Ishqbaaz 26th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Omru realize Shivaye’s presence

Ishqbaaz 26th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye comes to Bhavya and says I m Majnu Singh Awara, born in Udaipur and brought up in Patiala, what do you want to ask, don’t ask Sarson di saag recipe, no chef tells his best dish recipe to anyone. Anika asks Bhavya to ask him what she wants. Bhavya says its okay and goes. Rudra asks what was this. Anika says trick. Shivaye goes to Mohit’s room and calls him out. He says maybe he isn’t at home. He gets Mohit’s belongings. He keeps the rose. He gets a parking ticket and says what’s this doing here, there was party on this date, why did Mohit go at 3.30 am, he was much drunk, he didn’t even say, if CCTV cameras were working, I would have got all clues, just Mohit can help me, I have to talk to him, I will wait for him.

Anika asks Shivaye did you talk to Mohit. He says Mohit isn’t

at home, I m worried for him, don’t know what he does, whom he meets, he needs some support, I can’t talk to him, will you try. She says fine, don’t worry, I will talk to him. He says go and sleep. She asks what do you mean, where will you sleep. He says here. She asks here, on the ground, how? He lies down and says this way. She also lies beside and says so you mean, this way. He asks what are you doing. She says you think you will sleep on ground and I will sleep on bed. He says I m not Shivaye right now, I m Majnu, if anyone sees us. She says no one will see, everyone slept, I will be here. He asks what will you do, will you count stars. She says yes, look there, that star is cute, don’t you know counting, you know, come on lets count, that cute star is mine.

He asks are the stars cute too. She says yes, this one is cute and special. He asks why. She says because its ours now. They share an eyelock. Music plays…. he holds her face. She closes her eyes. He says Anika, you are….you are absolutely mad. She opens eyes and asks what did you say. He smiles. She says I won’t share my star with you, am I mad, that star is mine. They smile. She snatches the quilt. They sleep. Its morning, Shivaye and Anika wake up. He asks did you sleep well. She nods. He says before anyone wakes up, you should go to room, I will go to Mohit and talk, we will together find Nancy’s murderer. She says I know you will win.

Reporter asks Tej what’s the valid reason to call this press conference. Tej says I have to make an imp announcement, there are more imp members than Shivaye, like Om and Rudra. Dadi asks what’s he going to do. Jhanvi says don’t know. Tej calls Omru on stage. Om asks what’s all this. Tej says I will explain, I called this conference to say that my sons and I have no relation with Shivaye now, board directors and I have decided that I will head Oberoi company, not Shivaye, my two sons will help me, we have no place for murderers in family and business. Reporter says it means you accept that Shivaye has killed Mrs. Malhotra. Dadi asks how can Tej say this about Billu. Reporter says do you know where is Shivaye, are you trying to save him. Om says the blame on Shivaye isn’t proved. Tej says I m sure police knows their work.

Reporter says exactly, are you keeping this conference to save stocks, and for the safety and reputation of Oberoi empire and family. Tej says you will get your answers in Q and A session, till then let me offer some refreshments. He calls out Majnu. Shivaye stops and turns to him. Tej asks him to arrange refreshments for them. Anika says I will go. Tej asks why, he is the servant, its his work. Anika cries and signs no. Shivaye signs her and goes. Omru see her crying and ask what happened. She says nothing. Rudra asks are you upset about dad’s words about Shivaye. Shivaye gets drinks. Anika sees him and cries. Omru turn to see. They see Majnu. Anika turns away and cries. Om looks at her. Tej signs Shivaye to serve. Omru recall Majnu’s words. Om holds Anika and signs to ask. Anika nods and cries. Omru get shocked. Saara jag….plays…. Shivaye serves the people. Omru and Anika cry.

Shivaye gets a jerk and falls back. Omru hold him. Om says this is not your work. Rudra says your work is to give order, not to take. Tej asks what’s happening. Om says nothing, continue your press conference, we have work. They take Shivaye. Shivaye hugs them. They cry. Anika looks on and guards. He asks are you fine. Rudra says look at your state. Om asks why didn’t you say, we were so worried. Shivaye says I didn’t wish to make you worry. Om asks are you fine. Shivaye nods. He says I m not Manju, I m Shivaye, none should know this, I will stay here till I find murderer, once I talk to Mohit, everything will sort out, I got some clues. Om says we are with you, remember this. Shivaye nods.

