He takes Praful in lab and locks it. He asks Praful where will you show face now? your honor and respect is gone, I am sorry for what your father did, you loves Geeta? but you got to know that Lokesh and Geeta were together so you killed them, you used to try to find Geeta in these girls and used to kill them when you couldnt. Dev says these students will kill you, you can die taking cyanide like you killed innocent girls. Praful says they were not innocent, they were all like Geeta, I killed 40 girls in 20 years, all girls used to sway over my charm, they couldnt resist me, I used to kill them like I killed geeta and my father by this cyanide, he takes cyanide and eats it. Dev says this was not cyanide, it was powder, he shows him hidden camera and says now your statement will be shown in court.
Narvekar arrests Praful, media praises Dev.
Apa says to Mahek that Dev is doing nice work, Mahek says he should look after his wife too, Apa says I take care of you, she gives her fruits and leave. Door bell rings, Mahek finds parcel at her doorstep, she recalls how last time it was a bomb. She opens box and finds bomber’s picture with Munim and Dev’s mother. Apa hides and takes her pictures. Mahek thinks that I took this photo of Munim, Jain and Dev’s mother, she finds pendrive and thinks if it has Jain’s secrets.

Dev is in car and sees a father helping his kid to play. Dev thinks that every father shows a path to kids either negative or positive, Praful and I got hate from fathers but he takes it out on innocents and I take it out on evil but my kid wont have negativity, he will light in his life, he wont get hate from his father.

Scene 2
Some girls and boys are in a house, all are sleeping after party, a girl goes to washroom, someone follows her.

Dev comes to police station, he sees officer crying seeing a card from his son. Dev asks why he is crying? officer says when you become father then you will know. Dev looks on.

Dev sits in his room and records that father-son relation is my biggest pain and biggest hope too, if Mahek doesnt tell me the truth then who will? He recalls how Jain was shot by Narvekar, he says even deadbodies talk too.

Narvekar comes to party house, officer says one girl is missing from this house, they all partied at night but she is missing. Narvekar sees one girl Swati made video of party, Narvekar sees all boys and girls drinking and enjoying in party. Narvekar says we have to find Ankita, the girl who is missing. He leaves. Swati hides something.

Narvekar comes to washroom and finds blood marks on curtain, they open window and sees Ankita’s deadbody lying in duct.
Mahek is entering password to pendrive. She sees videos of herself with Shria, Dev’s mother. One video shows that Mahek gave injection to Shria, Shria got dizzy and died. Munim says to Mahek that you killed Shria. Mahek ends video and is tensed, she thinks that Dev should never find this pendrive and know what happened that night.

PRECAP- Dev and Narvekar investigates Ankita’s case. Narvekar says Mohit and Sharad was in Ankita’s room, either they are killers or someone else.
Dev comes to a site, he finds some bombs and some papers, he takes documents from there and runs away. Goons ask him to stop.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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