Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Kanha protects the devi’s.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with sudhama telling radha the story. Sudhama says he then started doing prayer and singing songs of krishna bhakti as kanha sat and ate fruits, all friends with him prayed too. Kanha then hears the 2 devis, swatha and swara calling for help.kanha says someone is calling me for help. Kanha tells sudhama lets go, we have to find who it is. Kanha and sudhama go and they see devi swara and swatha running towards kanha. The devis come and say prabhu, please save us protect us! A mayavi demon has got a wish from the gods after prayers and by the wish he is forcing us to marry him, we will soon come to take us captive and take us with him, save us. Kanha says don’t worry devi, you are now under my protection, nothing will happen to the both of you. Kanha says sudhama take them to your hut, the demon will come to vrindavan for sure as he comes to find them. Sudhama says okay.
Kanha says you both have to stay here in disguise of gopi’s sp that the demon doesn’t find you. In a village, the demon says no one of you know where the devis are, you shall not live, I will kill you all. As demon is about to attack, kanha comes and says stop. Demon says who are you? The people say demon, he is vrindavan’s kanha, our protector. A woman is removing butter and demon says you were there right now, how did you come here?
The demon goes ahead to find the devi and says why do all gopi’s lookalike? Kanha says this is vrindavan, all gopi’s look like this. Kanha confuses the demon and the demon tries to find the devi.
Sudhama helps the devi’s to get in disguise. The demon roams around vrindavan searching for the devis and he comes across sudhama with the devi’s as gopi. The demon looks everywhere and then goes to remove the cover of devi’s but he gets frustrated and says the devi’s are not here, all these gopi’s look alike. Sudhama smiles. Demon says what do I have to do with these women? I will find swara and swaha.
Demon says to kanha, kid I will find the devi’s anywhere from the universe, you will see. Demon goes. Sudhama says deviya, my friends plan has never failed.
There sudhama is shocked as he sees punya fal of yagya in the sky. Kanha says don’t worry, it is no maya of the demon, the devi are disciples and the punya fal of yagya is coming all in vrindavan. Kanha is talking to sudhama and bheem comes. Kanha is happy and bheem says I have come to learn mudgal abhyaas from dau balram.
Vrindavan has been pillaged by the demon and they ask kanha for help and cry, they say only you can save us kanha, protect us. Kanha says bheem this is a battle for you, we have to save the gopis. Bheem says don’t worry kanha, I will save the gopi’s and tell dau balram, he will be impressed by me.

Precap: Kanha, bheem and sudhama go to free the gopi’s of vrindavan from the demon and to punish him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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