Mohit says why is it delaying so much, I should have got my wife’s property by now. Lawyer says its not a small amount, its matter of 200 crores. Shivaye says how did Nancy get property worth 200 crores, if she belonged to poor family. He follows Mohit’s car. Shivaye gets down the auto. He prays to Lord to show some way.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Agga4102

    At last!!!!! Shivaay got a clue about Mohit!!!!

    ShivOmRu took the epi!!!!!😃😃😃😃♥️♥️♥️

    Shivika was cute😗😗😗😗

    1. Sindhudi

      Wow Agga4102 congrats again for being number 1. Yes Shivaay finally will know about Mohit in the precap. At last the track is speeding up.

      1. Agga4102

        Thank You, Di!!!!! I think now the viewers will increase!!!!

    2. ItsmePrabha

      Wohoo Go Achu Go..Congrats for being First..

  2. Sindhudi

    It was such a beautiful episode. I loved the way Shivika were lying down together. It was such an awesome sight and very pleasant to watch. How happy they look together as a couple….My eyes were moist when Tej ordered MSA to serve drinks to everyone. I was hoping the Lafazon song will the b/g score but it did not happen. It was so sad to watch Shivaay in that state. Finally the brothers know he is Shivaay. How the brothers must have missed him so much….
    Tej I feel like packing him inside a suitcase and parcel him somewhere else. As for Mohit I want to hang him upside down. Anyway now that the four has ganged up perhaps they will find unearth the clues. I just loved the obros bond so much.
    Hello to Banita dear Arpu, Luthfa dear, Jevei dear Jessie, NSK, Agga, Mona, Pushpa Kadhambadi Shivya and many more members. Have a good day.

  3. Appy

    Hiii mere khidkitod pagals
    @Prava.yes cheapdi.i am the same cheapdi.bas mere redux hogayi need to tell sry
    @ Lu.what to do my feels are not under my control.its under shivika.🤣🤣🤣🤣
    @ANN welcome to Ishqbaaz family.pkj family..keep commenting and enjoy the fun
    @ YES pkj comments are becoming low
    May be people are not interested on ishqbaaz any more.or may be because of hectic schedules..
    Even I am missing my gaala time on pkj bcoz of heavy load of study😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭..

    Come to the episode…..
    Fabulous fantastic episode.really I love it….
    First SHIVIKA awwww
    Moon star sun..these three words contains a significant symbol of their love..and in redux it is getting its place..lived that sweet cute adorable moment..
    After ages seeing them.smiling ..finding happiness with each other is just magical.
    So in redux we will not get to listen SHIVAAY YE AAP KYA KAR RAHE HE🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣..
    That time I was i am missing the lines.
    Me confused atma🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣…
    Here Annika is totally comfortable and free Frank with Sso.directky cuddle. Not back
    BUT I NEED A BACK HUG CUDDLE… from Sso side.hope I will see it..

    I will talk later about tej..abhi nahi

    It made me cry seeing Sso’s state.may be karma is b*t*h but still seeing Sso as a servant is just …….
    Yes it is not Shivaay it’s majnu..but clearly feel shivomruAni’s pain.specially Sso’s…..

    Precap- yoòooooooooooooooo..poll kohl mohit.
    Go for it of luck…
    –.ok bye I am too sleepy.

    1. ItsmePrabha

      Ohho Meri Cheapdi ka redux ho gaya aur mujhe pata nahi chala..well meri confused aatma sirf tu hi nahi main bhi uss scene main anudi ka patent dialogue bohoth miss kiya yaar..

    2. Sindhudi

      Hey Arpu not only you everyone must have felt emotional about MSA. He really looked so pathetic and he did not mind doing it.

