Storm in my Heart (ep 08)

Episode begins with Ishita and Vandu going to doctor’s room.
Doc-I am sorry,Mr Bala Ishita cannot concieve again.
Vandu and Ishita hear this.Vandu hugs Ishita who is in a verge of tears.

Shagun and Raman with their baby reach to the car.
Sha-oh,Raman I forgot my necklace.
Ram-You wait,I’ll go & bring it.
Sha-No Raman,you gave it to me with love.I’ll bring it as it will be my pleasure.
Raman takes the baby to his hands.
Ram-Do you love me that much?Come soon.

Next shows Ishita sits in a chair.Her face is so pale.Vandu caressing her head.

Time passes.Shagun still didn’t came”I think your mom lost the necklace.Let’s go & find her”Raman tells to the baby.With that women comes to Raman.Raman looks at her pale face whose eyes are forcus on the baby.
Ram-Who are you?
Van-She is my sister,Ishita.She lost her baby.
Ish-Your baby is so cute.What is her name?
Ram-She is Ruhi.

She takes a small necklace.
Ish-This necklace was bought for my baby.If you didn’t mind shall I put this on your baby..


  1. Again and again
    Its too short
    Plss make it as some what long
    Iam eagerly waiting for nxt epsde
    Keep going

    1. Sorry and thank you as always..That’s why I am updating daily.

  2. Please give a little more long episodes. It’s way too short. Awesome and Superb story of Ishra ☺☺☺

    1. Thank you Radhika

  3. Nice dear

    1. Thanx Dear

  4. very emotional episode…unfortunately u can’t give long updates bt the story line is very heart touching…keep it up dear…

    1. Thanx a lot..

  5. Very emotional and touching awosme ? superb ?? keep going

    1. Thanx a lot dr..

  6. Superb!!! Keep it up! Um loving ur story line!!

    1. Thank you so much.

  7. emotional update

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