Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Hanuman meets lord ram.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh asking for forgiveness and says I don’t have other option to stop your gadha. As the gadha is about to clash, maha ganpati ji appears and hanumna does pranam and takes back his gadha. Mahaganpati says hanuman, sometimes due to more love we fail to see the truth in front of us, like you are the ansh of mahadev shiva! Ganesh is my ansh, he is also a gokulvasi and parvati nandan ganesh. Ganpati goes. Hanuman looks in ganesh’s eyes and sees lord ram and understand, he says forgive me prabhu ganesh, I did not recognize you. Ganesh says prabhu hanuman, we have to go before it is too late. Hanuman and ganesh go. Hanuman is happy and says lord ram has called me, his bhakti and service is my lifelong goal.
Hanuman says sit on my shoulders, I will take you as fast as the vayu. Hanuman says we will reach quickly. Hanuman becomes huge in size and he goes with ganesh and mushak.
Meghnad is praying for the yagya as all goddesses wait. Kartikeya says hanuman ji has to come quickly, otherwise no one will be able to stop meghnad. Hanuman comes quickly and lord ram is happy. Hanuman comes and is happy to see lord ram, he has tears and he goes and both lord ram and hanumna express their love for each other. Lord ram blesses hanuman as he touches his feet. Hanuman says prabhu, by touching your feet I have always felt the greates happiness from my heart.
Lord ram has tears and they both hug each other. Hanuman says my name is from you shree ram and for a disciple the name is itself his god. Everyone start singing lord ram’s prayer. Bhandasura hears the prayer and is angry, he says where is ravana? I have to find out myself. Bhandasura says ravana, you are hiding here, there hanuman has come. Ravana says I never hide and nothing is hidden from me, I knew they would call hanuman. It is all my plan.
Lord ram takes hanuman to meet mata lalita. Hanuman does pranam and is blessed. Hanuman says dharma shall always prevail and it is my duty to keep it in the world. But what do I do first? Kartikeya says you hsve to destroy meghnad’s yagya and the strategic view around him. Hanuman says adharma can never prevail.
Ganesh explains the view to hanuman and tells him about the tunnle dug under by him. Suddenly there demon soldiers notice the tunnle and get inside to find out. Lord ram, Laxman, hanuman and ganesh are inside the tunnel.
Meghnad continues with his yagya.

Precap: hanuman uses his gadha and destroys the entire soldier stronghold around him. Laxman attacks meghnad with arrow, the yagya is stopped. Ravana says I will kill you ram, my son meghnad has been killed by you.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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