  4. Appy

    And AMENA DI thank you soooo much for quiche update.much love.from all of us

  5. Riana

    Guyz online trp came really very well… Ib is on 1st position 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩… Hope for the best for trp chart… I wish comes under Top-15 atleast… 😚😚😚😚😚😚😚
    Really loved shivika today … Adorable, cute, pagal 😂😂😂😂😂… 😘😘😘😘😘
    Tej i guess you’re clearing all the ways for shivaay so that your sons raise up and shivaay gets dethroned … BUT YOU WILL END UP IN JAIL… bcoz OMRU are JEWELS not FAKE STONY like you 🤬🤬🤬🤬… Now my doubt is getting stronger !!! … Definitely mohit murdered nancy and tej took the oppurtunity of this incident !!!!… 😨😨😱😱😵😡😡
    Omru recognizing MSA as SSO was super emotional !!!! 😔😔😔😔… And shivaay serving juices to reporters made me emotional as well as think of the past what he did with anika !!!… 😕☹️☹️😖…
    Finally SHIOMRUNIKA… now next will be PRIYANKA, THEN JHANVI, THEN DADI… only tej will be left in the family… Shivaay will tell to everyone no one should get to know about myself being shivaay 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂… JUST A RANDOM JOKE 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    PRECAP – Doubttttt !!… 200 crore ki property wali biwi kaa pardafaash !!! 😡😡
    Heyyyyy everyoneeee 😘😘😘😘😘😘
    Khana khaake… So jao 😴😂😂😂

    1. Sindhudi

      Yes Riana that is what TSO is doing. He is clearing the path for Omru who is hardly interested in any of these things. Wait till it crashes then we will see TSO’s reaction.

  6. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    Shivika’s cute moment was very soothing…. It’s nycc…
    Finally who didn’t sleep in d same bed today share d same pillow….
    Obro moment , Obro hug was veryy good…
    BTW anyone have an idea of which song played when MSA was serve to others… I mean from which movie that song…!!!!
    Yuppp now d real game starts….!!!!!!
    Becz Anishivomru together in detective mode now….
    Tej Singh Oberoi…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wish wo mike blast ho jaye nd tum wonhi maar jao…..
    Precap –
    Seems like case will be unfold very soon…
    Waitinggg… Waitingg… Waitinggg….
    GN PKJ…

    1. Sindhudi

      Hey banita yes dear case is goIng to be resolved soon. He is going to trail Mohit and find the real truth. I am sure trp will go up tomorrow as well.
      Hope you are good dear

  7. Nick23_ann

    Cute epi.
    Shivika were cute♥️♥️today.
    Waiting for tomorrow

  8. Luthfa

    Inspired by Franz Kafka’s “Metamorphosis”:
    One fine morning Mr.Tej Singh Oberoi got up and found himself put on the dress of the house stuff of OM.He thought he was dreaming and soon he would wake up from his sleep but unfortunately nothing happened like that.He waited and waited only to get frustrated.To confirm it that what’s going on,he pinched himself hard in his hand.As a matter of fact,reality got cleared.Still unable to decide anything of his present state,the mighty TSO came out from his room.When he did that he heard someone is shouting on top of her voice and she was none other than Mrs.Pinky Singh Oberoi….Pinky:O My Mata!My Shivaay is coming down to have breakfast but nothing is prepared yet!You all get salary for what,doing nothing?Where is the breakfast?
    TSO was going to tell Pinky something but before he could,Pinky started yelling at him…Pinky:Look,this great man is coming now.Good morning.Did you sleep well?If not then go to sleep again.What are you staring at?And where is the breakfast?What will my son have now,hawa?
    Tej:Are you mad?What are you saying?Are you out of your mind?Am I your servant or what that you are ordering and yelling at me?I….Before Tej could finish Pinky brust out again…Pinky:OMM!!! Servant ko servant nahi kahungi toh kya aur kya kahungi,chairman of Oberoi Empire?First came late and now you are daring arguing with me,Pinky Shakti Singh Oberoi?
    Tej:Listen Pinky….Pinky:OMM!!!Himmat toh dekho iss naukar ki bacche ka!You are calling me Pinky?Shakti ji,where are you?Shivaay just come here.This battamiz manerless naukar is insulting your Mom.Where are you?
    Everyone gathers one by one hearing Pinky shouting….Dadi:What happened Pinky?
    Pinky:Mummy ji look,this servant is insulting me and calling me by my name.
    Shakti:What?How dare you?What is your worth to call my wife by her name?Don’t forget you are a naukar in OM.Naukar ho naukar ki tara raho.Do you understand?Who appointed him in my house?
    Tej is looking bewildered and he is completely awestruck at the happenings.In this,comes Shivaay…Shivaay:Why are you shouting Mom?Your health will get affected.Calm down.
    Pinky:Aur kya karu Shivaay tu hi bata.Iss naukar ki itni aukat ki usne teri Ma,Pinky Singh Oberoi ko naam se bulaye?I don’t want to see this man in my house.I want him out right now.
    Shivaay:Relax Mom.He is new here so did the mistake perhaps.Teju,say sorry to Mom.And Mom you plz don’t worry.You know what,Teju is an all rounder.He is an expert in domestic works.He can do everything.Ironing,washing,moping,cleaning every other thing.He has worked in big hotels.He started his career as a waiter then he became expert in all these works.I hired him especially for you.You ask him anything to do.And you know the best part of him?He never says No to anything no matter what you will say.He will stay quite and mum.Is not he good Mom?
    Pinky:Okay but issko mujhse maafi mangna parega.Phir main kuch soch sakti hoon.
    Shivaay:Teju will do whatever you will ask for.Okay so,matter is solved.I am going to make breakfast.Teju ko aap handle kijiye…Tej:What??????????

