Main Bhi Ardhangini 25th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Nilambari tricks Madhav to kill Vaidehi

Main Bhi Ardhangini 25th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anuradha asking Madhav to take the right decision. Vaidehi asks Madhav to believe her before it is too late. She asks Nilambari to make Madhav believe her and says you gave me ring. Nilambari brushes off her hand. Vaidehi asks Sangram to tell. He folds his hand and turns his face. Vaidehi asks Rani and Sangram to say something and says I am your Vaidehi. Rani and Sangram turn their faces. Vaidehi asks Anuradha to help her and says you know that I am Vaidehi. Anuradha says my heart knows that you are Vaidehi. Chitra acts and says I am Vaidehi..Madhav is trapped between two Vaidehis. Nilambari calls Chitra as Vaidehi and asks her to kill Chitra. Anuradha says I understand your dilemma and says there is a solution. She says they have to enter the temple at the same time and says temple stairs can’t be crossed by the pret aatma and I am sure that Chitra’s evilness will be burnt by the fire. Nilambari signs Sangram. Sangram asks him to shut his mouth. Vaidehi says I am ready to give any test for Madhav. Chitra gets worried. Madhav says ok. Nilambari says if this is the thing then I will go inside the temple first as Chitra can do anything. She signs Chitra and goes inside. She takes the diya from temple. Vaidehi and Chitra are about to enter the temple.

Chitra feels burning sensation just as she steps on the temple stairs. Vaidehi asks Madhav to see and says she is burning and I am Vaidehi. Nilambari throws diya on Vaidehi and her saree catches fire. Nilambari asks Madhav to kill her and says she is Chitra. Madhav comes in her talks. Vaidehi says Badi maa has killed Chitra didi. Nilambari says she is lying. Sangram asks Madhav to kill her. Madhav stabs trishul in Vaidehi’s stomach. Temple bell rings. Anuradha is shocked. Chitra smirks. Madhav is shocked. Vaidehi looks at him. Madhav takes the trishul in his hand. Vaidehi asks him to believe her atleast now and says I am your Vaidehi. She falls down and dies. Madhav is shocked on realization that she is Vaidehi. He turns to Chitra. Chitra smiles.

Madhav takes the gangajal pot and throws on Chitra. Chitra comes into her real form. Madhav is shocked. Anuradha cries for Vaidehi’s death. Chitra comes in her real avatar. Madhav runs to Vaidehi and asks her to get up. He says if you don’t get up today then I will lose truth on love, family and myself. He asks her to punish him, but not to turn her face. Nilambari smiles. Madhav regrets to kill her and says this can’t happen. He says you can’t leave me, you are my ardhangini, my soul and jaan. He says what I will do without you. Nilambari continues to smile. Madhav says if not in this birth then we will meet in next birth. Chitra says she is his Chitra and his wife. She says I am your wife of many births and says Vaidehi was the hurdle between us. She says Vaidehi is dead and will not come again. I am your wife. Madhav says who are you? Chitra says I am your Chitra. Madhav says you are not my Chitra and says Chitra used to love others and never hurt or kill anyone. He says today you have snatched my everything from me. I was wrong and says you did a big conspiracy, why? He says you have lost me for forever. He says before you take me to your world, Vaidehi will take me to her world. He says I hate you, myself and this world. He says he will unite with Vaidehi in next birth or in other world.

Precap: Madhav takes the trishul and stabs himself. He dies holding Vaidehi’s hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Madhav is seriously mad and blind, who can be manipulated easily…. I hope atleast now chitra realise her fault and what will happen with naagin version..

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