You Are Always Mine! – ReThik’s Love (Pagal Nilavu Serial) Season 1 Episode 31

RECAP : The family have dinner. They head to airport and board the flight. ReThik have a delightful talk and take a nap. Amruth shares his plan to Amritha.

Scene 1 :

In the airplane,

Karthik wakes up from sleep. He sees Revathi Jr cutely sleeping on his shoulder and keeping her hands on his arm. He smiles.

Karthik (mind voice) : Her face, eyes, lips… What a beauty! She’s always mine.

Revathi Jr suddenly wakes up and hugs Karthik.

Karthik : Hey, what happened? Had any dream?

Revathi Jr (breaks the hug) : Yes, I dreamt about this flight being hijacked. I was so scared.

Karthik : Baby, it’s just a dream you had. Why scared when I’m here for you? Be normal, everyone might hear us.

Revathi Jr : Okay. Thank you for being there for me. I’m really lucky.

Karthik : I’m too lucky.

They smile.

ReThik check the flight status and see that they will reach Canada within an hour. They get excited and continue their talk.

Scene 2 :

After an hour, the family reach the airport. They take their respective baggage from Cargo. Karthik’s friends (Ravi, Raja and Anu) are at the arrival terminal and wait for them.

Raja sees them and shouts for ReThik. The family see them and smile.

ReThik hug their friends and introduce them to their family. They get happy having a cute talk.

Karthik : Where’s Tamil?

Tamil comes with her friend and bids her goodbye.

Karthik : Tamil, meet my friends Raja, Ravi and Anu. We together work in a company since 4 months.

Tamil : Hi everyone! Nice meeting you all.

The friends shake hands with her and say the same. Raja and Anu help the parents in carrying the baggage.

Ravi : Everyone are coming to my home. I’ve prepared a feast.

The family agrees.

Raja takes ReThik’s parents in his car.

Ravi : Tamil, can I carry your luggage?

Tamil : No problem, it’s difficult for you. I’ll take care.

Ravi : It’s okay. I’ve no problem.

He takes the luggage from her. Tamil smiles at him.

Ravi takes ReThik and Tamil in his car.

Scene 3 :

Everybody are in Ravi’s house and finish dinner.

Ravi : We were so happy when Raja told us about Revathi and Karthik being cousins.

Revathi Jr : We were also surprised seeing each other. That was the hilarious moment of our life.

Anu : Waiting for your engagement fellas.

Karthik : It’s after ten days. Where’s my boy (Buddy)?

Ravi : I gave him food and he slept before going to airport.

Shakthivel : Tamil loves pet dogs the most.

Andal : I used to love pets when I was small.

Ravi : Nice. I too love pet dogs.

He sees Tamil and smiles.

Tamil : I wanna see Buddy. I won’t disturb his sleep.

Ravi takes Tamil to the room where Buddy is. ReThik also go there.

Raja and Anu continue the talk with the parents.

Azhagar : Raja, where are your parents?

Raja : They are in Chennai uncle.

Revathi Sn : Anu, what about yours?

Anu : They are also in Chennai aunty.

Shakthivel : When are you two getting married?

Raja : I’ve still haven’t talked about this to my parents uncle.

Shakthivel : You should tell them soon.

Raja and Anu agree to them and smile.

Scene 4 :

Buddy senses Karthik and wakes up. Karthik cuddles him.

Karthik : My boy! How I’ve missed you! Love you. Ravi, hope he didn’t disturb you.

Ravi : He’s obedient Karthik. He never disturbs me. Look how he ran to you when you came. They say, a dog is a man’s best friend.

Karthik thanks Ravi for taking care of Buddy. They hug.

Revathi Jr and Tamil kiss Buddy and cuddle him.

Tamil : A dog is also a woman’s best friend.

She and Ravi smile at each other.

Revathi Jr : My baby! I’ve missed you a lot. Me and Karthik were so worried when you got ill. Love you loads.

Tamil : Aiyo. You won’t get any sickness till we are here Buddy. I love you my baby.

They all smile.

Karthik introduces Buddy to the parents.

They smile seeing him and cuddle him. All have the happiest time in Ravi’s house.

The family bids goodbye to the friends and take Buddy with them.

Scene 5 : (Scene of two houses)

Revathi Jr and her parents come to her house.

Karthik, Tamil and their parents come to his house.

Andal : You maintain your house really well, Revathi.

Karthik : Amma, this is your house too.

Azhagar : Buddy is so cute. I love the bond Karthik has with him.

Tamil : Yes Appa. Now I’ll strengthen the bond with him. Ravi is really good.

Andal : Ravi did a great job.

The parents take rest.

Revathi Jr calls Karthik.

Karthik : Hi baby! Came home?

Revathi Jr : Yes dear. You?

Karthik : Yeah. I’m so happy that I’m back to my home and my Buddy.

Revathi Jr : I’m so happy after seeing our Buddy. All thanks to Ravi for taking good care of him.

Karthik : Ravi has a good bonding with Buddy.

Tamil hears him and goes to her room. She smiles recalling Ravi.

Karthik : Revathi, just 10 more days for our engagement.

Revathi Jr : Yeah. I’m damn excited.

Karthik : I could imagine you being here with me.

Revathi Jr : After our marriage, you needn’t imagine. I’m always with you at that time.

Karthik : That’s also right. Hey Revathi, why don’t we marry now?

Revathi Jr : Ahh, I’ll beat you up. It’s wrong.
Karthik : Arey I know it’s wrong. But can’t wait for our marriage so I can spend more time with you.

Revathi Jr gets shy and smiles.

Revathi Jr : Karthik, remember we have to go to office tomorrow. Boss has messaged us.

Karthik : Oh yeah. But boss texted us that we can come after a week.

Revathi Jr : You’re not the boss. We will go tomorrow. We all can meet.

Karthik (mimics) : Okay my dear responsible girlfriend!

Revathi Jr laughs.

Revathi Jr : Bye Karthik. Love you and see you in the office tomorrow. Good night and sweet dreams.

Karthik : Good night and sweet dreams about me baby. Love you.

‘Thangamey’ plays in background. Karthik sees his photo frame with Revathi Jr and kisses it. He hugs the picture and sleeps.

Revathi Jr also does the same as Karthik and sleeps.

Scene 6 :

Revathi Jr wakes up and checks a message from her Facebook account.

She reads Amritha’s message : Hi Revathi, I’m a really big fan of your voice. I love it. Can I meet you? Because you’ve been my singing idol since years. You put a status that you’re in Canada. I’m coming to meet you.

Revathi Jr smiles reading the message and texts back : Hi Amritha, I’m thankful for your words. Yeah, you can definitely meet me. Tell me when are you coming. I’ll send you my address.

Amritha reads her reply and thanks her.

She smiles.

Amritha : Really Amruth’s plan worked. Revathi, I’ll see you. You and Karthik can’t defeat us.

Next episode promo : Boss appreciates ReThik for arriving to the office sooner than he expected. Ravi sends Tamil a friend request on Facebook. ReThik meet at the cafe for an evening date. Everyone at the cafe ask ReThik to dance.
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