Paramavatar Shri Krishna 25th July 2019 Written Episode Update – kanha kills kansa

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 25th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha telling kansa that it was your wish to do weapon war & in that I have defeated you so now as per your wish itself do mal yudh war also as your end is ultimate.

Kansa is getting ready for war & as he runs to attack he falls on ground by kanha trick, again runs to hold kanha in his hands tightly but kanha hits him on his head & pushes kansa on ground. Kanha is giving ultimatum to kansa of his end as he will face all pain of his evil deeds before killing. Kanha is instigating kansa as saying get up mama.

Kansa again runs to hit kanha but kanha hits him back. The fight is on & kanha is continuously hitting kansa by reminding him that he has troubled my devki mata so rigorously that you also have to feel that pain. All people are

telling kanha to kill him. Kanha is hitting kansa on each evil done by him one by one, pick him & also throws kansa. Kansa fallen on the ground injured & is thinking of kanha to come near. Kanha is cursing kansa this is for those evils deeds you are getting pain of & still more to come. As kanha nears kansa, kansa immediately says I am proud & whatever the outcome of this war will be atleast hug me & suddenly kansa holds kanha tightly & gurudev is shocked as his arms are very strong. Kanha frees himself & breaks his hands shouting his evil deeds past stories & throws kansa strongly on the ground. All are praising kanha. Kansa gets up & laughs & tells people to praise him. Kansa is instigating kanha to pull my hands. Kanha pulls his hands & throws him on the ground again. Kanha pulls his both hands & cuts his one hand & throws. Second hand is also cut by kanha & throws that too. Kanha tells kansa that your end is near & to remember his old evil deeds now. Kansa is cursing kanha that you are trickster & wishes to give him eternal end now. Kanha kills kansa. All are praising kanha & devki & vasudev are released hearing kansa is killed. All gods are praising kanha.

All villagers are still under impression that is it kansa being killed & not believing. Gurudev is telling everybody to accept that the biggest evil kansa is killed now. All are free by this kansa now & the proof is his dead body lying here. All are not yet believing kansa is dead as he was very smart evil & he can get up any moment. Kanha is telling all to not to fear & this is true that kansa is dead now so now is time to celeberate. Villagers are believing kanha & all are praising kanha. All including kanha’s baba are proud of him to release this world from this kansa.

Devki is consoling vasudev too that now kanha has killed kansa & time to celeberate now. We are proud of our son kanha after so many years of devotion we are delighted now. Both are seeing kanha lifted by all people of villagers with happiness.

All are in palace of kansa & kanha is walking towards kansa’s chair & baba is asking kanha why you are going there & kanha replies that he wishes to see what kind of chair is of evils. Kanha is telling all Mathura villagers that evil rule is ended now & all are free from this.

All are praising kanha & Kanha is giving knowledge to villagers of human birth & why kansa got killed so to be away from evil thoughts. All accept kanha’s knowledge & praise him. Kanha teaches to do good deeds taking kansa in front of them as an evil example & still I have to wash his portraits from your life. Kanha tells Balarama to help him & Balarama understands & throws his bhala on statue of kansa which gets destroyed. All are praising kanha.


Precap: Kanha is talking with yodha that still kansa has made some plans of his rebirth & has just killed kansa but but there is still to kill maha kansa.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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