Paramavatar Shri Krishna 21st January 2019 Written Episode Update: Kanha dies.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 21st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kurma avatar being attacked by karkasura. The river turns red from all the blood of kurma. Balram continues churning the river being shesh naag, slowly all people are pulled out of the mountain to the village. They all start coming to the Yamuna river bank. After everyone is saved, balram goes back on the river bank. Mandhrachal drowns and is defeated by kurma avatar. Karkasura attacks kanha and then goes as he bleeds. Rishi gargacharya says where is kanha? Balram says my prabhu will soon be here. Kanha suddenly floats on the surface of the river unconscious. Rishi says there is kanha. Rishi is in shock and says something has happened. Balram says prabhu! Balram runs and he brings kanha to the bank of the river. All people come running. Yashoda says what happened to my son?
Balram says wake up kanha. Rishi gargacharya is worried and scared. Yashoda says kanha get up, get up my son. everyone is worried and nand says what has happened to him? guru gargacharya please tell what has happened to kanha? Rishi says no this cannot happen, rishi is in shock. Balram says lets take kanha back to the village, everyone go back to vrindavan at nand’s house.
In the village, everyone is crying and radha says gwale wake up, your radha is calling you. yashoda says what happened to kanha? Every time he comes back but this time he is still sleeping. Rishi gargacharya has tears and he says kanha has died, he will never come back. Everyone is shocked and start crying. Rishi says when a child loses his parents, he becomes an orphan but kanha has left us today and made us orphans by leaving us. Yashoda says no rishi, you are lying, this is not true. Nothing can happen to kanha, he cannot die like this by putting his mother in so much sorrow and leave his family. Kanha will wake up now, see he will hear my voice and wake up. Yashoda says wake up kanha, wake up my son I am going to make fresh butter for you, I know you are hungry kanha come on wake up. Nand cries looking at yashoda’s state! Everyone cry. Radha and balram are in shocked and balram thinks prabhu how could you leave me like this? radha says kanha, please get up kanha.
In Mathura, kansa laughs and says yes! Finally kanha is dead, kanha will never come back and so my prophecy has turned false, I defeated Vishnu. I shall live forever and be immortal, I am the greatest god now, I shall rule this universe. Kansa says indra dev and all gods, get ready to crown me as your prabhu, come here and bow before me and take me to swarg lok. Kansa waits and says so the gods wont come, okay then I shall destroy everything myself, Vishnu even you cannot save anyone now. Kansa laughs.
Indra dev says we will never bow before this demon, kansa will be defeated, he is just thinking himself to be invincible.
Kansa aims an arrow and attacks on swarg lok. Swarg lok starts burning. Suryadev and Chandra dev say we have to go to devraj indra, we have to save swarg lok.
In vrindavan, karmabai comes to nand’s house and says kanha can not die. Rishi says he has died, our prabhu is gone. Karmabai says no, kanha can never die because he saved me from all those rishi’s, he instilled belief in me, he taught me that god is everywhere and radha, remember he also said to you that he is yours and if you call him he will always come to you. radha says but now he isn’t, he is not waking up. Karmabai says come with me radha.
Radha goes with karmabai and she takes her to the beautiful forest in vrindavan and says look around you radha, kanha is here. Radha says where is he? Karmabai prays to kanha and says if you find him, you will see him everywhere because he is always with you. suddenly kanha’s face appears everywhere on the trees, the leaves, the flowers and fruits and stones. Radha is amazed. Karmabai says radha, if you are finding prabhu, you will get him everywhere because he is always with you, and kanha is yours. You have to meditate and only you can bring kanha back to life radha.

Precap: Radha meditates and she finds the location of karkasura, radha goes to kill karkasura. Kansa attacks swarg lok.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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