Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 8th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina realizes Sameer’s true love

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 8th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Preeti saying sorry and tells Naina that she couldn’t bring samosa for her, as JBR came and scolded them. Naina says it is ok. Preeti says you are hungry since yesterday night. Sunaina asks where is Sameer? Munna and Pandit tell that he is coming. Sameer comes there. JBR tells that his grah pravesh shall be done. Sameer says he had important work and says today is his bike’s 3 birthday so he prepared for the party. JBR asks are you crazy and says who celebrates bike birthday. Munna says when a human heart beats, we hear dhak dhak sound and when the bike heart beats, how the sound comes. JBR says I know and makes bike sound. Sameer says please. Canteen guy comes and distributes samosas to everyone. Swati asks Naina about Sameer’s party. Naina says Sameer got the bike in December. Naina’s voiceover tells that day she had realized that Sameer and her relation are bounded by heart. She says their dard ka rishta is for keeps, and tells that Sameer gave treat to all class so that I won’t be hungry. Naina eats samosa. Sameer looks at her.

Preeti and Naina come home. Bela asks her to be careful while walking. Preeti asks her to walk. Naina walks a bit and feels pain. Bela takes out bad sight off from Naina. Preeti says you said right and says Naina and her foot got bad sight. Preeti plays radio and dances. Chand tare gawah hain plays…..Next song plays….Naina, Preeti and Bela hear choli ke peeche song…Bela asks Preeti to switch off radio before Tai ji comes, but just then Sharad and his mum come with Tai ji. They get shocked. Naina says what they might be thinking.

Preeti says they might have called before coming. Naina’s voiceover tells that Preeti was unaware that phone is used for many purpose and least for calling. Tai ji asks Bela to make Naina wear good clothes and asks her to bring snacks etc. Bela tells that Naina fell down in college. Tai ji gets upset and asks her to call her. She says Naina is coming and tells that she has pain else she would have made good food for them. She asks shall I order rasmalai. Sharad’s mum says it is his favorite. His bua says even Sharad makes it. Sharad says I will make you have it. Tai ji says they don’t want to go to hell by making Damad work. Sharad’s mum likes her sanskar. Tai ji says it is her parents teaching.

Sunaina comes to Sameer’s house and tells that he took sanyasi look. Mami tells that he was about to go to Ashram. She asks Sunaina to come home often. Sunaina says she will come. Mama ji says he likes their Jodi and talks about food. Sunaina gives her samosa to Sameer and says love increases when they share. Sameer gets upset and goes. Naina gets ready in saree. Preeti is upset. Sharad tells Bela that he wants to freshen up, and tells that Dilip Mirani likes his habit. Preeti hears him and tells Naina that she is sure Sharad is married to his boss and says he will keep his kids’ name as Dilip and Mirani. She asks her to talk to Sharad.

Sharad tells Naina that she is looking good in saree and asks her to wear saree at home, but wear jeans when they meet secretly before marriage and when they go to their honeymoon. Naina tells him that she fell down today in college and asks if his family will objection. Sharad asks her not to worry and asks her to take their blessings. Her voiceover tells that she was worried. Sunaina tells Sameer that she is leaving. Sameer says you are leaving me. Sunaina says I am going back to my house and tells that my love is getting stronger for you. She says I will always support you. She says my love will not make you remember Naina even for a second. Sameer thinks of Naina.

Bela tells Naina that a man can love his wife, but will not give his everything to her. She says God didn’t make such a man. Naina says God made one such man and she knows him. Bela looks on surprised.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Deepi

    Y the update is too late today. But thanks for. Your update. Today’s episode is so cute. But a little bit irritating of sameer……the way he spoke to sunaina……sad for naina???pls makers unite samaina pair soon

  2. Hi!! Today’s episode was funny but makers are dragging the show…Plzz don’t drag this track..
    We can’t bear that irritating Sharad any more??..Preeti said the same about Sharad which is in my mind…Iski Shadi ho chuki h CA Dilip Mirani se??And bccho k naam ‘Dilip’ and ‘Mirani’???Too funny…And her expression when Sharad again discussed about his boss are the same as many of us make…Right guys??..Preeti is the real star??
    Apart from this,Sameer’s gesture for Naina was so sweet…He really cares for her??..
    Yesterday I was wrong… Sunaina is not helping Sameer to get Naina back…Rather she is trying that Sameer forgets Naina…And as she said”Tum chahoge to bhi tumhe nhi chodungi”This means after Sharad track is over Sunaina track will start…O no??
    But whatever she can do to maximum she can’t erase Naina’s love from Sameer’s Heart?But here Sameer is faulty…He should not play with her feelings and emotions…I don’t know why he is doing so…May be to get over his loneliness and Naina’s Memories..It is human nature and Sameer can’t help that..
    In Precap..Will Naina confess her love with Sameer in front of Chachiji…I don’t think so…What do you think guys??? I think she will take Chachaji’s name to change the topic…Hope so…

  3. Hi guys, Yes you’re right Ashu Naina will take chacha’s name instead of Sameer in front of Chachi…….
    Coming to Sunaina’s part, she definetly likes and love sameer so she will create a big problem in SAMAINA’s life after knowing the truth of Sameer (who really cares only for Naina) but use her to bring back his love.

    But Naina will not patch up with Sameer because she will supports Sunaina( she very well knows her pain if sunaina come to know about sameer’s true love for Naina)….even Sunaina will not tolerate the pain…………

    coming to Sameer – Please do understand his character yaar – when nobody was there to support him in Delhi, he made friendship with those goon(bad guys) and realise his mistake only when Munna and Pandit make him understand the fact………..
    so no wonder that he seeks Sunaina’s help to get rid off Naina but what happen to Munna and Pandit why they are still supports sameer and if they understand the Sameer’s true love for Naina then they should take preethi’s help and do something for their patch up.

    Karthik and his Cousin Vicky – i really don’t know what this characters are doing……………why Karthik is not making any plan to separate Sunaina from Sameer – eargerly waiting for him to do something but he is real coward guy…………….

    Naina – why don’t you make your friends understand that you always care for sameer equally as of your family…………swati -good friend of Naina.

    Preethi – what to say, no words to express your character………………… always rock………

    upcoming episode – Sameer will beat Sharad.. I believe the track will be like this.

    1. then Karthik make this situation and inform Sunaina that Sameer’s Love is only for Naina and not her.
    2. Sameer will confess that he will help any girl ( who is in problem)
    3. Naina will not take this situation an advance to patch with Sameer.
    4. Both Sameer and Naina will hide their Love and give fake reason.
    5. Stupid Sunaina will not be able to understand the real fact and she will blindly believe sameer and will not take the situation seriously……

    Finally we all will go mad and wait for their patch up for few more weeks…………………………….believing the spoilers……………haha……….

    please don’t drag this separation and sad track tooooooooo long…………else we lose the interest towards this show……….a humble request to the Makers……………………

    1. I totally agree with you Devi?…I haven’t expect this from Munna Pandit…They are not stopping Sameer for repeating this mistake again even encouraging him to do so…?
      Kartik and priyank are just spectators.I don’t think Kartik will do anything…He also not truly love Sunaina… It’s just his ego of not losing.. before Sameer as he doesn’t like Sameer at all..And his friend Sunaina giving him no importance for Sameer is hurting his ego…
      And you are right…Makers are going to drag so much for reuniting Samaina ?

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