Mere Sai 30th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Tatya Helps Keshav, but Feels Sad seeing his misbehavior

Mere Sai 30th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tatya finds Keshav lying on road and ask him what happened to him. Keshav says he slipped on dirt and fell. Appa says he will drop him home and asks why he is smelling weird. Keshav shouts not to pester him. Tatya’s says he cannot leave him here. Tatya’s friend says Keshav got head injury after a fall and is acting weird. They forcefully put Keshav on cart and take him wit them.

Sai tells beggar that his hair has grown long, looks like there is no barber in Shirdi. Barber says he is there. Sai says he thinks beggar does not pray god. Beggar says he goes to temple each day and prays god to send him help each day. Sai says god send him food via people, so there is god in each person, if barber had done beggar’s hair cut, even he would haven been god for beggar, god is everywhere in some or other way, so beggar should try to work hard instead of begging. Beggar promises to work hard and not beg. Barber says he will cut beggar’s hair. Ranoji says he is give blanket to beggar. Barbar says he now realized god is there.

Appa drops Keshav home. Anta pushes Tatya and his friend and ask what did they do to his junior boss. Tatya says Keshav is ill. Rukmini says Keshav was ill and Kulkarni had wrned him not to go out, even then Keshav went. Tatya says he found Keshav lying in dirt on road and brought him here, asks her to take care of Keshav and leaves. Rukmini takes Keshav in and gives him food. Keshav eats food weirdly. Rukmini then feeds him.

Keshav goes to Sai’s hut and sits reminiscing Keshav’s misbehavior. Sai asks why he is silent today, he always describes whole day’s incident. Tatya describes how Keshav misbehaved with him and says he was unnecessarily trying to change Keshav for good, but Keshav has gone on a path of no return. Sai hears frog sound and asks what is it. Tatya says frog sound. Sai walks to frog in pit and another frog encouraging him to jump up. He calls Tatya. Tatya says he will lift frog up. Sai stops him and says Keshav’s condition is similar, he has accepted defeat, just wait and watch what happens. Frog jumps up on his friend’s encouragement. Sai says even Tatya should not accept defeat and should continue trying to change Keshav. Tatya happily agrees.

A man walks to Abdul and requests him to get his sheep from jungle. Uncle asks why don’t he himself go and get it.
Man says there are leopards in jungle and may attack him. Uncle says then why he wants to risk Abdul’s life. Man says he has whole family, but Abdul is orphan. Uncle asks Abdul not to help selfish man. Abdul says this man told truth, he will go and get sheep and leaves.

Ranoji continues serving Sai till late night. Sai asks him to return to his family. Ranoji says he likes serving Sai and reveals how Sai helped him cure his disease when his whole family disowned him. Sai says helping each other is serving god.

Abdhul returns home. Uncle says that man taunted him and even took help. Abdul cries that that man is right, he is orphan and has nobody behind him, even uncle is a saint and wanders from one holy place to another, he will leave him soon, then who will be with him. He requests uncle to pray god to send him someone who will care for him.

Precap: Sai tells uncle it is time for Abdul to leave this place and go to Shirdi. Uncle wakes up from sleep and realizes it was dream.

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