    1. Sindhudi

      Hey Luthfa I read Kafka’s books. Yes totally metamorphosis. Tej is transformed to someone else completely. I wish this sort of plot will come about but you know it will not happen. In fact I am more furious with TSO than Mohit. TSO tries to insult Shivaay as much as he can.

      1. Sindhudi

        Lu nice one my dear and lots of love

      2. Luthfa

        Sindhu di,
        You are absolutely right about Tej.He is just unbearable for me since IB has started.How I wish that cvs could offer us something like that di!Thank you soooooo…very much for your love di.Lots of love to you too😊😊
        P.S.Sorry for late replying di.Had exam to attend😊😊

    2. ItsmePrabha

      Aah i wish this happens..but alas…Awesome imagination my darling..Love you..

      1. Luthfa

        Same here Sweetheart.But….Thank you soooooo….very much for your love.Love you too😊😊
        P.S.Sorry for late replying yaar.Was busy with exam😊😊

    3. It clearly shows how frustrated you are with Tej treatment to sso, take a chill pill dear its just a serial. Take care😊☺️😍

      1. Luthfa

        Hello 1234,
        How are you?I know it very well that it’s a serial dear.But let me tell you,while watching IB,those things which irritated me like anything,Tej’s blind jealousy drama for Shivaay is one among those.So,whenever he opens his mouth and if that goes beyond the limit of my tolerance then I make him stand in front of my bashing gun.He is my number one target in the hit list of my bashing.There is nothing to worry about for me.I am not a typical fan of serial who swoons over ongoing incidents every now and then.And yeah,not only Tej,anyone in IB who will cross the limit for anything(for me)he/she has to bear my verbal bashing.Thank you so much for your sweet concern😊😊

    4. I understand but I somewhere felt it was a bit too much that’s why I advised you like that by the way I’m good how are you 😄😄

  9. Rajvi_shah

    So emotional episode😢 I want to murder this tej sing oberoi😡😡😡 how dare he. Shuvomru stole today’s episode 😍 omru’s realization was more emotional than Anika. So finally all things are cleared – Mohit killed his wife for 200 cors and framed shivaay😡 hate u Mohit but love u zain imam – Neil 😉 shivika moment was so adorable. Redux is getting better day by day😍

    1. Sindhudi

      Rajvi I think everyone here too wants to murder TSO. He seems to be the same even in redux.

