Woh Apna Sa 29th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Adi Fails Nisha’s Plans

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Scene 1
Adi brings Nisha to car, she is limping due to her sprain. Jhanvi asks Adi to be careful. He nods. Adi and Nisha sits in car. Adi says I dont want to be late for appointment, he gives ice pack to Nisha, they leave. Jhanvi says to Kaki that once its confirmed that Nisha still have brain clot then we can get her treatment but what if Adi’s doubt is correct and she is fine? Kaki says we all have doubt on Nisha, just pray that her truth comes out.

Nisha is in car with Adi, she thinks that if we meet doctor then he will tell Adi that I dont have any clot in brain and I totally fine then Adi will throw me out of house. Adi thinks that Nisha can make many excuses but we are going to meet doctor today, your time is up Nisha.

At house, Jhanvi prays to God, she thinks God always helped, she prays to God that help me with this situation too and bring out the best for my family. Samar comes there and sees her praying, he smiles. Jhanvi turns and sees him. Jhanvi offers parsad to him. Samar says I am sorry, I dont believe in God. Jhanvi says so you must be standing near mandir as tourist, I am giving you parsad, you take it as sweets. He takes it and says seems like God is difficult to listen to you? Jhanvi says we dont follow the right path. Samar says you are praying to this God but what he did with you? He gave you husband who left you with two kids, he couldnt be nice father and husband, if he wanted good for you then he wouldnt have given you a coward man as husband. Jhanvi says enough, you cant keep talking about my husband, I wont allow you to insult him, you dont know me or my husband, you have no right, you dont even trust God, these relations are based on trust, if I have problems in life then that doesnt mean my faith in God will be gone, because that God gave me all the happiness in life, its good if you dont talk about my personal life and it would be great if you dont talk at all, she glares at him and leaves.

Adi is in car with Nisha and thinks that Adi who used to be failure infront of you is gone, Nisha I know you are doing drama and I will bring it out. Nisha thinks that if my truth comes out then my planning will go waste, I cant let this checkup happen, I have to stop it. Adi gets call from office, he says to employee that just email me files. Nisha is worried. She sees driver driving fast to hospital. Nisha sees her ring broken and has also cut her finger a little. Nisha gets an idea. She stares at driver. Nisha takes out her broken ring, Adi is busy on call. Nisha nips driver’s neck with her broken ring, he gets wound on neck and his neck bleeds, he winces in pain, he tries to control the car but car steers away and they have an accident.

Scene 2
Jhanvi calls her Maa and says I am waiting for Adi and Nisha to return from checkup then we will know her truth but I am doubting Nisha after her behavior for past days, Maa says this Nisha is always a problem, ill or not. Jhanvi says I feel guilty about her health but she is acting weird these past days. Maa says if Nisha’s illness is drama then I will lose faith in goodness, Jhanvi says it means God wont let anything happen to us. Maa says you are right, Jhanvi says I will talk later, she ends call. Chinni comes there and screams accident! Jhanvi asks who had accident? Chinni that bad mother(Nisha) and papa(Adi), come with me fast. Jhanvi is shocked and runs to check on them. Jhanvi comes in lounge and sees Adi and Nisha injured. She says Adi what happened to you? I will call doctor. Nisha says me and my husband are fine, we have got checkup done. Jhanvi asks if she is fine? Nisha says I will be fine after rest. Kids ask Adi if he is fine? he says yes. Samar takes them away. Kaki asks how they had an accident? Adi says I was on call, maybe driver was no concentrating. Nisha says no, there was a big car, it came infront of our car and driver couldnt control it. Adi says driver is very much injured but doctor said something strange, he said there was a cut on his neck. Nisha says you worry too much Adi, driver is admitted to hospital. Jhanvi thinks why Nisha is hiding her hands? Jhanvi asks Nisha to show her hands, you might be hurt, Nisha says one hand is bandaged, other one is fine, Jhanvi says just show me, there might be some injury. Nisha shows her hand. Jhanvi sees cut on her ring finger, she asks how did you get this cut? Nisha says I dont know, we had an accident, there must be many cuts. Adi gets Dr. Bhatia’s call, Nisha says cancel our appointment, we had an accident, Adi says let me try to reschedule the appointment. Nisha thinks we had an accident and still he is thinking about appointment. Adi takes call and asks doctor if he can reschedule today’s appointment at night? Adi says okay and ends call. Adi says doctor left hospital so we cant get today’s appointment again but tomorrow he will come to our house before going to airport and do your checkup, Nisha says why?let him go, Adi says no your checkup is important, he will come here before leaving country. Nisha gets tensed. She stands up to leave, Jhanvi asks if she needs help? Nisha says no you have already done enough, she glares at her and leaves.

Nisha comes to her room, she drinks wine and is angry. She says Nisha what is happening with you? if I stay at home then Jhanvi keeps an eye on me and if I go outside then Adi keeps an eye, since Jhanvi has come in my life, my life is destroyed, before Adi used to follow my orders but now Jhanvi have spoiled everything, she was questioning me about cut on finger too. She puts perfume on herself to make wine smell vanish. Nisha says to herself that I am sorry Dr. Bhatia, now I have to do your treatment and along with that… you will get silent.. good idea Nisha.

Jhanvi brings Adi to her room and says how did you have accident? Adi says I have back pain. Jhanvi says I will bring hot water for you, he smiles. Jhanvi brings water. Adi takes off his shirt, she says what are you doing? he says how will you give me massage? over shirt? she blushes. Adi takes off his shirt and sits infront of Jhanvi. Jhanvi gives him warm massage. Adi asks if kids are sleeping with Kaki? she says yes. He says its good that they slept. Adi acts like that its paining. Jhanvi asks where its paining? she asks where? she leans over him to check but Adi pulls her and she falls in his lap. She says Adi what are you doing? Adi says really, its paining here, he puts hand over his heart and says its paining in my heart, your love is its medicine only, wont you give me your medicine? he cups her face and lovingly gazes at her, she blushes, Mahi bolna plays as they affectionately looks at each other. Adi leans in to kiss her, she gets shy and ducks her head, she hugs him and puts her head on his shoulder, Adi embraces her and smiles. He caresses her face and smile. Adi leans in again and is about to kiss her…

PRECAP- Nisha comes to Adi and says I made black coffee for you, Adi says I am going to office. Nisha says doctor is coming for my checkup, wont you stay here? am I not important for you? Adi says there is nothing more important then your checkup for me rightnow, Nisha says what do you mean? Adi says I am going to pick Dr. Bhatia from his hotel and will bring him here, he leaves. Nisha is shocked, black coffee falls from her hands, she says if Adi goes to pick up the doctor then my neither my plan nor Adi will remain in my life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. I knew it she is faking it all the time n I hope this time adi throw her ass out for good

  2. This plot has become redundant and boring. Jhanvi is foolish, gullible and immature she is crazy to trust Nisha.

  3. What the hell how long will this bullshit keep going on oh shit man nisha keeps getting her way in doing nonsense writers get a life

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