Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Ravana attacks pishachi.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 22nd May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ravana and ganesh walking through the forest, betaal is crawling insie the stone behind ravana to make him trip and fall thus establishing the aatma ling in the ground forever. Ravana tells story of how veer bhadra punished daksh prajapti. But as Chandra dev was blamed for the sin too. Veer bhadra blamed him because he stood and watched and didn’t stop daksh prajapti. Veer bhadra attacks Chandra dev and then a huge cut lands on the moon.
Veer bhadra cursed Chandra dev that soon he shall die, disappear from the world. Chandra dev got scared he went to his lok but suddenly started seeing himself and the moon slowly disappearing. Chandra dev was worried and he went to mahadev for a solution.
Betaal goes behind ravana but a suspicious ravana looks behind and kicks

the boulder down, betaal rolls down and gets injured, he fails at his attempt. Nandi and the others wait for ravana. Ravana says there is someone here, they are here to stop me, who is it? ganesh tries and convinces ravana that there is no one and he shouldn’t worry. Ravana continues with the story.
Chandra dev asked and cried at mahadev for help and said mahadev it wasn’t even my mistake, I was punished nonetheless. Chandra dev says I understand that I should have stopped daksh prajapti and I didn’t, it is my mistake but save me from disappearing mahadev, I am dying. Mahadev says you were at fault as veer bhadra thinks so and so was everyone else, veer bhadra was angry. Mahadev says Chandra dev, there is only way, you have to pray to the banyan tree and offer 108 sweets, pray to veer bhadra and meditate. Chandra dev does as told and he walks around the tree for 108 times offering a sweet every time.
Ravana says to ganesh. Chandra dev walked as he was already half disappeared and now he had alsmot completed but now only his finger was left and entire body had disappeared. Chandra dev was in pain and agony and wondered nothing of his body was left and now he couldn’t do anything. But with a last drag of strength, Chandra dev walked the last round and he completed his prayer. Mahadev appeared in the form of Chandra dev and blessed him, making him back to normal and alive well. Chandra dev thanked veer bhadra and showed his gratitude by saying his mantra’s.
Ravana and ganesh walk and now totla gadsar hides behind a tree and with the yaksh gana, he creates a strong wine and entangles ravana’s legs. ravana stops and he gets angry, he tries to get out of the strong tied vines. Ravana tries and tries and then he succeeds in breaking the vines. Ravana gets alert and screams in anger and says I am Dashanand ravana, come in front of me I shall kill you. ganesh takes ravana away again.
As they walk ahead, this time pishachi and his ghosts turn into leaves and create a tornado around ravana to make him fall. Ravana stands stern and with all strength he walks through the tornado, yet pishachi and his ghosts follow ravana trapping him in the center of the tornado. Ravana uses his powers and holds one of the leaves, he holds pishachi himself by the neck of the leaf. Pishachi reveals his form and is getting choked, he yearns for help. Ravana strangles him more and says I will kill everyone, be it a ghost, don’t you know fool? You cannot outsmart me, I can kill you all. Ganesh stops ravana and pishachi and the ghosts escape.
Ravana understands the threat and he disappears. Nandi and all gana come to ganesh asking where is ravana? Ganesh says even I am finding him, you all are doing a good job then we may succeed in stopping him. the gana all try to find ravana. Ganesh enters a dark forest and he sees ravana camouflaged as a tree. ganesh finds him and says you are the great ravana and how can you be scared of anyone? You ae hiding. Ravana comes out and says no ganesh ji, I was just resting as I was tired, lets go now. ganesh says okay and says now tell me the rest of the stories.

Precap: Ravana and ganesh walk through the forest. Yet ravana remains suspicious and alert to protect the aatma ling.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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