Paramavatar Shri Krishna 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Vindhyachal increases his size.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 29th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vindhyachal saying kansa are you insulting me? kansa says why would insult you? I am just worried for you, instead you should ask to be the king of all mountains, no one respects you and prays to you but you deserve all the pride. Vindhyachal thinks. Then kansa says anyway it is your decision, I just told you what you deserve to be, kansa goes. Vindhyachal says yes, I deserve to be the king of mountains. Vindhyachal then goes and starts making himself and even larger mountain, he increases his size more and more.
There all people are in the cave and they are making the bhandar for devi yog maya. Suddenly damodar comes running and says nand baba, outside! Nand says what happened damodar? Kanha says damu kaka, take your breath, did you forget what you saw? Damodar says come outside, you all will be shocked to see this. All people go outside and suddenly the rays of the sun fall on all people and people say the rays are very hot, and how is that vindhyachal mountain becoming so huge in size? Kanha and balram come to one side and balram says kanha I am sure this is kansa’s doing. Kanha says yes brother, kansa will never change. People say we should get inside otherwise the rays of the sun will hurt us if we stay here outside. Kanha says yes everyone go in, all people go in but kanha stays out and he looks at vindhyachal and says I shall do something. Yog maya appears and she says prabhu, vindhyachal is very arrogant, he will not listen so easily to you. Kanha says devi, my mother always says that we should not conclude to a decision on the basis of probability, we should always try, I will go and try. Kanha goes. Devi yog maya suddenly hears some screams saying help us mata, help us. Yog maya goes.
Narad muni says prabhu, how can vindhyachala increases or decrease his size? No other mountain can do this. Lord Vishnu says it is a story of many years ago when the mountains used to float in the sky. In flashback, all mountains are floating in the sky and as vindhyachal floats, he throws rocks on the fire kund of rishi’s who are doing yagya’s and pooja’s. the rishi’s get angry and scold vindhyachal. One day vindhyachal floats above the ashram of rishi durvasa and he throws a rock inside the fire kund of rishi durvasa’s yagya. Rishi gets up in anger and says these mountains are very arrogant, vindhyachal laughs. Rishi says vindhyachal, I curse you, from today no mountain will float in the sky and none will fly and you will lose all your powers of flight. Since then, all mountains fall down on ground and they establish on their positions. Vindhyachal comes down, since then he starts praying to brahma dev and after harsh prayers, brahma dev appears. Vindhyachal says prabhu, please bless me, I want my powers of flight and float back. Brahma dev says vindhyachal that is not in my power because you all mountains have lost the power to float as rishi durvasa gave the curse, ask something else. Vindhyachal says then prabhu, give me the power to change my size however I want, I want to be as small as a tear drop when I want and as big as the universe when I want. Brahma dev grants this power and goes.
Lord Vishnu says this way vindhyachal could grow or decrease his size however he wanted.
There kanha goes to vindhyachal and calls him. vindhyachal doesn’t appear. Kanha says please appears vindhyachal, kanha thinks vindhyachal is really arrogant. Vindhyachal appears and says kid what do you want? Kanha says vindhyachal ji, just look at what size you have grown to, because of that the rays of suryadev have been blocked and now they are being concentrated on other parts, this is hurting all beings near the khatri mountain, please come back to your normal size. Vindhyachal says no, I wont, people don’t respect me. kanha says what do you want vindhyachal? Vindhyachal says I will not decrease my size, everyone goes and prays to that khatri mountain for its medicines but the sunrays will burn those trees and medicinal plants, unless lord Vishnu himself comes and makes me the king of mountains, I will not decrease my size. Kanha says but you are already greater in size than most of the mountains in the world.
There kansa laughs and keshari says maharaj what did you do? I did not understand. Kansa says come here keshari, see there vindhyachal has grown his size? Keshari says yes. Kanha says then because of that, see the khatri mountain, the rays of the sun are getting concentrated on that mountain and because of that it will burn to the ground. Kansa laughs.
There yog maya goes and all plants and trees take their human forms and say mata we are burning, please save us, what do we do? Please protect us. Yog maya says come with me, nothing will happen to you all. Inside the cave, all people are getting burns on their body, people scream for pain and say we told you nand baba, we should have gone back, staying here is only causing more pain for us. Balram brings water and gives a man but his hands burn from the hot water and he cries. Balram says please calm down everyone. Everyone is scared.

Precap: yog maya tells vindhyachal to decrease his size. Vindhyachal says no. yog maya grows her size so huge that she becomes taller as her body comes in space. Vindhyachal is scared.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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