Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 19th January 2019 Written Episode Update: The humorous story of Paanchal family came to an end

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 19th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratibha telling that they did a mistake. Panjiri says I would have told that I have broken 1200 worth jug. Pratibha asks her to tell that she is thinking of stealing Kunti’s necklace. Panjiri says no. Pari hears them and goes. Kanhaiya tells that he will deliver the lehenga. Buddhi asks her sisters to hide lehenga outside the shop. Kanhaiya asks Khatru to deliver the lehenga, but it goes missing. Panjiri comes to Kunti to confess about the jug and 6000 Rs, when Kunti shouts and tells that her necklace is stolen. Pratibha asks what happened? Kunti says someone has stolen it, it was worth 2.5 lakhs. They see Pari showing the necklace standing behind kunti. Kunti asks them to call Police. Pratibha says we will search in the house and may get it. Kanhaiya asks the girls if they saw the lehenga. They refuse. Buddhi helps Shakti take the lehenga out. Shakti hides the precious lehenga outside the shop beside the trash.

Pratibha scolds Pari for stealing the necklace. Panjiri says we shall use necklace and tells that Maa ji will be happy when she finds it and forgive them. Pratibha tells that they shall not do this. Prema asks Panjiri to hide the necklace. Panjiri hides it in the fridge. Kanhaiya scolds Khatru for forgetting the lehenga somewhere and asks him to search it. Khatru says I will search. Buddhi says we shall return the lehenga and asks Chanchal to get it. Chanchal says I will keep it near the corner and then pretend to get it. Kunti says first she lost 6000 and now 2.5 lakhs worth gold necklace. She cries and asks if she will lose her life next. Panjiri comes back to fridge and searches for the necklace, but it is not there. Panjiri panics and thinks it is missing. Shakti tells Buddhi and Chanchal that she has hidden the lehenga here only.

Surili comes and tells that the customer is scolding Papa. Pratibha asks Panjiri to take out the necklace. Panjiri says it went missing and asks where is Didi? Prema says we shall think something. Pratibha says we have no way and asks them to call Prarthana and Pari. Kanhaiya asks Customer to give him some time. Surili says she had asked them to say the truth. Chanchal says we will tell the truth. Prema tells Kunti that they came to talk about the necklace. Panjiri says we had taken it. Kunti says it is not missing and asks why did she take so much time. Pratibha says we took 6000 also? Kunti asks why? Panjiri says to hide. Prema says we want to get bakri out of the camel’s shadow.

Kanhaiya asks so you had hidden my phone and lehenga to get saved from breaking my googles. He gets upset. Panjiri tells that she can’t compensate for the loss, but accepts the punishment. Kanhaiya says he will punish them and shows phone, lehenga etc. Kunti shows the money and the necklace. Buddhi asks how do you know? Kunti tells them that she has four eyes and says I saw you breaking the jug. Kunti says I was waiting for you to tell, but you didn’t. She says then she hears Prema making a plan to steal something big and then pretend to search it. Kanhaiya tells the kids that he was watching them and saw the broken googles. He took the mobile and lehenga from where they have hidden. Kunti says she has failed their plans and took out money from under the table and necklace from the fridge. Kanhaiya says I signed Khatru when you all were acting and then he brought the lehenge inside. Kunti says now I shall apologize. Panjiri asks why? Kunti says I made you all scared of me that you hid this from me.

Kanhaiya also says the same and tells that they did wrong as he made them scared. He says sorry. Kunti apologizes to bahus. Panjiri asks her to slap them. Kunti pulls her for a hug and asks them to think of her as a friend and don’t hide anything. Kanhaiya also ask them to think him as their friend. Buddhi and others tell that they will not hide from him. Kanhaiya and Kids read the book. He tells that they have befriended bahus and kids. Chanchal comes and tells that she has broken the glass window and Dhairya made chutney fall on the bed. She says we are telling as you asked us to tell and says bye friend Papa. Panjiri breaks mixer jar and tells Kunti frankly and says they have to spend 600 now. Kunti tells Kanhaiya that they have given enough liberty to bahus and kids. They will never get better. Kunti goes to kitchen. Kanhaiya goes to kids. Shiv ji says this is family who stays together and blesses everyone.

The Show ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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    Show had different concept and lost its charm with kids introduction but it was good show… Going to miss the show….

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