Savitri Devi 30th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanchi meets Naintara

Savitri Devi 30th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer taking Anand to the ward and showing Sanchi’s talents. He says we have set the ward for emergency aid patients. Sanchi worries. She thinks how did this happen, the mason left without doing the work. Anand and Veer go. Sanchi shuts the door. Lights go and someone makes a star sign on wall. Sanchi says I will ask at reception about mason. She gets an emergency call about a woman’s surgery set at the new ward. Sanchi says I will just come. Anand comes home angry. Gayatri asks did Sanchi ask you to retire. He says mind your own business, ask servant to get coffee for me. He goes to his room. She says something is wrong. Sanchi treats the patient and assures to lessen her pain. The girl says if pain giver says that he will lessen the pain, its hard to believe, but what can humans do, they have to show some sympathy. She talks weird. She stops Sanchi and says I have come to senses after much time, I don’t need this medicines, pain is my companion, pain gives me happiness, its my life and habit.

Sanchi says you are bleeding, please let me do my work. She injects her. She sees the same star sign and thinks I have seen this sign on guard’s body. She thinks why does this girl looks lifeless. She checks her pulse. She says how can this happen, how can she die. She checks machines. She gets shocked seeing the girl sitting back and staring. Sanchi says you…. The girl asks what…. Sanchi gets a call and thinks how did my phone get on, I had switched it off. Gayatri says I will solve your problem, share it with me. Anand asks her to stop it and goes. She says I have to find out why is he so worried. The girl says Lord can’t be everywhere, so he has made mothers, who love children, he made angels like you to save children, what if these angels become a threat. Sanchi gets scared. She says let me do my work. She does the bandage and asks her to rest.

The girl says I was resting since many days. She leaves from there. Sanchi thinks she has a big wound and still she left, she can get septic. She goes out and doesn’t see anyone. She asks ward boy about lady patient. He says no. She collides with Veer. He jokes and asks why are you worried. She tells him everything. He gets shocked. She asks Anjali about patient billing by Naintara’s name. Anjali says there was no one admitted by this name. Sanchi asks how can this happen, please check, I have come here, you told me about emergency call, who called. Anjali says don’t know. Veer says we will go to that ward again and check, come. Sanchi sees the same girl sitting there and asks what are you doing here.

The girl says I have just come here for viral infection. Sanchi says I just did your operation. The girl asks what nonsense, I had come just for follow up. Veer says there is some confusion, can you show your leg please. Sanchi says she is the same woman, why is she running away. The girl says I m not running away. She shows her leg and scolds Sanchi. She goes smiling. Sanchi gets Veer to the ward and doesn’t see any machines. Veer says there is no setup of OT. Sanchi says I don’t understand, in fact, I didn’t get this set up done, the mason run away, when you got Anand here, I was surprised all this. He gets shocked. He says I don’t believe this, what’s happening. She says I don’t know. He says but I understood.

Anand gets the star sign on his neck. Naintara looks at him and pushes him down the stairs. He falls down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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