Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Yam becomes the god of death.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vishwakarma ji feeling worried. Vishwakarma ji then closes his eyes and with his powers, dev-shilpi vishwakarma makes a very strong and dangerous weapon more powerful than the weapons of all the gods. Suryadev watches as vishwakarma ji makes the weapon.
Mata kali says to ganesh and everyone, this was a weapon which was very powerful and made for the god who would keep the balance between death and life and would be the king of the world of all souls. Mata kali says the weapon called yam by his name as it had already chosen its owner. Ganesh says how is that possible? How can a weapon chose its owner? Mata kali says I think your brother knows the answer. Kartikeya says ganesh, you are the god of intelligence but I will tell you, a weapon can chose its owner when it knows that the person will truly fulfill his duties using the weapon for what it was made for. Ganesh says yes now I understand, your spear chose you because you were capable of being the commander of the army of gods. Kartikeya smiles.
In flashback, vishwakarma creates the weapon named as the Mrityu-paash. Vishwakarma opens his eyes and is shocked, he says I don’t know how this weapon was created by me, I don’t have any memory of it. Mahadev, brahma dev, lord Vishnu and all the other gods appear. Vishwakarma says tridev, I don’t know how I made this mrityu-paash and what it’s purpose is but it has been created and made for someone, it is very powerful as I know and is almost indestructible. Mahadev says dev-shilp vishwakarma ji, you created the weapons of all the gods and now even this mrityu-paash, it has a purpose and the weapon has already chosen its owner, but all gods you can try, someone is the owner. There yam is in the palace and he hears a sound from vishwakarma’s palace, someone calling yam! Yam! Yam! Yam gets up and says I think someone is calling me from grandfather’s palace, I should go and see.
There indra dev thinks, I should be the owner of this mrityu-paash, it is an extraordinary weapon, I will be its owner. Lord Vishnu says devraj indra, go and try, all gods you want the paash to be yours then try to wield it, if you can take control then it will be yours. Indra dev walks in pride towards the paash and thinks it will be mine. Indra dev puts his hand forward, he then tries touching the paash but its power holds indra dev and he suffers pain in his body, indra dev feels like he is falling inside a world of death. Indra dev comes back in pain. Agni dev thinks what happened to indra dev? Agni dev says why did you come back devraj? Couldn’t you hold the power of the mrityu paash? Agni dev says can I try narayana? Lord Vishnu says yes. Agni dev goes and tries to hold the weapon but he also suffers the pain of death and falls into the death world. Agni dev retracts and comes back. This way all gods try and only suryadev is left. Suryadev thinks indra dev tried, am I the owner of this weapon? Suryadev goes ahead to try but before touching the weapon, he sees visions of his son as the god of death and king of patal lok. Suryadev thinks what did I see? Mahadev says tell everyone suryadev what you saw. Before suryadev says anything, yam comes and says father!
Yam does pranam to everyone. Mahadev says this is the right time that you have come son yam. Yam says what do I do prabhu? Mahadev says first take the paash yam. Vishwakarma says mahadev I am just saying but all powerful gods tried and yam is a teenager, will he be able to hold the power of mrityu-paash? Yam goes ahead and says as you say mahadev. Yam goes and holds the mrityu-paash and it says you are my real owner yam, I am your weapon and I shall answer to you only. Yam holds the paash and then everyone suddenly come outside the palace as the reality changes.
Suryadev smiles. Mahadev says yam, you are the true owner of the mrityu-paash. Indra dev says yam you are just a kid, what do you have that the weapon turned us down? why couldn’t I wield it? Suddenly mata kali’s form appears and she says indra, you came with your problem about the balance of life and death and now that I gave a solution, you are rejecting the truth. Indra dev says mata, I was just asking why weren’t we worthy?
Mata says because yam is more strong, dharmadhikar and worthy of the weapon. Suryadev is happy for his son. Yam says but mata what do I do? Mata kali says yam, from now you are the god of death, you will keep the balance between life and death and will be the king of patal lok, you will take the life of a being when it’s time is over and according to their karma, you will give them their correct fruit that they deserve. Mata blesses yam and gives him his animal, the bull! Yam grows from a teenage boy to the very yamraj devta, god of death into a man. Mata says chitragupt and yamdoot will help you in your work. Chitragupta appears and mata says chitragupta you will keep the record of the karma done by each being in this universe and yam will give them death and in their after-life the result of their karma they did. Yamraj says mata, I will whole heartedly do my work and I am thankful for you to grant me this mantle.

Precap: the stories of the remaining forms of mata kali is recited.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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