Paramavatar Shri Krishna 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Yashoda makes new food for brahma shridhar.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 29th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with rohini with vasuev and devki in their jail. Vasudev says devki why aren’t you coming? What happened? We don’t have time, come on we have to go. devki says maharaj I have to wait, because I promised my son that I would be here when he would come back to search for me, if I wont be here then where will my son go finding me? I have to stay to see kansa’s end and to meet my son again. vasudev says but devki, we have not yet met our son and we will find him ourselves, we have to go now. devki says no maharaj, I cannot come, it is not about my son but about kana, I promised that I would be here to see the end of kansa and I will stay here to see him die a torturous death. Rohini says maharaj we all have to go, sister devki we will be safe in gokul. Devki says rohini take maharaj with you as he shall go back to maheshmati and fight against kansa. Vasudev stops and says no devki, how could you think I would ever leave you here alone? Kansa is here and I will not leave you here, I will stay here too if you stay and protect you. rohini has tears. Devki says no maharaj you should go. vasudev says no devki, I am going to stay here. vasudev says rohini you should go now as it is time and kansa or someone else may come here. rohini cries and says maharaj, my life is alone I have to stay alone, I don’t have anyone with me, rohini cries and vasudev hugs her. Vasudev says rohini I know I have devki to share my sorrow with her but you don’t have anyone, you deserve better, devki has tears. Vasudev joins his hands and says rohini forgive me if you can, I should have been with you too. Rohini says no maharaj please don’t say this, it is okay but you both will be free one day when your son will come. Rohini hugs devki and goes out.
In gokul, brahma shri says nand rani you have to make the food again. kanha says but brahma dev, my mother has worked hard and made food, she makes good food and you will like it, how will she make it again? shridhar gets angry and gets up, he says nand rani, what is your son saying? He is insulting me, I will not accept any food here now, I shall go away now. yashoda prays her hands and says brahman dev please wait, my son is a child please forgive him, I will make the food again for you. nand says yes brahma dev my son kanha is mischievous, you are intelligent, think of him as a naughty child and forgive him. shridhra says okay and sits down. Kanha says but mother I was just saying.. yashoda says kanha stay quiet now otherwise I wont talk to you. kanha says okay mother I will stay quiet. Yashoda says brahma dev I will go and make my hand made food for you. yashoda goes. Shridhar thinks that is what I want, so that after eating food from your hands I can see if kanha is your son or no.
Brij bhanu is in the yard as radha looks at him. brij bhanu says radha what happened to you? brij bhanu sits beside radha and takes her on her laps and says why are you angry? Why don’t you talk to anyone? Radha says father I am radha and you have 1 lakh cows, I don’t talk to anyone, others talk to me. Radha says kanha made me angry and I wont talk to him. brij says radha you should forgive him if kanha has done anything. Radha goes away. Kirti comes and brij asks what happened? Kirti says she made kanha do her shringaar and he spoilt it but she said I am radha and my father has 1 lakh cows. Kirti laughs and says but you know what she has in her heart, brij bhanu says yes, she has radha in her heart and such love only devi laxmi and lord Vishnu have.
Yashoda starts making food again and kanha sees this as yashoda does all this for him. yashoda is in kitchen and makes good, kanha goes and says mother I did not do anything on purpose but brahman dev shri became angry at me. Yashoda says kanha I know that, he is a respected brahman and we have to listen to his wish. Kanha says I know that mother. Kanha says mother lets go and serve food to brahma shri otherwise he will be angry again.
There rohini comes out and akrur says where is maharaj vasudev and devi devki? Rohini says they both are not coming, we have to go now. rohini says we have to go, as they go kansa’s some soldiers come and akrur says maharani you go we will fight them. Rohini goes and akrur and soldiers of maheshmati fight kansa’s soldiers. They fight and kill the soldiers and in the end akrur and 2 soldiers of maheshmati are left. Pralapt comes and the soldiers see him, they are forced to act and have to attack on akrur. Akrur thinks I am sorry brave soldiers, he kills both of them. Pralapt looks at akrur.

Precap: kansa has his bow and arrow and says the arrow will hit the one person who is a betrayer and is supporting vasudev and devki. Kansa points the arro towards prait, then akrur and then others.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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