Paramavatar Shri Krishna 28th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Vishwamitra makes a snake bite sudhama’s brother.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 28th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa saying these hands wrote the garga sahita right? Should I cut it now? rishi gargacharya is in shock. Kansa says I will wipe the ash out of your hands and heart too, kansa wipes it and says now your holy hands will write the kansa sahita.
Sudhama is praying to kanha and says govinda, I know tulsi is dear to you and it will save my sister, if I have ever done your bhakti with all my heart then save my sister! Sudhama takes the tulsi leaves and puts in his sisters mouth, lord Vishnu smiles. Sudhama’s sister sudha opens her eyes and is saved. Sudhama says you are saved sister, thank you govinda you saved my sister today.
There rishi vishwamitra removes his disguise and he goes to lord Vishnu. He says prabhu what did you do? You broke your own promise? Lord Vishnu says I have not broken any promise rishi. Rishi says prabhu, my powers effect was stopped by your powers and you saved your disciple? Lord Vishnu says if tulsi is not a medicine but if someone believes in me then in place of tulsi, the neem leaves also become amrit for them. Rishi says which means sudhama prayed to radhe maa and his bhakti towards radha. Lord Vishnu says yes. Rishi says so you want to say sudhama is your greatest disciple. Lord Vishnu says you have to decide that rishi.
There rishi gargacharya says you did what you wanted to do, but do anything still you cannot force me to write your puran and do adharma. if you cut my hands, I don’t care because you cannot take away my Vishnu bhakti! Prabhu vishnu’s power is too great which you don’t understand, you cannot do anything, kansa you burned the garga sarita which not I but parabrahma had written, I have the garga sarita in my mind and I can write it again. kansa says I will see how you write that again. rishi says prabhu Vishnu, give me power as I am your disciple and you live inside me in each drop of blood, rishi gargacharya prays and the garga sarita starts coming back! kansa and everyone is shocked and gargacharya brings the garga sarita back from the ashes. Rishi says the garga sarita that you burned is back safe in my hands! Kansa is scared. Rishi says if you can, try and stop me. Kansa is shocked and rishi goes.
There rishi vishwamitra comes as sudhama and his siblings eat food happily. Rishi says sudhama you cannot win from me as no one has ever won from me. Vishwamitra uses his power and sends a cobra that bites sudhama’s brother’s leg. He screams in pain and says brother a snake bit me. Sudhama is shocked and he goes to his brother bhanu and starts sucking out the poison. Rishi says this poison is made from my powers, no one can remove it. bhanu starts feeling dizzy and he faints. Sudhama is shocked and says nothing will happen bhanu, he prays to kanha and says how much will you test me prabhu? Please protect my brother. A man comes and says what happened? Sudhama tells him and says help me. The man checks and says this snake is the most dangerous in the world, there is no medicine to cure him. sudhama cries and man says he wont live son. Sudhama’s brother closes his eyes as poison comes out of his mouth. The man says he has died son, you have to take him to the funeral to give peace to his soul, take him to the west to the graveyard to do his funeral. Sudhama cries and says my brother has died and my patience is breaking, all my hopes have died. The man says don’t wait son, go. sudhama goes. The man says this is what I wanted! Now you wont be Narayana’s disciple.
Sudhama reaches the grave with his dead brother and sister. He keeps bhanu on a table and goes to a man working there and says I plead to you, please do the funeral of my brother, the man says it is my duty to do dead people’s funeral but you have to give dakshina! Sudhama says I don’t have anything to give in dakshina. The man says don’t you know? We don’t do anyone’s funeral without taking dakshina. Sudhama says isn’t there any other option? The man says yes there is, go and bring food for me but it should be non veg food, if you bring it for me then I will do your brother’s funeral but will you kill any animal to do your brother’s funeral? Sudhama says I cannot kill someone else for my benefit. Sudhama says but if you want flesh, I will give it to you. sudhama goes and takes an axe. He brings the axe near the man and then sudhama cuts his own hand using the axe and screams in pain. The man removes his disguise and says take my pranam bhakt sudhama! I am impressed and you have proved that you are the greatest Vishnu bhakt, I do pranam and I bless you back with your hand. Sudhama gets his hand and is happy, rishi then brings sudhama’s brother back. sudhama is happy as his brother comes back alive and he goes and hugs him. rishi says I bless you happiness! And he goes.

Precap: kansa says that paramavatar’s gopi’s maryada will be taken away now! their respect will be taken. Pondrik takes the gopi’s in a lake to bath.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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