Vikram Betaal 23rd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Maha Maya advices Vikram to cremate Bhadrakaal to end him

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Vikram Betaal 23rd May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vikram reaching Bhav log and calling Betaal. Betaal asks him to see what he did and says I have ended last chance to end Bhadrakaal. Vikram says whatever you did is because of the evil powers effect. Betaal says what we will do now? They hear Bhav Log music. They hear the putli telling that all the putlis are freed now, there is no way. All the putlis come infront of him in Devis avatar. Maha Maya appears infront of him and tells that you tried to kill Bhadrakaal, but now he absorbed evil powers of all 32 powers putli and became very powerful. Vikram says I will not end until I kill Bhadrakaal. Bhadrakaal says I have all the powers now and never felt that I am so powerful. He says I don’t need anyone’s help now, Betaal will come to me directly. Betaal thinks Bhadrakaal have won and I have lost and thinks to do his own tarpan. Vikram comes and asks why are you doing this? Betaal says there is no way infront of me. Vikram says until we are together, we will find some way to kill Bhadrakaal. Betaal says I have to do my tarpan and go away from here. Vikram asks don’t you trust me. Betaal says I trust you, but don’t trust Bhadrakaal and risks this world.

Betaal flies to do his tarpan. Vikram tries to stop him. Bhadrakaal asks the evil powers to bring Betaal. Betaal recites the mantras. Vikram asks what do you want that everyone live in Bhadrakaal’s fear after your tarpan. He says only you can end Bhadrakaal. Betaal asks if we can’t end him then. Vikram asks Betaal to trust him. Betaal says ok and comes to him.

Maha maya comes infront of Vikram and says there is a way. She tells that when Bhadrakaal died 1100 years ago, he kept his body safe and that’s why he is alive till now. Vikram asks we see his body and asks what is it? Maha Maya says it is his superficial body. Vikram asks where did he died? Maha Maya says she didn’t know. Vikram says when Bhadrakaal died, he was taking siddhis of evil powers near Narmada river. Vikram says his body must be there, and says I will search his body and will cremate him. Maha Maya asks Betaal to come with her and says you are unsafe here. A red ball of fire comes there. Bhadrakaal appears from inside and tells Betaal that he came to take him. Maha Maya says you can’t take him. Bhadrakaal asks him to try and says I have 32 putlis powers.

Vikram reaches Narmada and thinks where did Bhadrakaal hide his original body. He thinks it is hidden since 1100 years and I have to search Bhadrakaal with his music. Bhadrakaal is pulling Betaal towards him and asks Maha Maya to stop him. Maha Maya throws fire ball on him. Bhadrakaal throws it back and tells that she is just Maha and Maya is gone from her name, and tells that she has become little infront of him. She attacks him, but nothing happens to him. He says your good powers can’t fight with your evil powers. She tries to stop Bhadrakaal from taking Betaal, but Betaal is taken away by Bhadrakaal. Maha Maya shouts. Bhadrakaal says nobody can save you from me and asks him to come near him. He takes Betaal with him. Maha Maya thinks theey have to do something. Vikram closes his eyes and senses the evil powers. He sees Bhadrakaal’s body hidden there in wood logs and thinks to cremate him soon.

Bhadrakaal tells Betaal that he will become immortal. Betaal says when Ravan couldn’t become immortal then who are you? Bhadrakaal says I am the future and will be future. He attacks Betaal to get his Aatma Tatva and says I will again get the Panch Tatva and then I will become the most powerful…Sarwashaktimaan. Vikram says today you will know that human is not more than ashes and burns his dead body. The dead body disappears. Vikram thinks how is this possible. Maha Maya comes to him and tells that Bhadrakaal is taking Betaal’s Aatma Tatva and taken his body from here. Vikram says I won’t let this happen.

Precap: Bhadrakaal tells Vikram that he has no courage or power to stop him. Vikram says he is Chakravartin Vikram Aditya and jumps in the evil havan fire to set it off. Bhadrakaal and Betaal are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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