Paramavatar Shri Krishna 25th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Bheem defeats hidimb.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 25th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with bheem saying hidimb you shall be punished because you hurt our mother and took her captive. hidimb says you children can do nothing to me, I will eat you as food for me, I am very hungry and you fat kid look plumpy and fleshy. Bheem gets angry and he hits hidimb with his gadha, Arjun starts shooting arrows on hidimb and yudhishthir attacks hidimb with his spear. Bheem jumps on hidimb’s hand and hits his head with his gadha with a loud blow. Hidimb gets hurt and he gets puzzled for some minutes. Bheem says I will kill you hidimb. Bheem hits hidimb again on his head with such a blow that hidimb’s size reduces and he becomes very small in size. Bheem says now you will die stupid demon. Hidimb gets scared. Bheem picks his gadha to kill hidimb when suddenly hidimba

appears! Hidimb’s sister hidimba comes and says no please leave him, leave him please. Bheem stops and he looks at hidimba and smiles. Hidimb says I beg you all to leave my brother and spare his life, I am his younger sister and he is the only family I have. Arjun says your brother took us captive with our mother, he attacked us without any reason and for his sins we want to punish him. hidimba says please spare my brother, I take his responsibility and promise you that he wont attack you, I promise you that until you cross this forest it will be my responsibility to protect you all. Kunti says okay child, take your brother with you, don’t worry my sons shall stop now. hidimba says thank you mata and takes hidimb with her, as she goes she smiles at bheem as she goes. Bheem also smiles. The pandavas go ahead with kunti. Arjun says brother bheem, hidimba seemed to be interested in you, bheem says yes brother she also seemed a nice person.
Kanha is with balram and balram says the shell got so heavy kanha please help me remove my hands from under it. kanha says yes brother I am trying. Balram closes his eyes and tries to pick the shell, kanha acts like lifting the shell and says brother I am using so much power even you do something try and try, your hands will come out, come on brother balram. Balram tries harder and suddenly the shell floats in water and balram comes behind and says how did this happen? How is the shell floating now? kanha says I think brother maybe shankasura is inside this shell. Balram says even I think same kanha, we have to go in and bring him out, i will go and find him and beat him.
Narad muni says prabhu who is shankasura? Lord Vishnu tells story and says shankasura is a demon and before his name was kagasura! He had a very harsh voice and with his voice he troubled all rishi’s and stopped them from praying to any god in the world so that only his harsh voice could be heard all over the world. One day rishi durvasa was doing a yagya with some rishi’s and kagasura went there and he screamed with his harsh voice, rishi durvasa being short tempered became so angry that he cursed kagasura that he would be killed because of the most pure and holy sound in the world, that of a shell. Durvasa cursed kagasura that lord vishnu’s shell panchjani shell would be the reason for his death. Kagasura then went and was worried for his death so he started paying to me for years and one day as I was impressed I gave him darshan, kagasura then asked only the panchjani shell from me and said prabhu, I was cursed but now if I have your shell then no one will be able to kill me without the panchjani shell as I shall possess it. lord Vishnu smiles and gives the shell to shankasura. Kagasura then names himself shankasura and starts living inside the panchjani shell itself.
Kanha says brother, shankasura has to be brought out of the shell. Balram says I will go and defeat that demon. Balram jumps inside the huge shell.

Precap: balram is attacked by evil birds and eagles and he gets scars over his body, he screams to kanha for help.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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