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Episode 14;

Scene 1: Pareikh Mansion.

Avni came inside and was going towards her room but because of the sprain she stumbled and was about to fall when Neela held her hands.

Neela:Bacha,are you fine.

Avni:Wo,Ma actually I got a sprain on my leg,while going towards my car.

Neela:So how did you drive.

Avni:Neil…um Neil Khanna drived the car.

Neela:Ok,Now let me take you to your room,you need some rest.

Scene 2:(2days later)A cafeteria.

Avni was sitting with her best friend Mitali.

Mitali:Avni do you remember that Aakash ,um ….the boy on whom I had a crush ,a he’s …um now my fiancée.

Avni:That’s great .

Just than Aakash came with Mitali’s brother ,Reyansh.

Aakash:Mitali,See your brother thought that I kidnapped you,so he followed me.

Reyansh:Di,Jiju is lying .

Mitali:Shut up you both ,can’t you both understand that I’m talking to my bestie.

Aakash:Hey Avni, ah wait Whats that ,He said pointing at the heart shaped locket in Avni’s chain.Oh So your Boyfriends picture is in that locket right.

Avni:What?just shut up I don’t have a Boyfriend.

Aakash:What What ,you don’t love anyone.

Avni:Love is the only thing ,which I hate the most,Avni said in a low tone, which Aakash heard.

Aakash:Wait a minute. Avni You hate love?Do you know falling in love is the best feeling,Saying someone yours ,spending your time with someone gives so much solace.

Mitali:Aakash stop it ,She tried changing the topic as she knew that Avni was gettiing uncomfortable.

Avni was getting angry hearing Aakash talk about love. The one thing that she hated due to her past. The one thing that she used to run away from since childhood. Avni was so angry that she squeezed the glass in her hand which shattered into pieces with blood oozing out of her hand. She stood up slamming her hands on the table.

Avni:Enough,Love Love Love,Love makes us weak ,it destroys our life ,and don’t you dare talk about love again in front of me .Avni said pointing her finger at Aakash.

Aakash saw the rage in her eyes which he had never seen. Her eyes were clouded with tears. Then he saw the table and it was red with her blood.

Mitali:Avni tu… Before she could say anything, Avni grabbed her bag and ran out of the cafe.

Aakash:What happened to her did someone break her heart.

Mitali:Even more bad happened,with her first her father ,than Karan and then Neil . Mitali said in a low tone which both of them heard.

Mitali also left from there running behind Avni startling Aakash and Reyansh.

Mitali went outside and didn’t find Avni there.

Aakash:We will find her ,first tell me what happened with her.

Reyansh:Ya di .

Mitali told them everything.

Aakash:I will apologise from her.

Scene 3:Pareikh Mansion.

Neela:How did you get hurt,She said as she tied the bandage on Avni’s hand.

Avni didn’t tell anything and went away from there.And then Neela revcived a call from Mitali,Mitali told her everything.

Scene 4:A road.

Neil was coming back from the rain his car he stopped his car when he saw someone running and shouting,No don’t touch me , you all can’t touch me only because he left me after we were half married ,He recognised the voice it was Avni .He held her before she got unconscious,then he made her sit in his car and then went towards Pareikh Mansion.

Hey guys I hope you all enjoyed the episode and I will update tomorrow,bye good night,and yeah please comment,it encourages me to keep writing.


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  1. Hasinasoghra

    It was a very nice episode Shia

  2. Waiting..

    1. 8B4756

      I will post the next episode in the evening.

  3. Avneil_Mady

    Superb Yaar..but short one?

    1. 8B4756

      Tnx,and sorry for the short episode.

  4. Wowww brilliant episode it was sooo nice
    everyday i wait for new episodes
    thank you soo much

  5. Can’t wait for the next episode
    Avni shouldn’t forgive Neil just yet he needs to wait longer for wat he has put Avni through he deserves a bit more sadness in life

  6. 8B4756

    the 1st line of the 4th Scene will be,Neil was coming back from the radio station in his car .

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