Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 6th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Guneet refuses to leave the house

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 6th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amber drinking coffee in the morning. Guneet comes to kitchen to make tea and grinds ginger. Amber couldn’t bear the sound and wears headphone to listen song. Just then some water drops fall on him as Pummy dries her hairs. He continues to wear headphone till evening and takes if off when Nia returns. Nia says hi dad. Amber hugs her and says you are really good. Nia asks what happened? Amber says you don’t grind the ginger and don’t dry your hairs outside. She comes to room and asks why he brought so many watches/clocks. She says online shopping is a disease too. He tells that he will know when she gets up etc. Nia asks where you will put this third one. Amber says in the office. Guneet sees their bonding and smiles.

Next morning, Guneet tells his mum that she is going and asks what is she doing? Pummy tells that she is making halwa. Guneet says we had already offered in Gurudwara. Guneet tries to stop her and tells that Amber will get angry. Pummy tells that she is extending the hand of friendship and asks her to go. Guneet prays to God and leaves. Pummy thinks to take off evil sight of her halwa.

In the office, Nia and Kabir look at each other. She recalls Kabir’s poetry and comes to Shri asking for the print outs. Shri then asks Kabir to sign on the papers. Nia takes the printout. Kajal asks Kabir to come for the meeting. Shri takes Nia there.

Guneet comes home and sees neighbors enjoying the halwa made by Pummy. She is shocked. Pummy tells Guneet that she asked milkman to give invite to neighbors. She tells that she got samosa and kachori and made halwa. She serves tea to them. Amber sees neighbors and asks Guneet what they are doing here? Guneet says they are neighbors. Amber asks who parked their car in my parking. Guneet says I will check.

Kajal asks Nia if she will go to US without talking to Kabir. She asks if we are your divorce lawyers that you are not speaking. Kabir asks her to come and tells that he don’t want to lose their friendship. Nia says even me. Kabir says sorry. Nia says sorry for behaving weirdly. Shri signs him to say. Kabir says he has a meeting to catch and excuses himself. Shukla tells Amber that he told his wife that you have changed and tells that your tenant changed your life. Amber asks the boy to leave. Shukla aunty asks Amber not to eat halwa made by Pummy and tells that she has spoiled your kitchen. Guneet comes out and asks who has parked their car outside and asks where Amber ji will park his car. Amber asks who called them and asks everyone to go. Shukla and his wife leave along with others. Pummy says they are my neighbors. Guneet says you don’t know them. Amber says this is someone else house. Pummy says this is my house too. Amber says I will not bear anyone in my house and tells that if someone comes here then ….Guneet says you didn’t ask him before. Pummy says it is all your mistake and tells that you will throw me out. Nia comes home. Amber tells that he will give them 3 months rent money and asks them to vacate the house. Pummy tells that she will not go and he will go and tells that when you go to America, we will buy this house. Amber asks what you are saying? Nia asks Amber to listen to her.

Amber says he will pack his stuff and tells that he can’t stay with them. Amber says I am angry. Nia falls down while trying to take his stuff. Amber asks her to get up and tells that they are a team and will not lose. Guneet tries to speak to him. Amber says ghar chor…he comes inside the room and locks the door. Nia says we can’t hide in our house. Amber says I am thinking of strategy. Nia says I thought you are scared of Guneet. He asks her to find out the truth. Nia comes to Guneet and tells that they shall tell the truth to Papa. Guneet says if he kicks us out. Nia says we have to tell the truth.

Nia knocks on the door and tells that Guneet wants to talk to you. Amber says I am not scared of her. Guneet comes and tells that Maa always wanted to have home of her own, she was very upset and didn’t want to leave that home. Amber says so you wanted to get my house. Guneet says no. She tells about KK’s story and says it is a long story. Amber asks her to have shame and says you made my daughter lie to me, tells that you can’t stay in this house and this conversation is over. Guneet says we lied, but my mum wanted to die in her own house and lied to make her happy. She says this is truth. Amber says listen to me, your mum will not die in my house. Guneet says you can’t do this. Amber says I have right to throw the liars. Guneet tells that she has live in licence and will go to court. Amber asks her not to threaten him. Guneet says I will not leave this house, never. She goes. Amber gets tensed.

Precap: Guneet reads 70 rules for the tenant written by Amber.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Vijay Tilani Kabir is very expressive actor . He acts effortless and his eyes do all the talking.
    It is unfortunate that he is not given more opportunities. Honestly he is better than the Kartiks, Ranbirs and that clownish Ranveer .
    Yet another case where it is not What you know but Who you know . Hopefully Vijay gets his dues soon.

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