Paramavatar Shri Krishna 23rd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Balram fights trikat.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 23rd May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with alaxmi saying, all women you are becoming a problem in my path. Dhan laxmi I wont let you win this time, you shall disappear from this world forever. Damodar, brij bhanu and all the men come to the peepal tree and alaxmi walks out, covering her face with her drapes. All men say devi we have come here to serve you, to help you and to get everything we want from you. alaxmi says no, you wont get anything because you are just all selfish. All men say no devi, we are giving you respect and you are denying it. We all can do anything for you, because now we want to have you in our lives forever, we want to marry you. Alaxmi says no, but I have a solution, you all go and get rid of your wives, kill them all and I shall marry you. All men say we will do what you say. All the men go.
Kanha goes back in the cave of karambha and Rambha. He finds some traces of blood and understands that the demon may have come here. Kanha then finds the mani kept near a rock, kanha takes it and says yes I found the mani now this can prove I am innocent. Trikat wakes up from his sleep and notices kanha with the mani, he says kid how dare you touch my mani? I shall kill you. kanha says what is your enmity with me? what did I do? Trikat says leave my mani, I shall kill you. trikat attacks kanha and kanha falls down. Kanha says again don’t attack. Trikat uses a spell and kanha runs away this time and goes to balram.
Bhadraksh tells Kansa, he planned with alaxmi and even kidnapped the children of vrindavan, their plan was well and working. But gargacharya appeared and saved the kids, he even encouraged the women and with his powers killed alaxmi’s demon. Alaxmi is now using the men. Kansa beats bhadraksh and says I knew you would fail, you always do but alaxmi is doing her work. Kansa says this time, kanha will be killed by trikat because kanha cannot kill trikat, kansa laughs and says Vishnu cannot kill trikat.
All the men go to their houses and use the evil water given to them by alaxmi. They spray it on all the women, the women faint. Kirti notices and says what are you all doing? Where are you taking the women? Brij bhanu says to throw them in the river and kill them, even you will come. Brij bhanu uses the water on kirti and takes her too. All the men go to the river and throw their wives, they say now we shall get all happiness we want.
The women are fainted and drowning. Lord Vishnu sends a huge lotus that saves the women and leaves them on the river bank.
Kanha and balram fight trikat. Kanha says brother listen to me, trikat has dangerous fire powers he can burn you because even I got burned. Balram uses his powers and beats trikat, kanha drops the mani by mistake. Balram says what did you do kanha? Come on! Balram is thrown back by the fire attack of trikat. Balram stands up and this time trikat breathes fire on balram, nothing happens to balram. Kanha says brother you are immune to fire. Balram is happy and a confused trikat breathes fire again but balram laughs and says it tickles like cold water. balram says I will kill you trikat. Balram says brother allow him to burn you, if you can attain the ground element, then why cant you attain the fire element? Balram says okay and lets trikat breathe fire on him continuously. Kanha thinks brother you have to take the shesh naag avatar, only then trikat will be killed.

Precap: Trikat breathes fire on balram. Balram lets him breathe fire and then he attains the fire element, and takes the avatar of shesh naag. All men gather around to marry alaxmi who dresses as a bride.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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