      1. Rajvi_shah

        You know some people never change and tej is definitely one of those people😉

  10. Episode was good but I mostly l like aniomru

  11. NSK

    Hello guys ! I am back 😂
    I had been watching IB but couldn’t comment . 😞
    Hope everyone had gooood dayyyyyyys . 😄
    Episode was really good and emotional . 💖
    Loving to watch IB . But TRP is very low . 😞 I hope it increases soon . 😊
    Anyway , have a great day and take care everyone . 💗 Bye , will see you guys soon . 😉

    1. Sindhudi

      Hi NSK how are you my dear? Hope you are doing good. Glad you are back

      1. NSK

        I am fine di. 😊 tysm for the lovely concern.💗 hope ur fine.😄

    2. ItsmePrabha

      Hola Noushin ..How are you..? long time..hope you are doing good..and nice to meet you here..

      1. NSK

        Hola ! 😊
        I am fine dear. how are you? Yes long time haha ! 😂
        Hope ur fine?TC.

  12. Hi guys Firstly so sorry for not commenting for ages but Always there for our Shivika, Om Ru and Pinku.

    Finally got to see shivika in sync with each other……they never fail to deliver…SHIVIKA 😙 always was and will be my ONE and ONKY favorite. They are just amazing…..any scene small or big they make worth watching and enjoy their off masti videos n photos so much💘

    ShivOmRunika moment was EPIC.
    Really missed the Obro Lafzon ka song ….this scsne deserved the song sooooooo much.
    Also miss O Jaana song…it was so unique..the music itself was so romantic n touching the heart strings.💓
    ….wish for Shivika back hug, pool romance …plzzzzzzzzzzz cvs.
    Cant wait for the awesome foursome to do ty ty fis of Mohit and Nancy😁

  13. Chaithu

    hi hi hi hi guys,
    how r u all …after long time iam here i missed every one and pkj family and tu page also…
    but i didn’t missed IB sharp 10:00 PM iam infornt of TV….
    hi arpita iam also missing shy annika and that word what r u doing shivay…
    welcome to PKJ FAMILY who are the new members..keep commenting
    from now onwards i hope iam regular

    1. Sindhudi

      Hello charitu oh my didn’t see your comments for very Long and am Glad that you are back

  14. ItsmePrabha

    hola cola pola shola buddies..How are you all doing??
    well coming to the epi..good episode after a long time..but phir bhi Mujhe mera tadibaaz Bhagad billa wapis chahiye aur meri Khidkithod anudi bhi ..mujhse yeh rotlu annika ur shivaay ko aur dekha nahi jayega..bas bohoth ho gaya cvs..kaha hai woh tadibaaz jisne woh reporter kya naam hai uska, tyaagi hai shayed se, ko dhamki diya ..yaad hai cvs redux ke pehle wale episodes mein joh aaya woh wala shivaay chahiye mujhe ,wicked one..aur meri biwi no.1 wali, counter part dene wali annika di chahiye mujhe…other than that..Episode was bliss with shivika’s beautifully adorable scene and obros emotional reunion..par yeh baath sach hai ki billu kal anudi ko bola uar aaj omru ko bola aur kal jhanvi aur dadi ko bolega phir aane wale kal ko tej ko hi jaake bolega ki ‘bade papa mein shivaay hoon,majnu nahi aur yeh baath kisiko na batana’..matlab Mr. Majnu ji AniOmRu se istaap kijiye..aur kissiko aap ya woh teeno na bataye toh acha hoga..okay so ek aur clue mila billu ko woh parking ticket..aur precap ke zariye yeh pata chaltha hai ki ek aur clue mil hi fast pace mein chala rahe ho cvs..good..but pls don’t mess it up like every time you do..okay guys bye bye..will meet with the next update..Till then take care..Muaah..
    P.S. Darling thank you soo much for the warm welcome..Lots of love to you..

  15. Hello everyone i was silent reader till now but i would like to join pkg

    1. NSK

      Welcome dear 😊 with loaddddsss of love

  16. Shivomru u guys nailed it

  17. I understand but I somewhere felt it was a bit too much that’s why I advised you like that by the way I’m good how are you 😄😄

  18. Nikita_jai29

    The humiliation of shivaay is not likable but I feel it is needed that rich people deserve to be tasted their own medicine… Despite the fact that sso has been changed but he was at first very rude to anika.

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